Crystal24 8:52pm, 1 March 2007
How many moleskines have you filled?

If you can, take a picture of your stack of moleskines and post it here...filled and unfilled!

I'm working on filling Moleskine #3 (pocket, squared). My journals are becoming increasingly visual though, so I'm thinking of switching over to a pocket sketchbook for #4.

I'll post a picture of them later today if I get the chance.

christyio 9 years ago
Cool idea. I don't yet have a stack, unfortunately.

But, I'm curious to see how many books others have filled.
rpscott123 9 years ago
My moleskine stack
As you can see I love Moleskine.
Thomas Boesgaard PRO 9 years ago
This is my stack of both filled and unfilled notebooks:


One book at the bottom is not a moleskine though.
Morgaine Swann 9 years ago
Is the book at the bottom of that stack from Renaissance Arts?
christyio 9 years ago
boes-- whoa, you have quite the stack there.
somebear PRO 9 years ago
Notebook stack

I'm just beginning and don't really know what I want to use all my notebooks for.
Chet_ PRO 9 years ago
Not sure if this counts as a stack or is acceptable at all, since there are some non-Moleskines in it. But I hope the very interesting "Moleskine" in it does not get me reported to bluman!

Box of Circa and Moleskine notebooks
easybored PRO 9 years ago
Aww, can't figure out how to insert my picture here in the post. Well here's the link anyways, more pictures of the stack in my photostream.
burn87 9 years ago
i love those paperblanks Somebear those r my favorite notebooks..u ever tried the pocket size?
christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago
for easybored:

artandstory 9 years ago
Here's my stack (Paris Moleskine not pictured):

And another stack including some unused:
easybored PRO 9 years ago
Thanks christyeo :)
Eudaemonian 9 years ago
My stack:
Adibi 9 years ago
Here is my mini shelf.The first on the left is not a moleskine.
Shelf for Moleskine notebooks
Chet_ PRO 9 years ago
Are they all used Moleskines, Adibi?
amy huddleston PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by amy huddleston (member) 9 years ago
not all moleskine...
heavdog PRO 9 years ago
Mostly, but not all, moleskines...and they aren't all filled (far from it!)
My stackNotebook spiral
christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago

I have one of the pocket paperblanks. It's cute! The lines are a bit larger than in pocket moleskines. I alternate between the two.

The pocket paperblank that I got is designed to look like an old, worn library book. It's this one:
JennTRC 9 years ago
i have two..both steadily working on
christyio 9 years ago
shoot.. I took a picture of all my (mostly blank) notebooks last week and forgot to post it. *bumping to remind myself to post it when I get home..
E_Journeys 9 years ago
I recently switched to Moleskines after decades of filling notebooks of all kinds. Most of my overall collection is below. The Moles I've filled so far are the three notebooks at far right in the top right shot. The one I'm currently filling is in my fanny pack in the top left shot.

Journal Series
Facing Fury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 9 years ago
My stack:

Left are all the Moleskines. Top to bottom they are: My three carry-everywhere pocket notebooks, a ruled, a squared, and a music notebook (notice the wear on the top one); six blank pocket ruled; three blank music notebooks; two blank pocket sketchbooks (slowly being filled with autographs from people like Ted Nugent, Mark Tremonti, Steve Vai, and the like); a London City Notebook (out of sheer curiosity, and the fact that I have an England fixation); three pocket Cahiers in buff; three medium Cahiers (for fiction ideas); and my Large Ruled notebook at the bottom for meditation and quiet time.

To the right are miscellaneous leather-bound journals; three "pocket" leather journals from Barnes & Noble; two leather covered journals from Oberon Design; and a spiral bound "Adventure Journal" by Kurt D. Hollomon.
Josefina Herrera 9 years ago
just two

Moleskines En-lomadas
Juggling Frogs (clkl) PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Juggling Frogs (clkl) (member) 9 years ago
I discovered them in October 2006.

Moleskines above my desk
These are the ones I've completed.

The red binder is an index to them.

I'm not going to show my stockpile of fresh ones, because it's a little embarassing. I'm hoarding them, just in case they stop production. It sound so silly, but I've become a bit attached.
Facing Fury 9 years ago
I know what you mean, clkl. I just got yelled at, again, by my wife for my stockpile. That's my plan for Armageddon, plenty of food, plenty of water, plenty of light/fire tools, and plenty of Moleskines.
Mattias Adolfsson PRO 9 years ago

Not all moleskines and not all my moleskines are on mumber 7 now
Wow, Mattias, those are wonderful!
Crystal24 9 years ago
Wow, this topic really took off! I suppose I need to stop slacking and post mine soon!
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
HELP! how do you insert photos?
christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago

Right click on an image. Click on properities. Copy the image URL/address.

