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Facing Fury 4:11am, 22 October 2007
I noticed this question on another Moleskine related forum, and I don't recall if it was asked here, but I definitely would like to know what everyone's experience has been with this. What has been the hardest Moleskine to find? The only retailer/bookseller here that sells them is Barnes & Noble, and it seems they only have the absolute most basic ones, like the ruled, squared, and blank. They usually have them in both large and pocket sized, but the pocket sized ones are by far the most numerous and varied. I think the pocket sized is available in just about every format they make. The reporter is also pretty common.

But I have never seen the Van Gogh Moleskine anywhere here. Also, the pocket diary, address book, and weekly planners are mysteriously absent from B&N here in town.

Which Moleskine is the hardest for you to find?
Mullenkedheim 10 years ago
The Van Goghs were limited edition, I think. I can buy them on Amazon Japan, so they're not so rare maybe, but definitely rarer than say, your run-of-the-mill black ruled one.
Oniichan 10 years ago
I've never seen a watercolor or a Japanese album moleskine in my B&N - they have, as you mentioned, a decent selection of the other ones though, with reporters and squareds seeming to dominate.
PhotoDe 10 years ago
My local Barnes and Noble seem to have a limited supply of Moleskines and I definitely didn't see any planners.

I went across the street to Borders and found the watercolor Moleskines and several different planners, pocket and large sizes.

Even the Waldenbooks in the tiny mall has a larger selection of Moleskines than the big Barnes and Noble...
I wonder why?
Erin Shrestha PRO 10 years ago
Dick Blick had pretty much everything, except for the limited edition Van Gogh's. Borders has a good selection, too, but no planners.
christyio 10 years ago
Hey, interesting question. I haven't seen the address books or pocket notebooks in my previous (large) city. My current bookstore in my new city only has a few moleskines (a few, period.. not a few styles) at a time. Sometimes they have none. Moleskines are shockingly not popular here.. at ALL. (They were in my previous large city, that's for sure). I've only seen the red editions in one store, ever, and again, that was my previous city. I should've stocked up more there, but I didn't think that they'd be so elusive.

I believe the Van Gogh special edition moleskine was made in 2002 for the Van Gogh Musuem in Amsterdam. Maybe they're out of stock with the larger retailers, or didn't really cross the sea.. except for online retailers?

The Moleskine Zoom special edition is quite the mystery, too. Sure, you can get them online from random people in Italy, but.. that doesn't do it for me.

I'd love to see more special editions that are actually available in stores or on trusted websites (like moleskine's own web store).
.comma h. 10 years ago
Ive seen them all. But the most uncommon ones are the Japanese Albums...even moreso than the Van Gogh's ('limited' to about 10 million I guess!)
jjtelecaster 10 years ago
The rarest must be the nolonger available volants; perhaps moleskine has tried to fill that gap with the new soft covers.
I can find most (sometimes all) the line in Seville; my nearest store usually has the most common ones, although I can order some specific models ( I ordered the large watercolor).
wandererchronicles 10 years ago
...Zoom edition?
ginny-bee 10 years ago
I've never seen the... memo pockets? The little one that looks a bit like an expandable file. I think I'd like one, I have lots of little pieces of paper that'd be perfect inside it.
BenjaminLClark PRO 10 years ago
My local indie bookstore carries the planners. I use the Daily Large, black cover. LOVE it. It is a brick, but the paper is a delight. My local indie also carries a large selection of the CITY line in the travel section. Very cool. The local B&N also carried some of the CITY moleskines, but as of this weekend, it didn't seem so. They now only carry the stadards in regular, reporter and cahier, with black and kraft covers.
speedmaster70 10 years ago
Very interesting thread, thanks! I've never heard of these before. I really wish they came out w/ more limited editions using various themes.
M J Richards 10 years ago
I note increasingly that companies are giving away customized Molies. Google gave me a very useful large ruled notebook for Christmas 2006 stamped with their name, and the Frankfurt Book Fair sent all exhibitors a neat little diary and notebook covering just the few days of the show.
Facing Fury 10 years ago
jjtelecaster & Exile Bibliophile:

True, the Volants are just no longer seen, but I haven't seen the new softcovers yet. And, for some strange reason, my local B&N (the only retailer that carries them here) has just as many, if not more, city notebooks than everything else combined. And oddly enough, people here are not exactly known for being travelers, and our international airport is that in name only.


