.ams PRO 11:08pm, 14 February 2006
Here are a few of my favorite places for some photographic Bento inspiration:


...anyone know of other good ones?
yi PRO 12 years ago
nicoteena 12 years ago
I have seen all but a few of these sites before, but I only regularly visit this group.
j7muse 12 years ago
Don't you want the veganlunchbox lady to be your mom, packing your kindergarten lunch everyday?
nicoteena 12 years ago
I don't know, kids get embarassed by strange things. My friend's mom packed her traditional japanese bento boxes for lunch when she was a kid but she asked her to just make her PB&J cause she was embarassed.
yi PRO 12 years ago
that's because your kid is lame. ;)
nicoteena 12 years ago
Tsh I'm 22. I don't have kids! But yeah, I definitely told her she was a lamer for that one. But I mean, when you're a kid, you want people to like you, so you don't want to be so different. It made sense to me, even though I thought having traditional Japanese bentos for lunch would have been the coolest thing ever.
sobodda PRO 12 years ago
You're right - my mom packed me the BEST lunches but kids would make fun of me for them. One day I asked her to give me something 'normal', so she went out and bought me one of those spreadable cheese and cracker packs. But tragically, when I took it out, all the kids made fun of me because they said it had mold on it. It was really bacon. But I threw it out anyway. And went back to loving my good lunches.
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