writinglife 10:51pm, 4 February 2008
I'd heard about the Volants triumphant return, but I had not heard that they would also be available in blue, pink, and green.

Are the covers faux 'oilskin' like the pocket notebooks, or are they paper like the Cahiers?

Would anyone predict blue, green, or pink regular Moleskine pocket notebooks in the near future?

writinglife 10 years ago
Edit.. apparently they are the 'oilskin' material.

With the fabric in colors on Volants, putting it on special edition pocket Moleskines in other colors seems to be a natural next step. Am I dreaming? I love black, but I love multiple choices even more.
christyio 10 years ago
Really? I would love to see some more color options for standard pocket Moleskines, even if they are just special editions like the red one.
I'd like to see pictures of them rather than a drawing on a website that isn't saying much at all.
*antigone* [deleted] 10 years ago
Voila, Mesdames:

Scroll down to page 21.
writinglife 10 years ago
I'd like to see pictures too, but the moleskine website often seems to lack on many product photos and uses those small sketches.

Since it's Moleskine Italy, will we even see the blue, pink, and green Volants in the USA and Canada?
Autumn Dee [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks antigone! ^_^

Did anyone else notice the new monthly planner? I've seen lots of requests for those, so I'm sure this is going to make a lot of folks happy!
christyio Posted 10 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 10 years ago
Thanks, antigone.!

How... weird! I like them and want one, but it does look funny.

I wish/hope they will eventually come in colorful hardback editions.
ssossatt [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 10 years ago
Facing Fury 10 years ago
AlexiaPB 10 years ago
souadam Posted 10 years ago. Edited by souadam (member) 10 years ago
Wow they are bootful, I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Do you have that in English?
papersandtschai 10 years ago
i love the green ones! =)
papersandtschai 10 years ago
a hardcover of these is simply 'perfect'
I wouldn't say no to a set of blue and a set of pink ones :)
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
Oo, they have red and pink! And are those two shades of green that I see?

Colour-wise, these must be the Volant equivalent of the Van Gogh Moleskines.
*antigone* [deleted] 10 years ago
sorry, that was everything I could find. Can I help you with some translations?

As much as I like the notebook diversity Moleskine offers, I get the feeling that the product range is reaching a critical limit by now. Once there was "The Moleskine" (i.e. the classic hardback line) and some exotics. Now the Moleskine line consists of so many different styles and types - it's kind of watering down the romantic flair of the classic notebook. Maybe its just me, but I think expanding the product line any further will overstress the brand.
Dharma Bum '75 10 years ago
What is the difference between a Cahier and a Volant?
christyio 10 years ago
Special editions or colorful editions are just like us-- diverse and thriving with creativity.

More options can attract new users and give 'old' users a way to occasionally add variety in form or color. It's like the "reporter" notebooks are to the "pocket" editions. We all love the pocket editions, but find an occasional special use for the reporter editions. Similarly, Cahiers serve another purpose for short-term note taking in a (sometimes) cheaper, or at least thinner/bendable medium.

The pocket editions might scream history, but the "new" forms (reporter, resurrected volant, and cahiers) and new special edition colors scream progress.

The standard black will always be available: colors are not a threat, they are a way to further embrace a brand. I'll bet plenty of people will still choose black. There's the current red, the previous special edition Van Gogh editions in 5 colors, and the Moleskine Zoom edition (4 nature patterns). Maybe there's even more than those varieties.

It's like the current special red editions. We pick up a few of them, but have a dozen black ones awaiting us. I hope that these colorful editions will come to the Moleskine pocket notebooks, allowing us more options and variety.

Dharma, the Cahier has a paper cover. The Volant apparently has the 'oilskin' cover, except it's bendable and not a standard hard cover. I'm not sure what other differences that there are.
wizzez 10 years ago
cool! i like these! has anyone seen them in stores yet?
redhead_rachel 10 years ago
hmm, I'm not sure about these.... black and blue look good, but I'm not sure about the pastel coloured ones, they don't really say moleskine to me.
Though I am glad that the volants are making a comeback; they sounded really nice.