Now, when you want to insert it, type in this (no spaces.. remove the spaces below):

I'm not sure if there's a shortcut to this or not...
groc PRO 9 years ago
that's the hard way.

if it's one of your own pictures... on each individual photo page you have a set of buttons across the top of the photo... click the one that says 'all sizes' - a new page will load. choose the size of picture you want - and once you've got that - underneath that picture - there's some text boxes - click inside the box select all of the text - copy it - then paste it into where ever you want that picture to appear.
christyio 9 years ago
Ah, even better. Thanks, groc.
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
thank you! so now I can show you my stack...

completion of history2

and a better view of it...

completion of history
christyio 9 years ago
ssos-- Whoa, that's huge!!! How many years worth is that?
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
they are all of my journals since November 1989, MINUS those of 2000-2002, which would be about one third of that stack (very bad years, i wrote much and could not bear having the records afterwards). since 2003 i have an additional 1422 computer pages (A4, single spaced, Times New Roman 12).

the top three Moleskines are not full though :-) just one of them partly - i am a novice to the Moleskine passion :-) i find Moleskines are truly highly addictive - you buy one and you want every one they produce! but still, looking at the stack and its variety of colours, i am telling myself if it is not a pity to only start producing monotonous black journals from now...?
christyio 9 years ago
Nearly 18 years worth? Whoa! That's pretty cool.

1422 computer pages in addition to this? Geez louise. I'm curious-- how do you back that up? Do you print it as well?

I know what you mean about colors and variety. While moleskines are elegant for the simplicity (black), designs can be nice, too.

I share my moleskine addiction with an addiction for Paperblanks and a few other brands. I adore the paperblanks elastic band with 'tiles' on them (raised paper), such as "thai gems" or the bird or dragon ones. They're quite elegant-- busy on the eye, but lovely. I still like moleskines, of course-- they're quality as well. I'll probably be paperblank/moleskine/b&n leather travel journal addict.

Perhaps you could decorate moleskines if you want to be moleskine-only? I had a thread posted about that a while back asking for ideas (I can't draw at all!).
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
actually, 1422 computer pages only amount to a tiny fraction of one's hard disc or usb flash drive... it is much worse to store the paper stuff!

i would not decorate a moleskine on the outside. i like them precisely for the simplicity, functionality, elegance, for the sameness (is this a paradox?)... i have also bought a couple of paperblanks, but was terribly disappointed by the paper :-( i write with a fountain pen and those paperblanks that i had all had very bad paper, the ink bled through, it was extremely ugly and uncomfortable, too. my friend has a different type of paperblanks notebook and she says it is the opposite: the paper is like waxed, it does not hold ink properly. so that put me off completely.

i have just come back from a trip to germany with a few "miscellaneous notebooks", various colours, various marks, various materials... quite thrilled about my hunt :-)
christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago
Oh, so you don't actually print out the 1400 pages? I've had issues with various old documents and digital photos 'digitally deteriorating' or becoming corrupted in the past. I always try to have everything in paper and digital.

Fountain pens? Ah, yeah, paperblanks wouldn't be good for that. The paper is nice, but then. I often write only on one side of them. Some paperblank notebooks-- like those magnetic wraparound ones-- aren't my style, either. They feel too 'stiff' to me. I like the moleskinesque ones with an elastic keeping it closed.

That's interesting that you like the older notebooks you have for their variety, but like moleskines for their simplicity. I guess I can relate, though I still like the idea of partially decorating a moleskine. They do look just..nice.. plain though.

Germany? Ooo. I love it there myself. I haven't dared look for notebooks when traveling.. I'd have to dispose of my clothes to fit them all in my suitcase! ;)
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
that's scary - how can digital information deteriorate? i mean, if you have good hardware, several back-up copies...?

i always buy a (couple of) notebooks when travelling. my best souvenirs! at least one, but often it is... ehm, let's say, "more than one" (i guess i should also show my stack of empty notebooks...) :-D
christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago

I have backups, but the same thing happened to the backup in two ways.

1) My digital photos get gray pixels/patches and half (or more) of my origional photo is unreadable. The same thing happened on the backups on good hardware. The photos were taken 6+- years ago with 2 different brands of digital cameras.

