Christina LeMarr 6:22pm, 6 April 2006
I just got my Mr.'s smaller than I thought!
I'm excited!!
atomictonic 12 years ago
He's smaller than I though too. I end up cheating on him a lot.
nicoteena 12 years ago
I've only just started cheating on him, but that's because he's too big to bring to work. I don't need extra snacks when I'm at work because they provide snacks here.
.ams PRO 12 years ago
Yeah, it's interesting to see how for some folks, Mr. Bento is WAY TOO BIG, and for me I'm like "Hmm, isn't there another container I can put some yogurt in?"

That said, part of the Mr. Bento lifestyle (at least for me) is being more aware of my portions ... Mr. Bento holds "enough." Sometimes I want more, but if I pack good foods (ie, filling) I tend to be pretty satisfied.
theycallmeEJ Posted 12 years ago. Edited by theycallmeEJ (member) 12 years ago
For me, it mostly depends on two things: what I stick into Mr. Bento and the time period in which I am eating the stuff. If I put in a bunch of snacky/non-filling foods in my Mr. Bento, I will probably still be hungry at the end of the day. The time period matters because sometimes for my 8-hour power class or a long work shift, even with eating periodically with Mr. Bento, I'm hungry when I come home. But for my short work shifts or my 3-hour classes, I can get through about half of what I put in my Mr. and be completely full.
kusine 12 years ago
Rarely am I hungry after eating what I pack in Mr. Bento, but, then again, I fill up on fiber-filled veggies, and lunch is almost always the biggest meal of the day for me.
nicoteena 12 years ago
Yeah, I'm trying to control my portions as well. I'm not on a diet or anything, and I love to eat but it's unhealthy to overeat the way I do something. In a way, it's encouraged by the large portions we're served at restaurants.
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