Facing Fury 7:56am, 31 May 2007
If you are like me, you have probably suffered from over-organization. I used to have this total Adrian Monk-like obsession with organizing all my writing projects and tidbits. I carried up to four Moleskines--one for journaling, one for poetry and lyrics, one for fiction and stories, and one for work and miscellaneous notes. This, along with a large ruled notebook for my "finished" drafts or pieces. With all that organization, I actually had never filled a notebook. I must have at least a dozen different notebooks which are only partially filled. I'm sure you've all been there.

So I had an epiphany. More of a Homer-like "D'oh!" moment.

I now write everything into my Pocket Ruled Moleskine. The way I organize things is to write in different ink colors. Daily journal entries and random/general thoughts along with notes and lists are done in black; fiction ideas, stories, story bits, and plot/character notes are done in blue; grammar and writing notes (writing prompts, helps, and grammar usage notes) and random definitions are done in green; and poetry, lyrics, or pieces of these are done in red. With this system, I have now proudly filled in an entire notebook. I still keep the large ruled for "finished" pieces, which I go back and search for in the pocket notebooks (I have started my second and am halfway through that one) using the new system. I also still keep a pocket reporter at work for work stuff, but I may incorporate that into the same system with a new color. I'm debating that. Less waste, less stuff to carry with me.

I'd love to hear feedback on this system, or if anyone has a similar method of organizing their Moleskine. Also, if anyone has a variation of this, I'd love to hear it. I know I was proud of myself for not "wasting" another notebook.
Gene Wilburn 10 years ago
Neat tip! I'm going to borrow this idea for some of my different types of writing.

I use my pocket ruled Moleskine for both my daily journalling and my photo notes. I write the journal entries from page one forwards, and the photo notes from the back page heading towards the front of the book. When the two meet, I get a new notebook started.
Facing Fury 10 years ago
Thanks, and you're welcome to use it! My mission is to preserve valuable resources (Moleskine notebooks) and "Stop the Half-Filled Notebook epidemic!" At least, it works for me, and hopefully you.
Kansas_Kate 10 years ago
@ StarbuckGuy

I do the same thing -- go from both ends towards the middle.
Life As Art PRO 10 years ago
OOOOOOOOoooh! I like it!
E_Journeys 10 years ago
My brain jumps from place to place so I've always filled notebooks, Moleskine (most recently) and otherwise. In the early days I kept supplemental index cards according to subject matter for organization. Then I typed my entries up and relied on my Search function.

The bottom line is to use whatever system works for you! Congrats on finding your solution.
ssossatt [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 10 years ago
i normally fill journals from both sides - things ephemeral in front, things to remember, duties, addresses, phone numbers, projects etc. at the back. inspired by a meeting at our university, i have now started an additional journal: a ciak with multicolour paper. it has paper in nine colours and i have called it "Nine-Book Journal". one colour for each forthcoming book :-) (don't ask me how long it will take or whether i will manage to follow this system!)
b11bush 10 years ago
My current fave organization hack is Post-It flags. I keep a few in different colors stuck in the back of my molie. When the need strikes to index something, i whip out a flag, write a one-word reminder on the visible part of the flag and mark the page.
chadbrooks 10 years ago
I use several different color inks in my daily journal/planner moleskine to keep things separate. it helps alot.
lise.charmel PRO 10 years ago
Maybe you'll all be interested in giving a look at this:
(especially the older pictures).
As to me, I have two kinds of moleskine: one as personal diary and the other for travel reports and I NEED to keep them separate.
Facing Fury 10 years ago

Yeah, that rocks. I also like your use of printouts glued to the pages. I think I might also try that.
Juan Kerr Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Juan Kerr (member) 10 years ago
Like the greatest ideas and inventions, this is simplicity in itself. I will use this method for all my scribblings too (not that they'll ever amount to anything). I bet a pocket molie, filled with scribblings in all those different colours, looks fantastic!

Thanks, che.
Mavortium 10 years ago
I have an idea.. I make a my own weekly calendar on the left page.. but just for 4 or 5 week and use the right page to note keeping.. in this way I can use the next pages for sketching and longer text. When the week end.. I drawn a new week calendar on the first free page. . . what do you think about it? the same criteria for a monthly calendar. . . CIAO!
Nat W 10 years ago
Meh, Organization is great, but i just don't have the will power. Instead I write with whatever's on hand, I just keep the book chronological and leave the first few pages empty. If I write something I know i am going to look at a lot or will need it in a few months I write the date i wrote it on those first few pages. Also i give some sort of title (or at least a general topic) plus a date every time i change what i am writing about.

your idea i great, but too much for me
Facing Fury 10 years ago
@ Juan Kerr:

Thanks, it was definitely an epiphany. And it definitely does look awesome, with all the colors inside, almost reminiscent of a genuine traveler's field notebook, or even an engineer's notebook (since most schematics are usually color-coded) with all that color. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I get a decent pair of batteries in my digital.
daveterry PRO 10 years ago
I always use black pen (except when I use blue) and later use highlighters at my desk. This makes it easy to write whatever I want and later "categorize" it according to subject.
green- meetings
blue - todos and waiting for
orange - don't forget
purple - great ideas
yellow - key words or quotes
some examples
Fortunate_One [deleted] 10 years ago
I have journals everywhere too- none them finished- I find that I prefer the unruled moleskine- because along with radom thoughts- and whatever I am also and incessant doodler-
iam(zana) [deleted] 10 years ago
I write everything in one Large Ruled moleskine-- with multiple colored inks and tabs and post-it notes. I find that numbering pages help a lot in terms of remembering stuffs. Often when I stumble upon something that I can refer back to a few days later, I can write, "refer page 42 etc." under those notes.

I write quick notes at the back pages of my moleskine - stuffs like contact numbers, dates, some overheard quotes etc. And also, list of things to do before I die.
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