But that's just me; i'll reserve judgement until they hit the shops
souadam Posted 10 years ago. Edited by souadam (member) 10 years ago
Look at what I spotted at Waterstones in Ipswich today.

They looked a bit sparse but they seemed nice enough quality, fairly tempted to buy some. Especially the blue ones. They are avaliable in two tones in each pack.

12 025

Thanks for the offer but I can understand German fairly well. If I need a bit of a hand Ill be glad of the help. :D
redhead_rachel 10 years ago
I spotted them in waterstones also, but in leeds today. Might get the blue ones to try out, but they seemed kinda pricey- the super-small ones were £3.99 for 2. (comparing that the cahier standard small are 3.50 for 3)
The blue's probably my fave, but I'm not sold
Nice and fresh for spring, I suppose!

Wait till payday and I'll see...
ElbtheProf PRO 10 years ago
I. Need. These. .... NOW!!!

Hadn't even heard these were coming out, but shall ensure I get some! Great reporting, folks!
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
If different Volants are designated for different subjects, then the different colours will help to differentiate them. Sometimes, it's hard to tell one Moleskine from another. :P

Having said that, I think black is still the best "corporate" colour.
christyio 10 years ago
Has anyone heard of the black/red leather covers? Am I understanding it right--- they're actual leather (or imitation) that's thicker than the standard covers?

Any schedules for availability of the volants or any other of the new editions?
gemma; [deleted] 10 years ago
Chet do you know if we will be able to get these editions in CZiplee Bangsar?
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
Gemma - I'm sure we will, altho I'm not sure how soon. Have you checked the Tango Mango shop at The Curve?
MACford 10 years ago
Has anyone seen these or the new regular soft covers in the San Diego area?

I can't seem to find them anywhere and its upsetting...I must have them!
papersandtschai 10 years ago
let me know if anyone has seen them in the SF area , HK, or maybe in LA...
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
From Patrick Ng's blog:

"The new Volant now comes in 3 sizes (extra small, pocket and large) and two types (ruled and plain), each package is a set of two color tones (black/black, lime/green, pink/pale pink, blue/deep blue). The quality of the cover improved a lot from previous version. The extra small version is particularly a good complement to any Moleskine acting as a notepad for quick or casual note taking."

AlejoPlay 10 years ago
is there a major difference between these and milquerius?
gemma; [deleted] 10 years ago
I haven't checked in Tango Mango yet, i'm going to check in Bangsar this week because I want a storyboard one, i hope they have the green or blue ones.
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
I left a comment on the Cziplee blog to ask when the new colour Volants will be available. No reply yet.
madman64us 10 years ago
My local Waterstones here in the UK has the new Volants in stock. No-one else seems to have them! They are available in large lined, pocket plain and small plain but no others. Even on eBay, there are not many around. I have the small blue set, ideal for my camera bag to take notes, my wife has both the small and pocket pink ones.
DYLANESQ 10 years ago
I was glad to see in the BBC 'review' (quoted on the manufacturer's website) of the Moleskine notebooks, that there was a caution included concerning the fact that the present day hot seller is actually not quite ( as in " REALLY,I say chaps, not quite...) the same as Modoemodo would have us believe was used by all those legendary celebrities such as Van Gogh, Chatwin, Picasso and Hemingway.

The author's commentary suggests that making this somewhat stretched connection is actually more a product of ModoeModo's extremely clever (if not suspect) marketing than the 'truth'.

A cup is a cup is a cup, you might say... but we all know that this is not true, so is a notebook based loosely on a much finer, real leather bound French craftsman-printer, handmade notebook that Chatwin truly coveted and trucked around windswept Patagonia, that Van Gogh sketched upon it's blood stained pages, that Picasso mislaid in his lovers' beds or that Hemingway spilled his liquor upon while boozing on his Key West veranda actually the same as one potentially made for peanuts in Chinese sweatshops ?

We are reminded of their actual Oriental 'mano-e-mano' origin by the fact that in the address book version of the Moleskine, the A-Z letters ,having been manually attached (probably for 10 hours a day 7 days a week in poorly lit factories) are not lined up as well as a truly fine crafted product would have been ! I have visions of Chinese women losing their eyesight at an early age.

