Facing Fury 10:59pm, 18 July 2007
My last topic starter got me thinking--why don't they offer a version of the Cahier that opens like a Reporter? I remember when I was in the military, most of us with any type of responsibility would carry around these little green mil-spec memo notebooks to keep everything organized with. I remember the notebooks were offered in two variations, the memo type (top-bound) and the traditional book type. I actually loved the memo type for field use, and I used to get these free at the Marine battery supply office just by asking. Unfortunately, the only supplier I know of for these is the Federal Supply Service or other government contractors.

I'd love to have a similar notebook to those, preferably a Moleskine, which open up like the reporter does. The cool thing is that the covers being what they are, you can decorate them to your liking, even using camouflage tape or something. I love the cahier format, but this other variation would be awesome.

Does anyone out there agree, and does anyone even remember those little mil-spec notebooks?
Dexter Colt 9 years ago
I used to date a girl who worked for the Air Force. She used to give me those little military spec memo books. They are great. I loved their flexible covers. A cover like that with acid-free paper would be really cool...
_dancetothis 9 years ago
Wow. That picture link brought some memories of Florida back. My dad was in the Navy, so he got loads of neat little things like that that I always stole. haha.
neverminding 9 years ago
We used these extensively onboard the submarine I was stationed on. When all of the officers were issued Palm Vs, we turned these ubiquitous notebooks into "The Blueshirt Palm Pilot". It had a duct tape pen holder and some nifty taped-in calendars we made in Excel.
steve_jasper Posted 9 years ago. Edited by steve_jasper (member) 9 years ago
I love the retro look of these, and they are amazingly cheap for what seems like a pretty sturdy pocket notebook. I might have to order a dozen and give them a try.
Chris Abraham PRO 9 years ago
I own a bunch of reporter Moleskine, however they're all hard-bound and not floppy or soft. Is that what you're saying?
Facing Fury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 9 years ago
Well, kind of, but that was my point, is that they don't currently offer Cahiers which are top-bound like the reporters. Hence the idea for a "reporter cahier."

I would think more people would like to see a top-stitiched Cahier, just like it seems these little mil-spec notebooks were more popular than I thought.
Chris Abraham PRO 9 years ago
I already asked my "military friend" to buy me a bunch. If I can get him to buy me lotsa, maybe I can send them around. I can't buy them because I am not Miltel... sadly. Looks like you might be in the service.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
Hehe, was, my friend, was. My USMC days are behind me now. I may be re-enlisting in the Air Force, but for now, I'm out of the loop like the rest of you.
Oceaneer99 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Oceaneer99 (member) 9 years ago
Yes, I remember these from my Navy days, and always kept it in my back pocket, frequently covered with "EB-green" duct tape. After I left the service and filled up the one I had, I tried some "civilian" version, but it fell apart in short order. I resorted to making my own, by stitching together 2.75 x 8.5 inch pieces cut from letter-size paper, with a laminated piece of file folder as the cover.

I'm about due to make a new one, but the current one contains a number of pre-printed pages with:

-important phone numbers and addresses for postcards while I'm on travel
-directions to Grandma's house
-a photo of the antique door knobs in my house (in case I find a matching one at a salvage shop)
-photos of two of my children (the third wasn't born when I made the book)
-lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, music I want to hear
-St. Brendan's prayer: "Oh, Lord, protect me for the sea is so vast and my boat is so small"; I'll add St. Francis' prayer to the next one to remind me to be patient
-Bus routes
-antique Hardy Boys book list, which I check off when I buy
-the hull number of my canoe; not really sure why that is in there

One of these did get destroyed when I got caught sailing in a thunderstorm near Seattle one November (they NEVER have thunderstorms there -- almost never, anyway). We weren't able to control the heeling boat well enough to head to shore (the rudder frequently emerged from the water, and we had several near knock-downs when the boat got out of control going down swells), and we had already reefed the sails, so we flew from one shore to the other and back until the winds died down a bit. Despite rain gear, I emerged completely exhausted, freezing and soaked. I put a piece of newspaper between each soggy page, and after a week, it was dry enough to "download" the data to a new notebook. The ballpoint and pencil entries survived; however, I learned not to use felt tip pen. Oh, and I got better foul weather gear.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
As much as I love Moleskine, I don't believe these would stand up to that kind of trauma. Maybe with that patented "Rite in the Rain" paper and vinyl or plastic covers like those engineer's field books, using the same kind of stitching and construction as the Cahiers, but top-stitched, they would totally rock. I used to have one of those Rite in the Rain® waterproof tablets when I was in the service, and I remember loving it. They're the toughest notebooks I've seen, although they can be a little plain (read: generic) looking. I really wish they'd had the waterproof memo books back then as well, I would have loved them. In fact, those memo books are the same size as the pocket Moleskine. I remember those notebooks standing up to powder burns, small-arms lubricant, diesel fuel spills, water and liquids of all kinds, being sat on, being run over by an 8-ton howitzer, and all kinds of other crap. Some, if I remember correctly, even had a back pocket to store stuff in, although this was a separate "page" made of the same stiff yet flexible materials that the cover was, but slightly thinner. A boot band (all you Marines and Sailors will know how useful those are!) rounded out our field mods to make an elastic closure. The only thing that sucked, was what made them so durable--the paper. Finer writing instruments would look nasty on it, and really just about the only thing that wouldn't look like total junk on it was pencil. But hey, they took the same abuse we did and came back for seconds and thirds.
Oceaneer99 9 years ago
I quietly corrected my spelling of "foul weather gear", as I do not raise chickens.

I recently read about a fellow who paddled/sailed an open canoe up the Inside Passage to Alaska. He used those "Rite in the Rain" notebooks because, "I figured I might get wet."

I agree that the Moleskines probably wouldn't withstand that sort of trauma, but I wouldn't expect that too many notebooks would.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
True. And I love both types of notebooks. While the Moleskine is my black tie or Armani, the Rite in the Rain notebooks are my camo utililties or denim and plaid flannel. I'll use them both equally, it just depends on what I'm dressed to do. Wine, cigars, and espresso, I'll dress it up with a Moleskine. Mud, rain, tents, and fishing gear, dress down with a Rite in the Rain.

By the way, as sleek and chic as Armani looks, I'm sure my standard issue woodland camouflage utilities will last way longer than that. ;)
Facing Fury 9 years ago
New thought:

Now with the new Moleskine soft cover books being introduced, maybe they'll have a Reporter version?

That would be awesome.
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