cecilnhou2 11:01pm, 6 May 2006
Okay do any of you have these molds? And are the packaged seasoning packets extremely fishy? I am thinking on buying. Secondly can you use regular rice or must I buy sushi/short grain rice? Thanks so much for the help!
veggiekitty 12 years ago
never bought a mold though regular white rice is best for onigiri in my opinion.
Biggie* 12 years ago
1) I have a few rice molds -- nice for making fun shapes or just speeding up the morning prep.
2) Packaged furikake comes in many flavors -- flavors like nori (seaweed), egg or wasabi aren't fishy (while flavors like sake/salmon, ebi/shrimp, etc. are more so).
3) Avoid long-grain rice as it won't stick together well. Medium-grain/sushi rice works well (Kokuho Rose, Calrose, Botan, etc.).
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