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luleh_lu says:

I just received my Mr tonight. I am too excited. But I don't have enough food to fill him for tomorrow alas so I'll have to make do with my littler (but still manly) bento box.

I'll have to plan something good for Mr's first meal.

For those who've been using Mr Bento for a while now, do you have any problem with food packed overnight or in the AM but eaten out of the Bento in the afternoon? I have a 3 hour gap after my 4 pm class and that's always my hunger time.
6:25PM, 6 April 2006 PDT (permalink)

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.ams says:

I pack my Mr. Bento the night before and leave him in the fridge overnight. I eat my lunch over the course of the day, and I've never had a problem!
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cat.rigby says:

Nope. No problems here. Food still hot when we get to it after preschool. I pack in the AM and microwave it then.
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nicoteena says:

I usually microwave in the morning, but it only has to sit for a few hours before I get to it.
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