Could be a rarity, but none the less a small tragedy. I don't know what caused it-- 2 defunct cameras, bad memory cards (I used 5 different SD cards at that time, all standard quality brands from different big names), a file corruption of some sort, etc. The same corrosion happened to the photos stored on all locations-- online (yahoo photos) and external drives (external HD, flash, second partition). My guesses for the photos are that either the camera or the computer I was using at the time had a write error, which caused 'bits' of the photo not to be saved properly-- this could cause all the copies (online, USB, etc.) to be missing information and not display properly. They're just JPEGS. I should've converted to PSD, PDF, etc. to have some rudancy, I suppose.

If anyone has had this occur, I would love to hear how and why and if there are any fixes.

I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get print backups now. Granted, I have thousands of other photos (mostly more recent) that are okay-- but the issues have occured with dozens of photos.

My problem aside, compatability and digital storage can face many issues over a century. A printed copy, however, can stand a better chance for long-term storage (70-100+ years) than a digital file (e.g. file compatability, corrupted/crashed hard drive, death of computer owner and family not having access or knowledge of the files, changes in technology (CD, floppy, zip, and so on), etc.). With that being said, I also think it's very important to have digital backup of paper copies off-site in case of fire, flood, etc. Digital and paper can work hand in hand to give your prized writings and photos a chance to stand the test of time.

2) Text files-- a few-- out of hundreds or more-- open with strange characters all in them. Another concern is file compatability 20+ years down the road. Text has served me better than digital photos, though.
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
christyio, thank you for this information. good to know and bear in mind!
howard.hall PRO 9 years ago
moleskine stack
This is all 11 of the assorted Moleskines I could find - if not for this thread I might have never noticed that my normal-sized one from summer/fall of '06 has gone missing :( --

The lost book had been through so much, including the time it fell off the roof of my car (where I'd forgotten it) and was run over by numerous other vehicles. It's survival was the key reason for my loyalty to Moleskine books. The durability is astounding; now if only they had homing beacons...

The top three are my most recent. The pocket reporter near the middle is one I use for work. The various cahiers are ones I've carried along for random ideas and short drafts. The cleaner-looking bottom book is my ongoing dedicated haiku record. These are all the Moleskines I've broken in since the summer of 2006.

I would have added the non-Moleskines to the pile, except that a stack of every journal I've used since 1985 would be entirely unruly (and next to impossible to stack).
lise.charmel PRO 9 years ago
On the left hand side two moleskine about my travels (one full) and a personal diary. On the right three City Moleskines: one for Vienna (I went on business for a couple of days) and two for Milan (one bought by myself, the other is a present)
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
My moleskine stack is average considering what I've seen here, but my stock is way toooo embarrasing to show it here.

Perhaps if I could have my moleskine addiction under control I could afford a cheap digital camera and post pics here, instead of my good old mamiya. I love my mamiya.

christyio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by christyio (member) 9 years ago
Here's my notebooks from this year.

Most are still blank. The brands: Moleskine, Paperblanks, Markings, B&N Leather Travelers, and a few unknown brands.


Moleskines-- 3 black moleskines, one orange moleskine

Facing Fury 9 years ago
Cool. I'm starting to like those paperblanks.
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
great pictures!
ssossatt [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 9 years ago
this is my future life - empty notebooks. i have two homes and two piles of books, gathered over the years. about 3-5 of the A4 notebooks are on both pictures. i will probably never write into the A3 ones. i may slice them in two A4 "reporter's" notebooks :-) or give them away, i don't know. the notebooks are of various brands, paperblanks, fiorentina, cavallini, tushita, bindewerk, il papiro, clairefontaine, brunnen, hořovice, paolo pigna, online, emilio pucci, teneues, gut, ciak, paperchase, slavošovce, oberon, arequipa, and many others. there are also some moleskines among them, but honestly, moleskines are now on the wane for me... i have gone for the colours and the variety.

my future

my future life
ssossatt [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 9 years ago
let me tell you about one of them, in the stack down in my post. it says "afrika" on the spine. this was originally a geography book on Africa, published in the 50s in the Czech Republic. i bought it in a second-hand bookshop. obviously, the contents were all just crap, but i bought just about anything on Africa, as there was a great scarcity of resources on Africa when i began studying.