You know, I've wondered about the Memo Pockets myself, but B&N doesn't even carry it, even for special orders, so I've never seen one. I'd hate to order just one online, since I really don't think I'll use one much, but it definitely would be handy.
jjtelecaster 10 years ago
In one of the shops I buy in there's more city notebooks than other models. There were some memo pockets too, but I think it's because they don't sell as well as the regular models.

In another shop (family owned) things are different; they restock according to sales.
ginny-bee 10 years ago
I'll have to have another look at the store in the city to which I go... they have lots of interesting stock and I don't think I've explored sufficiently.
ronathome 10 years ago
For me it's the Info Books. I was trying to track them down for months, but never found one in any store. I finally bought 2 from a seller on Amazon. All of the other ones I've seen come through B&N, Borders, and Dick Blick.

With the City books, I seem to always see London, Paris, and Amsterdam, but no others.
nocas 10 years ago
has anyone ever seen the "absolut" moleskine notebooks around? i've seen one today and i was amazed that i had never heard of it before.

i saw it here in shanghai, but is it only available in chinese?

looks like this:
Swiv Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Swiv (member) 10 years ago
I have a special Himalayas moleskine limited edition for Stanfords travel bookshop I believe. According to their website there are only 500 - I picked one up last time I was in there in the summer.

In terms of being able to find specific notebooks, it depends on the shop - travel bookshops and some of the big chains in places like London or Edinburgh have the cityguides, but otherwise I have to find them online. I've only seen info books in one shop, but they regularly have them in stock.
Sally Bear 10 years ago
I live near Liverpool in the UK and there is a shop called Microzine, I was in there today and they have about 7 or 8 Van Gogh Moleys just sitting there on the 'CLEARANCE' shelf for half price (£6). In various colours.

I didn't realize they were rare but they are there if anyone wants them,
gemma; [deleted] 10 years ago
i'm in malaysia and i find that very few places actually sell moleskines so some are quite hard to find. i've yet to see a diary or planner however there is one small craft type store that carries all the pocket varietys and they had all the limited edition van gogh ones too the other day when i was in. i don't think they are actually that popular here as there were some pretty old ones kicking about too!
*janina* 9 years ago
i'm looking for absolut moleskine, because i'm into absolut and moleskines ;-) and i found something i have just under my fingers...

nocas - have you found this absolut piece? id' like to have it too..
lucentstreak 9 years ago
I have seen them all. The 18 month diary is rarer as my regular distributor tells me that they were given a choice of the 18 month or 12 month diaries to sell.
michaelnightmare 9 years ago
The limited edtion ones seem pretty cool. I would like to see a water color one.... they should make some limited edition ones with different paper in them as well
puzzlemepuzzle 9 years ago
I guess I'm one of the lucky few? My local BNs are pretty well stock on moleskines both in style and in quantity. If they don't have the style I was looking for, I can always count on the local university bookstore. I can pretty much get plain, squared, lined, address book, watercolor, music, information book, city notebook, note pocket book, japanese and planners without having to order online. I only order online when they are cheaper.

Speaking of rare moleskines, I kind of like the BN red cover edition moleskines, I've only seen the ruled in pocket and large, but do they also come in squared or plain?
*janina* 9 years ago
i've just bought probably the last two pieces of van gogh address books in our republic :-)

Moleskine Van Gogh Address Books

i thought this edition can't be found anymore
ambie_d_d26 9 years ago
For the first time, I was able to find the softcover molies at my B*N a week or so ago. I bought it in the large squared. I really really want one of the softcover pastel colored molies.
Simplementedeverdad [deleted] 9 years ago
I've noticed art stores have the widest variety. Utrecht and Sam Flax. I can't remember where I went, but they had every single one. I believe it was a Borders. Borders generally has a nice selection.
::Sardaana 9 years ago
Thx for pictures, Janina! Now I can imagine what the thread is about. I'm so new into Moleskinerie, it coulnd't be newer!
Ambie, I saw softcover pastel molies yesterday in my city, I'll post pics as soon as I get them taken. Does it make any sense?
::Sardaana 9 years ago
Actually we've got enough Van Gogh editions here in my city:
How rare are they?
jennifer93 8 years ago
it's the sketchbook and watercolor book I have trouble finding, seems a lot of stores only get a few in compared to the amount of all the other types of moleskines, and they go fast.

By the way, Borders Books also sells moleskines
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