To select a few quotes (interspersed with my bracketed quips) from the multilingual insert that you get when you buy a version of this popular notebook " Moleskine is ( 'is', you note, not 'is like' ) the legendary notebook used by European artists and thinkers ( not too deeply politically or sociologically thoughtful people, they no doubt hope ) ..originally produced by small French bookbinders (and now by equally 'small' Chinese peasants, I suppose?)..the legendary black notebook is once again (i.e.after being discontinued in 1986 by that aforementioned 'small' family operation from Tours,en Frons).

Were the truth known, these NIFTY NOTEBOOKS(c) that are all the rage with the hipsters of today are actually a partially reincarnated knockoff just like that Gucci bag that dealers are sneaking out from those hidden basement storage rooms on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan and flogging to label conscious clubbers in suburban New Jersey clandestine home 'party' sales. Back in the '50's Woolworth's Department Stores would probably have asked a more realistic .75c for a similar notebook.

Not that they aren't handy, mind you. It's just a tad galling to think that a product that was probably made for less than a buck racks up a hefty margin when it is sold for $11 to $20+ !!

Clever, these I-ties.
JohnnyG* 10 years ago
The moleskines that Chatwin wrote about were not real leather but the same oilskin I think.
jjtelecaster 10 years ago
I've seen some moleskine (TM) clones. To me, if they have the same size, hard cover, etc, they qualify as moleskines.

In the movie "Amelie", the moleskine is not a modo&modo notebook: the page corners are not rounded, there's no elastic band, and the paper is white, not offwhite, so it might be like the ones Chatwin used.
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
I think it has been mentioned in some other discussion thread here that Moleskine is like a generic term for notebooks. Or was that "cahiers"?
ronniejenk [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ronniejenk (member) 10 years ago
Hemingway never drank while he was writing. Nor did he write on the veranda.
Your assertions about the working conditions and the quality of Chinese manufacturing are ignorant and moderately racist. The assertion that something is made by over-worked women in horrible conditions just because the thing is made in China is either very misinformed, racist or a very very bad joke.
Moleskines are in fact nothing like knockoff Gucci bags because they are the genuine brand, where knockoff Gucci bags are just that. Maybe branded Moleskines are a knockoff of something more pure or generic, but they are not the same thing as fake designer goods. They are designer goods.
But since that seems like a trolling comment, I doubt you'll be back to read this.
Lost in Scotland PRO 10 years ago
Okay, any links to sites where we can buy them...
Elb...see email I sent you....
Facing Fury 10 years ago
You're right. "Cahier" literally means "notebook" in French. But the term "moleskin," as opposed to "Moleskine®," was a generic term applied to any notebook bound in the same oilcloth material. So, technically, any notebook similar to the branded Moleskine® would generically be called a moleskin notebook. Even Chatwin referred to les carnets moleskines, meaning "those moleskin notebooks."

I can't seem to find the link to the thread you're asking about, but it's there.
Crystal24 10 years ago
Anyone know when these will be making an appearance in the U.S.? I definitely want one (or several), but haven't seen them at any of our local bookstores yet...
PhotoDe 10 years ago
I keep checking Borders and Barnes and Noble. I will definitely be picking up a few!
writinglife 10 years ago
I haven't seen any info on availability. I wish Modo e modo would do press releases to announce new products-- and the availability of them-- even if they are "just notebooks."
Crystal24 10 years ago
I've just been told that the new volants will not be arriving in the U.S. until later this year. I emailed Modo e Modo to see if I can get a specific date.

In the meantime, is anyone who has access to the new volants interested in making a trade or purchasing some to put on eBay or sell to those of us who can't get them yet?

If you are, please Flickr mail me! I don't know if I can wait until later this year to get my hands on some of them! :-)
sparkleponies 10 years ago
I'm sooo buying some as soon as I find them!
I have a small plain page moleskine for doodling and jotting down lists and reminders, but I need a moleskine for some hardcore journaling! I'm thinking the pink ones fo sho, and maybe the green too! : )
Crystal24 10 years ago
Got the following email from Modo e Modo this morning:

Dear Crystal,

Thank you for your message and your inquiry.