my mother did some bookbinding as a schoolgirl and she helped me. we took out the original stuff from the book cover. it was larger than A4. the cover was beautiful, with embossed outline of Africa on it and the letters that said "Afrika". we unglued the linen and cut a few centimetres off the cardboard to make the cover about 21 cm long, so it was as long as A4 but still slightly broader - but that does not really disturb anymore. we could not make it exactly A4, as then the picture of Africa would not be in the centre of the cover. after we cut the cardboard of the cover, my mother glued the linen back on quite professionally, you could not tell the book was originally longer.

i had a pile of old school notebooks at home from my mother, who worked as a teacher. now, these notebooks have great paper, but they are too thin and unattractive on the outside. i glued them together to create a book just thick enough to fit in the Afrika cover. finally, we glued that inside the cover and also glued pictures on the inside of the cover to strengthen the binding... a fully recycled book and the only piece in the world!

i will edit this post later to include some photos - currently the book is in my other home.
ssossatt [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ssossatt (member) 9 years ago
one more view - a few of them on the floor:

on the floor
Facing Fury 9 years ago
To Christyio:

Today was the first time I saw the Paperblanks journals at B&N, but only because I didn't pay attention until now, with all the talk about them and so on. They were really nice! The only thing is, it feels like more of a desk/home journal, for some reason the covers don't seem like they'd hold up to the abuse a Moleskine can take. But I liked the ones I saw, the pocket versions that look like yours. Paper's not quite the same, but overall, I'd have to say it was an attractive journal. I'll have to go back next payday and get myself one to add to my stack. It seemed they had plenty in stock, and the girl behind the counter said they'd be ordering more. Seems to be they are almost as popular as the Moleskine.
Sophie_vf PRO 9 years ago
If you haven't used a Paperblank before...

I'm on my second one, but I am not sure I would get one again. They *are* beautiful and attractive, but the binding doesn't feel as strong as, say a Clairefontaine or Moleskine, and my main quibble is that it doesn't take fountain pen ink well at all. Fountain pen ink beads on the paper once your hand has rested on the page. Gel pens and pencil are fine, though.

So depending on what you like, it may or not work for you. I guess I'd buy one again if it were on sale, and I liked the cover enough. The covers really are beautiful. The one I'm using now is the tan one with the scrolled border right in the centre of ssossatt's pic above.

Ssossatt, I have filled many, many of those oriental brocade journals in your pic. I have one exactly like that in your pic - it chronicles my last year in university, some twenty years ago.
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
Sophie_vf, i have the same problem with paperblanks. i also use a fountain pen and my first experience with PB just turned me off for a long time (that is also why they are in the "unfilled" stack :-) ). i was especially disappointed because on the cover it said "takes pen and ink beautifully". the producers had better keep quiet!

i have bought a gel pen now and am trying to get used to it. we'll see!

by the way, not all PB take ink so poorly - the "squared circles" series seems fine.
christyio 9 years ago

good observation. That's what I use Paperblanks for-- home. Moleskines do seem more sturdy, though I haven't had problems with Paperblanks yet. The paper is a bit thin-- I write on one side of the page.

I like the heartiness and quality of the Moleskine, but I have to admit that I love the variety and designs of some of the Paperblanks.

ssot-- thanks. :)
cinemafia [deleted] 9 years ago

MoHDI 9 years ago
Open Sketchbooks from past year or two Closed Stack o' Sketch
christyio 9 years ago
Wow, that's a lot Drew James. I don't see a single non-moleskine there, either.
The Cluttered Desk PRO 9 years ago
asr-cascadian PRO 9 years ago
A small stack compared to many here, but well-loved:

My stack of Moleskines

Moleskine noir
chicgeekuk 9 years ago
Once and currently:

Pile of Moleskines
subvertphotography 9 years ago
"Moleskin 014" by subvertphotography [?]
Moleskin 014

"Moleskin 036" by subvertphotography [?]
Moleskin 036

"Moleskin 037" by subvertphotography [?]
Moleskin 037

I don't have a lot of these because I just found them about six months ago so tried to be creative.
(Nathanael.Archer) 9 years ago
My pre-Moleskine age...

Pre-Moleskine Age

Here is my stuff

Moleskine Age

Moleskine Age detail

I love to have them around.
My filled Moleskines from 2000-2006.
Not a stack, but a circle:

*antigone* [deleted] 9 years ago
Okay, you asked for it...

journal stack

About 10 or more Moleskines in there.
christyio 9 years ago
Nathanael.Archer-- cool photo. You must be an artist.
christyio 9 years ago
Just noticed the circle of moleskines above.. clever. :)
artandstory 9 years ago
Here's the latest!

