writinglife 1:53am, 17 November 2007
Where do you use your moleskine? Post a picture of the place.

I thought that it would be fun to see other people's desks, writing spaces, etc. on/in which they use their notebooks.
writinglife Posted 9 years ago. Edited by writinglife (member) 9 years ago
Let me start us off with a photo from the pool of someone else, the user pragmatic/johnny. Pragmatic's photo makes me want to write something.

Sophie_vf PRO 9 years ago
I do have a desk, but almost never use my moleskine at it. I use my pocket one wherever I happen to be, including writing on my lap or standing up, and when I write in my journal I'm usually lying on my stomach in bed (I've done that since childhood!). The bed is usually too messy for a picture :)

Wait, I lie - I do have my dayplanner at my desk. But I don't have a picture of it.
madhungrymind PRO 9 years ago
Not my desk, but a cubby at the hospital where I often work. This is what it looks like on an average day. The laptop belongs to the physician's group I work for, the iPod and speakers to me. Oh, the Moleskine is mine, of course.

@ Hospital 11/10/07
dune.hiker 9 years ago
I don't have a picture of my desk, but here is a website which I love which features the rooms/desks of many writers. It was posted by someone else in a flickr group; I forget which one, maybe this same one. Here is the link:

ssossatt [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 9 years ago
me too, i do a lot of writing lying down. i write lying on my side, supported by my left elbow or a pillow (or both). i got used to this position some years ago when i lived in germany. for a few months i stayed in a room that had no furniture. it wasn't worth it getting any solid furniture for the short time that i was to stay, so i had borrowed a metal garden table to write on, but the table wasn't firm, it followed the movements of my hand when i was writing! i slept on a slack deckchair. the U position that i was always in showed remarkably suited for good penmanship! it taught me a new, somewhat neater handwriting that i find hard to reproduce while sitting at a desk.

here i made myself comfortable on a large sack full of polystyrene balls during a visit to a good friend of mine. she asked me to write a few lines into her new journal.

journalling on a sack of polystyrene balls
Michael Guenther 9 years ago
Gotta love the Sumo bean bags - most comfortable TV watching chair I've ever had - plus it's great for Xboxing - and, apparently, writing...
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
My writing desk is in moleskinerie today. I don't know how to put my pics in this thread, and yes, I'm a technophobe.
Facing Fury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 8 years ago
I have a humble writing space. The main computer desk, which has plenty of writing/work surface and lots of storage, is used by my wife, who's a computer tech. But, this is my private realm and has everything I need. When really writing in my notebook, I just pack up the laptop or, if using the desktop keyboard, just move it aside.

More of my writing space
jfhscribbles 9 years ago
Shit just seems to strike me here...so I write it down.

jjtelecaster 9 years ago
That's where I've had some of my best epiphanies, but I try to keep precious moleskine paper away.
mlle_bleue PRO 9 years ago
This morning.

Facing Fury 9 years ago
Ah, yes, the Throne. Man has caused great empires to rise and fall from the throne. It can also be likened to the Captain's chair on the bridge of a ship. The world revolves around it. Inspiration will always strike on the seat of power. I love it.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
I agree. I keep a small Miquelrius in there for just such an occasion. The moles don't go in there at all, no matter how brilliant the epiphanies are.
E_Journeys 9 years ago
In Vivo

I took this picture right after reading this discussion thread, which appears on the computer screen.

Today marks one of the few instances where I have both my journal notebook and my computer open on my desk for purposes of writing rather than transcribing notes. Usually I write in my notebook on top of a closed computer, or I'm journal-writing in another room or outside the house.

My journal notes here are ruminations on Book #6 of my series, in progress.

The red translucent travel mug (I've since topped off the coffee) was a gift from the Citrus County Library from when Belea Keeney, Loretta Rogers, and I were panelists talking about craft at the library's NaNoWriMo kickoff event.

The sheet of paper directly to the right of my notebook contains Mary's instructions on how to find Comet Holmes. We're including the instructions in an e-mail to her family.

The rest is assorted clutter that keeps getting inexplicably magnetized to my desk.
Sophie_vf PRO 9 years ago

I figured if I took the picture sufficiently close-to, I would crop out the mess :O
eric.covington 9 years ago
Sophie_vf, you have great handwriting. Could you post a photo of a close-up if you are willing and can find some entries that you don't mind sharing?
wandererchronicles 9 years ago
Is that a Sumo Omni, Ssossat? I love those things!

I usually write in my Pocket Moleskine wherever I happen to be at, standing or sitting. It's one of the reasons I like Moleskines so much, the hard covers allow me to write with no support whatsoever. :)
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
i don't know what it is called commercially, sorry - just a sack full of polystyrene balls to sit and lie in!
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
Aren't they called "puff"?
owlandtheoctopus Posted 9 years ago. Edited by owlandtheoctopus (member) 9 years ago
Here are my two spots, please excuse the mess, I have two projects going on right now.
space 1

space 2
Sophie_vf PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sophie_vf (member) 9 years ago
@napalm - here you go. I apologize in advance for the sappiness.
explanation here.
Xpectro PRO 9 years ago
Let's say this is my universe

kayhalfnoise 9 years ago
Messy Desk
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
when not lying on the whatever-its-name...

my workplace
PhotoDe 9 years ago
a place to write

One of my favorite places to write is the old library. The building is from the late 1800s and there are so many nooks and crannies including this reading room on the 3rd floor that is not used by many people.
There are comfy chairs and large reading tables. I love to go there and just clear my mind of everything except for my book or Moleskine.
cosmiccandace 9 years ago
where the magic happens
to be honest, i don't do much writing here -- more like studying.
JustinoRodriguez 9 years ago
My workspace...

I do all of my pseudo work here....
m.fotografie 9 years ago
the traveler's tools
The true mobile office.
chaospoe 9 years ago

I try to keep it simple...
Facing Fury 9 years ago
Oh, wow! I love those old writing desks, with all the compartments and some that have the inkwell trays and such. I'd love one of those, but I can't seem to find one in my area.
chaospoe 9 years ago
Thanks Che, I got it a long time ago, probably 7 years ago when I was around 10, and it's still as good as the day I received it.
Ms_Sparrow [deleted] 9 years ago
I normally a clutter super organizer..but i just got some things out of storage...sooo thus the mess.
Otherwise, I keep everything accessible, and neat. I also do a lot of rough drafts and writing at work.

Nathan Gilmer PRO 9 years ago
Where all the Work Happens
Samaoj [deleted] 9 years ago
It's a big desk, really, but I always seem to need more space.

Boston Wolverine 9 years ago
Everything's tagged in the photo, because I am crazy.

The Moleskine in the bathroom is a great idea, and if I ever get an apartment all to myself I will totally be doing that, heh.
James Marwood PRO 9 years ago

This is my desk. I work away most of the week so my moleskine reporter and diary normally live in my bag.
|-Myrrh-| 9 years ago
This is a photo of the desk I purchased this summer. I still need to frame some photos and buy a nice desk lamp - but the desk is pretty sweet!

WillsArt 9 years ago
Beautiful desk.
writinglife 8 years ago
I can't believe you posted a photo of a toilet because "shit strikes you there so you write it down." Hilarious! ;)

I want a new desk again but never find "the perfect one" that looks good and comes at the right price.
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