The new Volant notebooks should be available in the US shops starting from September 2008.

You may contact our official distributor in the US for further information and addresses of the shops where you can find our products:

Chronicle Books
tel. +1 800-759-0190
fax +1 800-286-9471

Best regards,

Daria Alexandrova
Moleskine S.r.l.
Commercial department
PhotoDe 10 years ago
Crystal, thanks for this information!

I can't wait til September.
redhead_rachel 10 years ago
I caved and got some pocket plain ones in blue, my fave out of the new colour schemes (black wasn't available). The pink is too girly for me and the green is OUCH loud!!!
I haven't opened them yet, but they looked nicer in person than they did to me in the advertisment/ launch pics.
akirikifuk [deleted] 10 years ago
Has anyone seen them in London yet? I have gone to three Waterstone's, but nowhere to be seen!
steve_jasper 10 years ago
FYI - I located a PDF of the 2008 Moleskine catalog in English:

www.concess.se/pdf/Moleskine Catalogue 2008.pdf

I think I'm most intrigued by the new monthly notebooks (page 13). Has anyone seen one of these "in the flesh" yet?
ElbtheProf PRO 10 years ago
I finally managed to get hold of some large Volants - in the green colourway.
Black and greens...
Slightly disappointed that they have no elastic closure, bookmark or pocket but hey - the colours are great! :-D The paper IMHO is slightly thinner and waxier than 'regular' Moleskines, but the covers ARE the oilskin look.

There are more shots of the Volants in my photostream.
Eleftheria G 10 years ago
they are also available in athens!!! got mine almost 2 weeks ago and cant bear to open the pack!!! nice colooooors though.....drool
Crystal24 10 years ago
I received two packages of these in the mail today from a flickr contact - thanks Kristin! They're awesome...now I just have to bring myself to open them up and use them...pictures of them coming soon. :-)
Crystal24 10 years ago
Photo 230


ambie_d_d26 10 years ago
I want the large version of these soooo bad...espeically in the green and pinkish colors. *envy*
angelshaney 10 years ago
i want to have the pink ones! :)
ysatnaf Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ysatnaf (member) 10 years ago
I've just bought myself a few in Prague... ;-) The red one is the notebook that came in the Red Twin Set - it is really the same kind of notebook as the volant, except it has fewer sheets. So now I'm a real Moleskine fan! ;-)

Moleskine Fan
Laluh [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi just letting those that are interested the website mojolondon is selling these new volant moleskines. Click on the following link and then click on moleskines once you get there:

Anna Denise PRO 10 years ago
I saw them in Paris this weekend!!!
Anna Denise PRO 10 years ago
And I just bought some today, in Utrecht,The Netherlands!
xfancy 9 years ago
ah! are these everywhere? i want pink mini ones
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
I got some in Seville, Spain a few months ago. A pink set for my girlfriend, and black pocket ruled for me.

Dharma Bum '75 9 years ago
I'm still trying to figure out what the difference between Cahiers and Volants are... I see the colored Volants will be, well, colored of course, and they will come in three sizes, but do they have more pages than Cahiers, too? The material of the cover is like a regular Moleskine, but without the cardboard to stiffen it, as opposed to the Cahier's paper cover? Thanks! I will be spending a lot of money in September, it looks like! :-)
Stewart Finn 9 years ago
volants seem to have considerably more pages that the cahiers...I still have a few old unused volants lying around from the last time....if the new volants are similar to the old they are simply a better quality thicker cahier.
bret_martin 9 years ago
There are three main differences.

1. The paper is slightly different. I've read some people saying the Cahier paper is "rough" on the back of the pages. I've had both kinds of notebook and that does seem to be true, but I didn't find it a problem. I also suspect that the paper is not 100% consistent even among the same notebook model, especially if you compare notebooks made in Italy to those now made in China.