Blogged about my addiction here:
Ben Coope 9 years ago
My Stack

ambie_d_d26 9 years ago
IT Monkey~ I really like your stack. What kind of journal is on the bottom, there?
trumpetvine 9 years ago
These are great stacks! Here's mine:

They are sketchbooks. More about them is here:
Ben Coope 9 years ago
ambie_d_d26, its a leather bound journal i found in a tiny art store while visting a friend in Newtown (Sydney,Australia) they said it was hand made locally, I have not seen them anywhere else :( but had to buy it the leather is extremly soft and smells great.
Digitalnative PRO 9 years ago
Just beginning the obsession. This plus Rotring pens.

christyio 9 years ago
Ooo fun. Rotring pens? Never heard of those.
Thomas Powers 9 years ago
My stack
Moleskine stack
My stack, humble as it is~ compared to others here :)

Moleskine stack
Facing Fury 9 years ago
Okay, here's the updated stack:

My current stack, updated

Total count: 42, 24 of them Moleskine.
My Stack

Mole's on the right.
mumble mumble 9 years ago
ssossatt [deleted] 9 years ago
here is my current stack:

my world is black and white
chaospoe 9 years ago
My Collection
Ms_Sparrow [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ms_Sparrow (member) 9 years ago
This post seems to be more 'journals' rather than Moleskine. I understand, seeing how as I've only recently stumbled acrossed them in October. So, here are a few of my journals.
Diaries on the left. Sketchbooks on the right. Moleskine are in front.
I'm only going to use Moleskine from now on. ^_^
Facing Fury Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 9 years ago
Add these to my stack pictured earlier: my most recent acquisitions. These are the limited edition Red Pocket Notebooks, one of them being a Barnes & Noble exclusive. From top to bottom: 2 red pocket ruled notebooks, bottom is a Weekly Planner + Notebook 2008.

Moleskine Red Notebooks
PhotoDe 9 years ago

I recently took advantage of some clearance Moleskines via a link from Moleskinerie. I got two city books, two Van Gogh address books (for gifts) and a Van Gogh edition memo pockets.

Then I also have some new notebooks, including the limited edition for Barnes and Noble red notebook and my pocket size cahiers. The large notebook I use for my current journal is to the side there.
I've gone Moleskine crazy!
Cacriswe 9 years ago

My stack from the same clearance sale! not pictured is my large ruled, pocket red ruled, and 3 more grid reporters and a ruled reporter I gave away as gifts

Man, I should have jumped on those Van Gogh's :(
ricky.montalvo PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ricky.montalvo (member) 9 years ago
I wish they were all one
PhotoDe 9 years ago
I was late to the clearance sale so I missed the ruled notebooks! :(
Mullenkedheim 9 years ago
Hmmm a storyboard notebook! I kinda want one, but can't for the life of me find any here. Amazon Japan, where I usually buy mine notebooks, doesn't carry the storyboard notebooks.
Easterner [deleted] 9 years ago
Stack of Notebooks
Autumn Dee [deleted] 9 years ago
My Moleskine Stack

Here's mine :-)
eternity101488 9 years ago
I like the avatar the last air bender dvd, Cacriswe
Lost in Scotland PRO 9 years ago
Together again...The leaning tower has grown

Here is mine...
Eleftheria G 9 years ago
Here is my short stack!!!

stack of moleskine's
Digitalnative PRO 9 years ago
Recently added a few more.

MyScenes 4 years ago
I'm curious to see you all's stacks now.

Do you still use Moleskines? Did you switch brands? Stop journaling?
RedHarp PRO 3 years ago
Moleskines by RedHarp

My earliest one is a pocket sketchbook from 2003 that I used as a photographer's notebook. The ones on the right are my word journals. The ones on the left are my more recent sketch books. And, yes, the blue one is a Moleskine underneath, I just hacked it to make it look like River Song's notebook (that's from the current versions of Dr. Who). Obviously, I like to put stickers on them, too.
MyScenes 3 years ago
Those are some big stacks up there.
Guamaso 3 years ago
About a year ago:
Notebooks by Guamaso

Moleskine stack by Guamaso
MyScenes 3 years ago
@JuanTheDesigner -- Fun stack. Is the green elastic the Evernote Moleskine?
MyScenes 3 years ago
I'll show you mine if you show me yours. :p I want to see some more stacks!
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