Fridge Moognets

Meg Pickard 12:34am, 20 October 2006
I liked my Moo cards so much I didn't want to give them away. So I ordered an extra set and whipped up some nifty fridge Moognets.

Moognets - 7: Cool

Full instructions in this set.
Carla Souza 12 years ago
Moognets! Very nice ideia. Now i'll order extra moognets
pyota 12 years ago
easy to DIY by pasting on the MOO card to existing crap fridge magnets
meinliebchen 12 years ago
What a great idea! I have several copies of each of the images I chose - when they get here, I am definitely trying this out!
Elfleda 12 years ago
I will be off to the craft shop tomorrow to get some tape to try this out.
dearbarbie 12 years ago
what a fab idea!!!
cindyloughridge PRO 12 years ago
you're a genius.
El Servas 12 years ago
I'm going to put some in my cubicle at work... they're gonna look terrific!
aYnurTasman 12 years ago
thx for this great idea! I want to do that also! x-mas is coming ..
Simone'z Fotos 12 years ago
That is sooo cool!!
red horn [deleted] 12 years ago
bobtravis PRO 12 years ago
Me too -- what a great idea! Thanks.
Roo Reynolds PRO 12 years ago
Lovely. You have a very colourful fridge now.
Jaydot PRO 12 years ago
Great idea!
I didn't even know magnetic tape existed - must find me some!
Kaitlin M 12 years ago
This is so clever! I'm going to get some magnetic tape next time I'm at the craft store...
ha!!! kick ass idea!!!!!!!!
kel-bel 12 years ago
This is a great idea!

I'm off to find some magnetic tape, and to order some more cards ;)
Draconiansleet 12 years ago
Superb...Christmas presents ahoy!
Pétursey PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pétursey (member) 12 years ago
I've ordered my magnetic tape !!!

Also a suggestion.... sticking the Moognets on the fridge is so passé...

buy magnetic paint (check out and then you can stick your Moognets EVERYWHERE !
Pétursey PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pétursey (member) 12 years ago
Moognets are tape arrived quick... so my moognets are stuck to the magnetic paint on my toilet door !!

Thanks to megpickard for a cool idea !!!!!!

meinliebchen 12 years ago
That magnetic paint is fantastic! I didn't know such a thing existed. I am definitely going to look into some. Thanks, petursey!
bobtravis PRO 12 years ago
I used the half-inch tape -- two strips cover the back -- and everyone loves them! Planning to 'gift' some for Christmas.
DARRIN J. OAKLEY 12 years ago
Major kick ass idea. this is a great idea and i may make christmas gifts out of them with them.
Graham Ballantyne 12 years ago
Brilliant idea. I made a set of moomags last night.

moo mags on the fridge
sunshinecity 12 years ago
omg magnetic PAINT!!??! WE are such resiliant human beings aren't we!!!
I soooooo can't wait to get mine!
Pétursey PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pétursey (member) 12 years ago
>>> Note to those using Magnetic Paint <<<<

1. When painting paint one layer in one direction
2. Do a 2nd layer in the other direction
3. Then paint over with at least 2 coats of gloss or emulsion paint to hide the dark grey of the magnetic paint
4. Whoops...should be in 1st place.. SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE and then STIR, STIR and STIR again the magnetic paint before using !!!!
serhio 12 years ago
Awesome idea, Meg!
comfortable knowledge [deleted] 12 years ago
I love this idea. I just tried it out today and I am totally making more for stocking stuffers this year!

Fridge MOOgnets
FlyButtafly PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 12 years ago
This is such a great idea. I've had magnetic tape sitting around here somewhere that I was going to use to make magnets as presents using some other materials, but moognets would be perfect.

I'm just going crazy now trying to find where the magnetic strip is hiding!! (I bet I've looked at it a few times and just not seen it... argh.)

Anyway, I'll probably order another 100 pack just for making moognets for Christmas gifts. :)
Elfleda 12 years ago
I made mine, I couldn't fit them on the fridge so I got a cheap magnetic white board from Staples and put them on that. I think that I am going to make some more and get the bigger board and stick them all up.

