.ams PRO 5:13am, 27 January 2006
What do your coworkers and family members think of your new love affair with Mr. Bento? My husband immediately made his peace with Mr. Bento, but some of my former coworkers were a little less sure.
ms.Tea PRO 12 years ago
My husband and my son, think it's kind of humorous to see me so excited about making my lunch.
The other artists at the studio, think it's pretty cool, and one said he wanted to get one for himself.
everyone I have showed the japanese instruction sheet to, we've all enjoyed trying to figure out what the little pictures mean.
so it's been all good.
dklegman Posted 12 years ago. Edited by dklegman (member) 12 years ago
The people who noticed thought the brushed metal shell looked cool.

That was about all the reaction I've gotten; people around me are used to me being an early adopter for various things, so they're not surprised to see me carrying around something new. ;-)
nicoteena Posted 12 years ago. Edited by nicoteena (member) 12 years ago
My sister just saw my today. She thought it was "so cool" (her words) but she was more than a little put off by the price. I told her that it would pay off since I spend a lot of money on eating out at school. I also said it helps with portion control since she's on a diet, but she didn't seem convinced. I think of it as an investment. ^__^
j7muse 12 years ago
I bought Mr.Bento as a Christmas gift for Mr.Muse. I am a SAHMom so it doesn't make sense for me to pack lunch for myself, but Mr.Muse was eating out every day for lunch and it wasn't so good for the wallet or waistline. He is indifferent to the container (I'm the one with the love of tiny containers) but enjoys the lunches. He eats in his truck most days and hasn't commented on other people's reactions to the uber-cool box.
_whitty_ PRO 12 years ago
My first day bringing it into work, Mr Bento got a big reaction. Some of my coworkers immediately watching some ebay auctions for bentos. I have to agree that no matter how cool Mr Bento is, it is his portion control and motivation that really appeals to me. I have only had 3 non-Mr. Bento meals since I got him and lost more than six lbs. Obviously I have weakness for Mr's accessories, but I like to think of them as motivation.
kusine 12 years ago
My husband bought it for me, so he's cool with it, though he is heartily amused by the thought I put in to my lunch - he's more of the whatever's-closest-to-the-fridge-door type.

My coworkers think I'm strange already, and this has kind of cemented it, especially since I use cloth napkins and nice cutlery, too.
shawnwall 12 years ago
i was asked today why i can't just eat a cheeseburger or order chinese from the down the street. people just can't seem to understand that some of us take pleasure in both a healthy lifestyle and the joy of cooking itself.
.ams PRO 12 years ago
People are generally accepting of Mr. Bento ... they're less accepting of my obsession with Mr. Bento. ;)
.valerie. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by .valerie. (member) 12 years ago
Mr. Bento puzzled the Department of Homeland Security today. They opened him up after my trip through the metal detectors at the train station revealed a large metal canister. Quite the suspicious package!

Mentioning the DoHS probably puts me on some watch-list somewhere. I'm boring, guys! Nothing to see here.
nicoteena 12 years ago
Heheheh having someone go through your lunch must have been interesting. I think I might have felt violated! ~__^
xnera 12 years ago
I brought Mr. Bento with me to work for the first time yesterday. My dad kind of eyed it like "what is this strange thing?" but seemed impressed once I opened the lids. Another of my coworkers immediately pounced on me and demanded to know where I bought it. :D
cat.rigby 12 years ago
Everyone thinks it's cool. (adults)

The preschoolers are more interested in the food than the container though. So keeping them away from my lunch is anothe story.
nicoteena 12 years ago
I sent my mom a pic of my lunch the other day and she was really impressed. She wants to get one for my dad since he stopped bringing lunch to work but I think she's a bit put off by the price.
theycallmeEJ 12 years ago
I had a friend in one of my classes order herself a Mr. Bento after seeing me show mine off. Another friend got the Thermos equivilent after listening to me talk about the virtues of my Bento. :)
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