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MOO-SLAM - in Hebrew means perfect !

So, I’m an artist, I like MOO cards and I like other artists work as well, so I thought to combine all these together – after all it’s not that hard in these days.

My name is Rei Dishon and I’m a photographer and industrial designer student that live in Tel Aviv. this summer at the end of the 4 month Unidee residency that I was in Biella, Italy I was using Moo cards to display my photos at the exhibition we had (you can see my part in the exhibition here with the text for it - the big picture and the rest of the group exhibition - (there were 16 other artist from all around the world with me in the program) exhibition

I was playing with some ideas regarding my cards and as well with some other artists work and i came across this one.

At the end of April there is going to be in Florentine (the artsy neighborhood that I live in Tel Aviv) an event called - “output” - a nonprofit event that comes to represent the urban independent scene of music and art. The even is going to take place in “Comfort 13” one of the big club/spaces in Florentine.

i though to display part of my exhibition there but then i though that it would be even nicer to invite artist from all around to join and show their cards so it will be MOO-SLAM - perfect !

So, if you would like to participate this is what you should send me –
deadline is April 1 postal mark (and I’m not joking :)

- 2 moo cards that you made (so i can show the front and back of them)
- 1 little office square note (whatever color that you like) with you name on it, where you are from, the link to your flickr and the answer to the question – “why did you choose this moo to ship over ?”. (cultural, personal, political what ever aspect that you would like to refer too)

you should put as well an return address (I’m trying to think about a little nice return “something” for those who will participate.

so if you like it till here - please Email me and i will send you my snail mail address.

have a great week
Rei Dishon
big_tourist [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey! I've mailed you!
- Gifted - 9 years ago
hey Clair - thanks a bunch
can i get a ride on your blue pony :)
rennemy PRO 9 years ago
Hey Rei! Send me your address or find me on IM. Sarah's wedding was great :D
big_tourist [deleted] 9 years ago
lol ignore my mail I just read the deadline date here and I have time to send something :) It's not mine (the pony) I just wish it was.... :P
MBR_71 9 years ago
My cards are in the post Rei_Dishon, thanks.
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hello Dear friends
first of all i wanted to thank all the people from around the world that sent me their Moo cards it was a great pleasure and joy to receive them .
the event itself went really well - few hundred people showed up so there is a good chance that there will be next event.
there were some really nice shows beside that art that i was there.
as i promised i wanted to share some photos with the people that could make it so this is the link for the photos from Hatozeret (and few other sets from my life - since i uses Flickr for my work) -

if you would like to listen to some of the bands you can check them out here on the : Hatozeret Myspace
keep in touch
Rei Dishon

"we are all Gifted - we only need to start be this way now !"
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