Autumn Dee [deleted] 8:51pm, 5 January 2008
There's a new commercial for the Fiat 500 (Car of the Year), which features many Everyday Masterpieces, as they call them. The commercials shows lots of objects, like the Italian espressomaker, dices, paperclip and... a Moleskine! The object flash by in a blink of an eye, but I'm quite sure I saw it ;-)

I've been trying to find the commercial on the internet, but no luck so far! There's a similar ad on YouTube, but's it's not the same one I saw on tv over here (the Netherlands). I'm not sure in which countries it airs.

Has anyone else seen it?
cinemafia [deleted] 9 years ago
They don't sell Fiats here in the States, so no, but I would love to see the commercial. Hopefully somebody will get it on Youtube sooner or later.
Dharma Bum '75 9 years ago
I haven't seen it either, but after living in Italy from 1987-1993 I grew to really love the 500. I saw one here in Kansas City a few months ago and it just made me smile. What a great car!
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
I learnt to drive with cars like those: seat 600, 850, renault 5, citroen 2cv...
pilutza 9 years ago
Ciao . you can find the spot you have seen here:
and click on everyday masterpiece tv spot.. ciao ciao
wizzez 9 years ago

I've seen the moleskine in the Fiat commercial, but i think that's because i'm dutch too.. :)
Aero Dynamik 9 years ago
you're quite right!!!
there IS a moleskine in there!! great!
i love the new 500
soul food café 9 years ago
saw it here in germany, too,
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