DIY Sara 6:25pm, 17 April 2007
I was wondering which type of Moleskine you enjoy most for various media...

watercolor, ink washes, acrylics, watercolor pencils, etc. etc. etc.

I read somewhere that the Sketch Moleskine is not vary good with accepting watercolor washes, etc.

What is your experience?

Forgive me but I couldn't find a discussion on this topic. If there is one, please direct me via a link :D
♥ Thanks much ♥
CopyCatFilms 11 years ago
Hey! Thanks for I have the same questions! I would like to use my copic markers in my sketch 'skine, but they bleed thru!! So I'm wondering if everyone uses the watercolor 'skine to prevent that as well. You only get like half as many pages, but if it would stop the would so be worth it!

So, to partly answer your question, I love using pencil and pilot precise pens in my sketch 'skine...but no luck so far with markers (especially copics)!
chadbrooks 11 years ago
i use a normal notebook for everything...I just usually do a collage on the sides where there is bleed through, or just deal with it. I had about half a notebook covered in coffee stains (on purpose) one time that I had a very interesting quality to the pages with notes.
heavdog PRO 11 years ago
I just opened and started using a pocket watercolor 'skine...I love it! I've used it for watercolor, as well as technical pens/markers and acrylic. It has a nice rough watercolor finish, thick paper...and less bleed through, though you can get it to bleed if you try.
It may be my new favorite!
withCharley 11 years ago
I use a watercolour moleskine {the pocket sized one} - for my sketching/drawing {I use Tombow dual brush pens - you can use them as watercolour pens} and I love the fact that there's no bleeding through whatsoever.

Too bad there are only 60 pages or so in the pocket watercolour notebook... nonetheless, it is my favourite notebook!
lindarfis 11 years ago
I have a Moleskine for different purposes. If I want color I go with the watercolor one. Grid for work sketches/notes, big sketchbook for my everyday cafe sketching and a Japanese fold out for my commute/travel sketches.
Shane Vorhaben 11 years ago
..I use a plain pocket reporter for most of my acutally takes watercolor very well...and the page will flatten back out perfectly after it's been closed for a while........I really wish they would come out with a hot press paper....
.comma h. 11 years ago
Sketchbook. Plain Moleskines are too fragile I think. The paper is too thin for alcohol-based design markers, sharpies, spray paint and washes and due to the ammount of pages, if you do a lot of collaging throughout the book, it will place a lot of stress on the binding. Sketchbook paper is okay for moderate washes.

If I feel like doing a watercolour work in my moleskine I just paint on a piece of coldpress paper and glue it into my sketchbook. Ive never considered the Watercolour Moleskines because the paper really isnt the best and isnt very versatile, either.
Mattias Adolfsson 11 years ago
I have just tried the sketchbooks, like the effect of watercolors on it, but know that alot of people have a problem with it
mikshir PRO 11 years ago
I haven't enjoyed the kind of paper used in the Sketch Moleskine. The pages are wonderfully thick but the paper is way to slick. It doesn't handle watercolor nicely IMO. The slickness also not to my liking when using pencil and pen. It probably works well for markers though. So far I just use the plain Moleskine for sketching and it serves wonderfully for pencil and acceptably for pen/ink (there is a bleeding issue depending on the pern/ink). I've not tried the watercolor one.
trail_artist 11 years ago
I use the Sketch books and watercolor books. I really like the watercolor paper. The surface is perfectly fine and I get good results with artist grade watercolors. I have sold a few of them.

The sketchbooks work well with india ink pens and with watercolor pencils, including Graphitint and water soluable Metallic pencils. I lay down a varied wash and then dip the end of the pencil into water and make "brush strokes" with them on the paper. All of the water soluable pencils I use are high quality, which I believe make a big difference. The effect is wonderful.

I agree with many that regular watercolors do not work well in the sketch books. I tried various art markers on the sketchbooks and found that bleed through was a problem. Although one "art critic" actually liked the design that was produced on the back side of the paper.
spikerz66 11 years ago
For me, i typically have 2 moleskines with me at all times. The first one, a squared mimi 'skine, and a plain pocket reporter in the console of my car at all times. I have a big rubber band around the armrest of my car and an open moleskine to a blank page attached to it. I have a binder clip on my sun visor that holds a pencil and a pen, just so I can take notes while I listen to Rush, and so I can draw perspective experements while waiting at stoplights.
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