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hajlana ADMIN September 4, 2017
Welcome to Monochrome Award !!!

Thank you dear members photographers for a very creative and learning year!

I wish you all a loving and healthy year where we all can respect and encourage eachother.

May love be in your heart and show it so that we can share it in aboundance .

We have reached 16000 members!!

Jiipiie hurreyyy!!!

.Thank you all creative and magnificent members photographers!

A group where we can interact and learn from eachother.A place to enjoy our beautiful and...

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As seen in Monochrome Award

Please be kind to your neighbors and comment on their work

If you have 5+ MONOCHROME AWARDS post it here


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MONOCHROME AWARD - (p1 -a2) Contest:
Monochrome Award Exhibitions
Current Exhibitions:
-NYC Street Photography - Renata Ginzburg
- Yvette Depaepe (Photoma’s World)
- Monochrome Photo Display Video
- Lebrasseur / Christine - Photo Art Display
-Gunnar Salvarsson / Keith Jarrett
- Nádia / Monteiro - Metamorfoses

Today`s pic!!! 29april 2014

Others Exhibitions:
M.A. - b&w video
- portrait
- about photograph
- architecture
- black & white


Paths Domenico Tavolozza

...nella nebbia

Churches, Manu M

The church

,StreetMusic,Domenico Tavolozza


Night.C.Z Lawrence


When Children lives an adult Life,Freddorionimages

enfants du monde, Lybia

Good vibes,Freddorionimages

Masala Chai Time, Cochin

Children of lesser good;Freddorionimages!

Asma, Cairo

People at their jobs;Schyter
arti e mestieri ;/) il mungitore
Web Site Counters</a

Moods:Wendell Daliva

Eyes Of Sadness

Rain`:Baz 120
I can't stand the rain.

View through a window,Jerryzan
The escape

Humour,seba0815 the garbage jump!

(Fade Out)...." like lost and wandering souls "

Domestication,John Crossman

Fr dark to light,MadrchalAbandoned cemetery V


Ordinary:Frank Yule

Freedom:Zip po
sea urchins


Unusual perspectives,Maxmala
Via della Pisana


Se incontri Buddha per la strada uccidilo.

Portraits,Victor Garza

Elderly Portrait

Film Noir;Victor Garza

patterns in a dreamy world

Shadows,siluettes .The mr gnu

Humans in geometry,Nicolas Doreau
Parc de Bercy

Direccion.Peter Levi
Upside Down..

Sound,Marialuisa Benedetti

Forrest; Ludo B
"promenons nous dans les bois..."


Balades balnéaires...



Unknown man smoking

All shades of black...

Spooky-Jerome SneuwUnderground

Surreal:Neil A Davies

Kolmanskop Ghost  Town

Create fr a songtitle.Joker74

please, i beg you..

:"Creative move"Maxmala

Euler's Rotation Theorem B/W

Creative Selfportraits;Matteo Sartori
behind the window

Lights in the night; Stathis Tzouvara
Shadow Dance II

Winter :Arianna
Under the snow! [EXPLORED]

Time;ANNA & La Puffa

Portrait of joy:LA Cooley
Shanghai 090609

Doubble´s MAXMALA

Doppelgänger B/W

Humour in Black and White;LizzyLise


Abandon objects; D raj ish
til death us do.....



the lost childhood


Minimal door

Old & new,Antakistas


Street Document, Mio Cade

Smolky Mountain, Tondo  - Brotherly Love (Black & White)

Music contest;Enilffo Raeppa

Unity 2

After Dark AdamsBerg [...]
Under The Same Stars

To a Better Place

High Contrast: Paulo Lucic
cat in the dark ( hunting )

Portrait: Photoma's World
Faces of Nepal

Para ella sola

Children: A.

Group Rules

This group is for all the people who share a love for Black and White Photography!

This is a now a group with a que system where only black and white photos or sepia are accepted and moderated by admins and moderators.
This is cause lot of people don´t respect the rules and are posting colour photos without thinking.

The photos will appear in our pool after we have accepted them.
Only high quality and thoughtful photography are accepted.

When your photo is added in our pool you take your time to award 2 others in the pool.Time to post your photo ,time to have a look in others.
Tradicional sepia tones are accepted
Some photoshop work is accepted
No selective colouring
No point of colors
Exceptions: photoshopped, computer-generated art
No nudes / porn will be deleted!
No blocking Admins.

Any image that is found to be objectionable will be deleted from the pool without notice or explanation..

To ensure that our pool would become a repository of images, look to add to the group only your best images. The limit of 3 images per day was established to give for the members more freedom and not for every first page is occupied by only four photographers

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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