2. The binding is different. I don't know the proper bookbinding terms, but the Cahiers have one sewn "seam" -- imagine taking a stack of paper, running it through a sewing machine down the middle, then folding it in half along the seam. That's a Cahier. The Volants have smaller signatures that are bound together, more like the regular hardcover Moleskines.

3. The cover is different. The Cahier cover is thick black or Kraft-colored paper. The back cover has a folded over and glued pocket. The Volant is a card stock with oilskin (like the oilskin on the hardcovers) glued to it. The Volant has no pocket.

I'd have to disagree that the Volant is a "better quality ... Cahier". In every day pocket use, I found the Cahier to last much longer because of its binding and cover. The Volants I carried always started coming apart at the binding and the oilskin would start to peel on the cover before I could fill the book.
stevlight PRO 9 years ago
Wow! The xtra small will be perfect to carry in my pocket for quick notes and sketches--When will they be available in the US?
Crystal24 9 years ago
They will be available here in the US in September. In the meantime, for people looking for some of the larger ones, I noticed that there are people selling them on eBay now...not sure if they are selling them from the US or not though, so shipping might be pricey if they are coming from Europe.
parisxo 9 years ago
I was quite excited when a friend from the UK sent me a pair of large green volants. :D
JohnnyG* 9 years ago
Any find them in the US yet? :)
Classroom Valkyrie 9 years ago
Maybe not the right place to address this, but how do hte volants handle? I love my classic notebooks because they are stiff and they lay flat.
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
I bought another set yesterday (pocket ruled blue). I think I already hve a small stock of volants. I don't know yet how they wear off (read: how much character or wasisabi they get).

Juan in Andalucía
Classroom Valkyrie 9 years ago
I got a chance to handle some soft cover plain black ones in a local Barnes and Nobles, but I just didn't know how the stiffness would work out.
Classroom Valkyrie 9 years ago
They are in Art Browns.
Chet_ PRO 9 years ago
My favourite Moleskine supplier in Malaysia doesn't have the Volants yet, but they did have some samples which I asked to look at. Wow, the minis are REALLY tiny.

On the other hand, the shop has the limited edition leather diaries. Very nice, very shiny (I think the covers can be used as a mirror), but the price of one can buy me at least three regular Moleskines. I'll pass on the leather versions.
Kansas_Kate 9 years ago
Love the x-small size Volant. It's nearly the same size as the iPhone / iPod Touch (see my photos). Since it seems I'm always giving people some little note w/ a tidbit of information, I'm thrilled to see the perf'd pages.
Crystal24 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Crystal24 (member) 9 years ago
These are in the US and available both in store and online at Barnes and Noble...finally! :-)
JohnnyG* 9 years ago
Thanks, Crystal:)
PhotoDe 9 years ago
Yeah, I finally saw the Volant in all the great colors at my local Barnes and Noble. I got so excited I grabbed two sets. About 10 minutes later, I realized that I didn't need 2 sets so I put one back.
The extra small ones are SO cute...they were hard to pass up but I went for the large.....in pink. :)
JohnnyG* 9 years ago
Thanks again for the BN pointer. I just popped up at lunchtime and bought a tiny blue set:)
Classroom Valkyrie 9 years ago
The extra smalls are cute, but I just can't imagine writing in one... a pocket size may be in my future.
Oranse Taylor PRO 9 years ago
I picked up a 2pack of the Mini Volants. Im a 1st AC on a TV show and Im using Micron pens to write information on tiny little HD tape labels. Im already loaded down with gadgets in every pocket so I dig the tiny size and the perforated pages, Perfect for quick notes and lists.
AlexiaPB Posted 9 years ago. Edited by AlexiaPB (member) 9 years ago
I picked up a pair of the large green volants at B&N. had to hold myself back from getting one of each color & size :)
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
I've stocked 8 or 10 sets since they appeared in Spain. They're all pocket ruled black cover but the last one which is blue.
emily_mayhem 9 years ago
I had the hardest time deciding what to get! I finally picked the blue pocket lined and walked away before I could change my mind. I want to go back for the extra small ones, though! :DD
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