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Where should be going.......?

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amyluong says:

Where should be going.......?
6:43AM, 16 August 2009 PST (permalink)

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gittarina says:

Go inside - and you will find what you are searching for. *smile*
104 months ago (permalink)

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merlin999 is a group administrator merlin999 says:

We all have to find out for ourselves where we want to go.
Living in a world of craziness it is easy to suffer and it is also possible to be very happy. If we want real joy we have to search for it. Those who are searching will find.

Amyluong - what are you looking for? Fine. Then go in this direction and enjoy each moment of your life. Thanks for your question. Where there is a question there is also an answer.
Originally posted 104 months ago. (permalink)
merlin999 (a group admin) edited this topic 104 months ago.

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