Roa Island

Bay Photographic PRO 11:28am, 29 January 2009
At the North west corner of the Bay, Roa Island is another fine location. The trawler Vita Nova (ex Z588, built in Holland) lies against the causeway and is being converted into a floating home. Nearby, wrecks and a selection of rocks, breakwaters and moored yachts provide subject matter, along with the spectacular lifeboat station and Piel Island in the distance.
Post your favourite Roa Island shots, Medium size, maximum of three.

These are mine:
The trawler Vita Nova, Roa Island.

Roa Island RNLI lifeboat station
...Damian... 7 years ago
It is indeed a great place. Windy, very, very windy, but great :)

Shelter Startrail Stack

Damn Boat 2

Damn Boat (HDR)
Harvey Dogson PRO 7 years ago
Roa Island Barrow...
Harvey Dogson PRO 7 years ago
Old Watchtower on Roa Island

Roa Island Barrow
Harvey Dogson PRO 7 years ago
Roa Island...
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