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cecilnhou2 6:40pm, 28 April 2006
My Mr Bento just arrived today! But I have some questions.

Do you use hot water in the main chamber to heat it up? Or do you just microwave your foods IN their bowls and place in?

It also says it is not dishwasher safe. Any one do it anyway?

Thanks so much!
.ams PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by .ams (member) 12 years ago
As for me, I pack my lunch cold and then microwave the food in the bowls when I'm ready to eat it.

And while I try to USUALLY hand-wash Mr. Bento, I sometimes toss it in the dishwasher, too. No problems yet?
nicoteena 12 years ago
I use hot water to heat it up AND I microwave the food in the bowls. If I want to keep things cold, I keep the food in the bowls and put the outer container in the fridge with them.

I just hand wash everything.
cecilnhou2 12 years ago
Well I prob will use the dishwasher for heavy things. I sure am excited though! It wasn't supposed to be here til Tuesday! Imagine my surprise. Another question, I really will start eating like 4 hours after packing, so things should be still hot enough...?

I showed it to my husband and he thought that is one COOL lunchbox, and would be a great way to get some good down kids too! "Gonna be a good way to get some good food down ME Bill!" LOL!

All of the pics look so good! And Ariel, you pack some LOVELY meals! Where do you get the mini mozz balls???
huh radio 12 years ago
I've just gotten a Mr. Bento also. Just thought I'd say hi! I've been drooling over this flickr group for such a while that it's nice to have a Mr. Bento of my own!
cat.rigby 12 years ago
I microwave everything before packing into Bento and I handwash though once I had to dishwasher my kid's bento things because she had rather oily noodles and it just would NOT come off otherwise.
.ams PRO 12 years ago
And Ariel, you pack some LOVELY meals! Where do you get the mini mozz balls???

Why thank you! But I'm not sure which mini mozz balls you're referring to...?
nicoteena 12 years ago
I'm not sure either, but they sound good!
cecilnhou2 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by amanky (admin) 11 years ago
Okay sorry about that! but it was someone else that had mini mozz balls in their salads! LOL! Yall are also making me want to buy some special things for my lunches too!
amanky Posted 11 years ago. Edited by amanky (admin) 11 years ago
well... we can finally add me to the "new owner" list!

Day 73: I've Got A Crush On You!
DorothySH PRO 11 years ago
That is wonderful Amanky. I know you will enjoy your Mr.
stinky_harriet PRO 11 years ago
neilbruder PRO 11 years ago
Just won mine in an ebay auction. I got a good price for it too! Now just waiting for it to get shipped from the States. I had a Tiger bento jar setup but from what I've been reading people seem to prefer their Mr. Bentos so I'm looking forward to it.
amanky 11 years ago
woo hoo!
seahills1 11 years ago
Hi - Welcome to Mr Bento and check out this earlier topic about what can happen when you put some of Mr Bento's parts in the dishwasher.
faerain PRO 11 years ago
Hello :D I'm new here , just got my Mr. Bento in the mail today , and can't WAIT to get started :D
.scarlet. 11 years ago
i've had my mr. bento for a week now and LOVE it... so glad to be a part of this pool of bento porn!!!
ldpaulson 11 years ago
Whoo hooo! Saved my change and cashed it in for a gift certificate. My Mr. Bento is en route ... and with free shipping no less! Whooo hooo!

Now I have to figure out how to take photos sans digital camera. :P
pinkietube 11 years ago
My first group post!

I got my first Mr. Bento yesterday! =) My beautiful wife ordered it for me secretly, and it arrived yesterday while I was at work, eating from some take out boxes we got from a Thai restaurant we ate at a last week.

It's great!!!!!! I forgot to take a picture of my first lunch, so I'll describe it:

I have Mushroom rice balls and Bonito rice balls, curried butternut squash soup (with coconut milk), cabbage with tamari and brown sugar sauce, some left-over pad thai, and coffee cake =D

We were up til 1:30 last night cooking stuff. I can't wait for my first Mr. Bento lunch break!!!

26 minutes and counting..... =D
Jeters 11 years ago
My fiancee just ordered me a Mr. Bento (and one for himself, of course) for my birthday. I've been having so much fun looking at all this lovely bento porn! Can't wait til I get mine.

Is there any room left in the bento or the bag for extras once everything is in? For example, are any of the containers deep enough to hold a little cup for dressing or peanut butter in with the food?
stinky_harriet PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by stinky_harriet (member) 11 years ago
The main bowl (officially the rice bowl, I think) is pretty deep. If you have a small container it can definitely fit in there with other food. There is also room to stick something on top of Mr. Bento in the bag. Nothing as large as an apple, but another small round container would fit. There's a zipper up the side of the bag and a drawstring on top, and the drawstring can be pulled as snug or as loose as you need to hold anything extra on top.
ldpaulson 11 years ago
Mr. Bento is HERE! He arrived in mid/late July. I just posted the first bento pics. They are pretty crap because I am using an old school camera, and a disposable one at that.

The SO is getting jealous of all the attention lavished on Mr. Bento. :D
jh_mum 11 years ago
I am waiting for my Ms Bento to arrive.
New and 1st time using quite a bento jar...feeling excited.
I would like to ask anyone here whether we can steam food inside the inner container bowl with the food inside and put straight to the main jar. Or must i steam the food in another bowl and then transfer to the container?
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