AviDigital PRO 10:28pm, 19 June 2008
Here here is an example of an image that was loaded to the pool of this group:


I have seen the exhibit I know that the color as seen in the image is incorrect, it's just too red. I was yesterday in the museum and tried for hours to capture the right color using my D300 White Balance options without any success. I just could not get the right color in my images. My camera refused (or failed) to perform 'pre' WB. Is there a way to find out the color temperature (Kelvin degrees) of this light?
salomejones 9 years ago
I know this is a very late reply, but it may help anyway.

A number of people in my family have worked in the restoration department there at the MoMA since its inception (one of them actually founded the department), and they've been taking pictures of the collection for a variety of reasons for decades, under every possible type of light, with every possible type of equipment, including somewhat recently, very high quality digital.

If anyone knows how to compensate for whatever gas is all the rage in gallery lighting these days, it's the restoration department. They have to deal with it every day. I'd definitely stop in during a slow period (early in the week is good, before lunch) and ask if you can speak to someone from the restoration department about your needs. Its entirely possible that you'll be met with some sort of rudeness or ego, but don't let that gum up the works. You get cranky after you have your fingers all over georgia okeefe's botany for 40 years. :)
NYCandre PRO 8 years ago
Ah - well this is as good an answer as you'll get

A moving target  (thanks, ftoomschb)

The other one, would entail having the MoMA provide some sort of standard sample of their off white wall colors. Or maybe simpler put an 'absolute' white or gray reference card near each painting.
NYCandre PRO 8 years ago
Note, on my last trip there, i didn't have my grey card, so I reconstituted from memory the reds and blues:

Splish splash in reds and blues
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