Mini Moo Magnet Board

Mini Moo Magnets
DARRIN J. OAKLEY 12 years ago
i am going to make Moo Magnets.
Gaetan Lee PRO 12 years ago
genius idea..
ulan25 12 years ago
BRILLIANT!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas!
WONDERFUL Idea! I did't think I could love my Moo Mini's even more, but I do now that they're magnets! I made them into little magnet "sets"! - here's a detail of my "Maui" set -
Moo Mini Card Magnet Sets!

All of my sets can be seen here
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I'm having a hard time finding this magnetic tape everyon ementions!
I live in rome, Italy, and so far, I've been to 3 different stores and no one's even jeard of siuch a product! I felt like I was asking for Kryptonite or something!

Can any of you tell me where you found it and how much it costs? Please specify in what store in you're in the US. My fiance is American and is coming to visit in 2 weeks, I might get him to buy some for me.
Alos, any other European citizens find it??
Frau Haselmayer 12 years ago
I was wondering the same, sunshinecity...where to find magetic tape in Europe reps. Germany...Does anyone have any idea where to buy it?
Will Cowan 12 years ago
aYnurTasman 12 years ago
hey marion, you will find magnet painting (ya painting, not tape, you can paint the back of the photo! when its dry, you can use this.;-) to find at ...
Elfleda 12 years ago
I found the magnetic tape in a craft shop over here in the UK it cost about £3
SεΣ ╤hi∩Gs DiƒFerεNT└y Posted 12 years ago. Edited by SεΣ ╤hi∩Gs DiƒFerεNT└y (member) 12 years ago
sunshinecity - tell your fiance he can find it at Michaels - that's where I got mine - cost was about $3.50 USD - I think you might be able to purchase it on line via their website - but shipping could be expensive - be sure and tell him the right size to get! (of course, if he has one of your Moo cards, he can just use it to measure with!
Frau Haselmayer 12 years ago
Well, I don't think that this works out with the magentic paint because you would still need some magents.... the paint makes a wall or something else sticky for magents but not magentic itself...
aYnurTasman 12 years ago
ya, youR right. might be like that. I am also interested in -where to find the tape- in Germany.
matildaben PRO 12 years ago
I got the magnetic tape at Michael's and have been making magnet sets all week while I watch TV. The cards are the perfect size to fit on the edge of the bookshelf in my cubicle, which is the only metal thing within visual range, so now I have some pictures of my friends up in my cube, which is nice. Most of my friends are getting magnet sets for Xmas this year - we always keep presents small, so it's perfect. 12 years ago
Here's another shop in the UK that sells magnet tape in all shapes and sizes (pre cut or not)
Reinhilde PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Reinhilde (member) 12 years ago
I bought a roll of magnetic 'sticky back' roll (with dispenser, very handy!) in our local paper craft shop (Antwerpen/Belgium). The make is XYRON and costs € 5.40 for a roll of 7m and 19 mm wide.
Their site: - email:

edit: it's part of Esselte - and they have a page in Italian, but I don't speak or read Italian, so I hope you can find out more there...
sunshinecity 12 years ago
thanks for all you help guys!!
I'm going to try and browse a bit more, maybe in more specific stores, like arts and crafts shops....
If not I'll be sending my fiance to Michael's! (Funny too... his name is Michael!)
kel-bel 12 years ago
I had trouble finding the tape too, but I ended up ordering some A4 magnetic sheets of ebay and cutting them to size.
Laniee75 11 years ago
I laminated first...makes it look even more "professional" :)
barriebarrie 11 years ago
You guys rock! I knew about moo cards, I knew about magnetic paint, I learned about magnetic tape on another thread but I did NOT know that I could just buy a magnetic dry erase board at staples! I have a specific project that moognets and a dry erase board are exactly what I need to implement :-)
Sharona R PRO 11 years ago
Very cool idea, thanks for the tutorial!
tootdood PRO 9 years ago
Hey people, I've been swapping Moo cards with my contacts for over a year now and I've been putting them on my fridge door, I got it full the other week so now I'm starting on the freezer door, I wonder how long that will take, it's twice the size, here is a photo of the fridge door with Moognets :-

Day96 yr2 The fridge door is full
pixellent PRO 9 years ago
At the rate you're going, I don't think it will take long!
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