girlwithapearl 12:41am, 20 February 2007
Well, this is it. Tomorrow I find out if my moleskine can win me the best Canadian poem contest from my city (Toronto).

So, my question is.. where has your moleskine taken you (doesn't have to be awards, but has it stretched you, warmed you, inspired you to something new???)

chadbrooks 9 years ago
kept my up to date with and for class........
Lankier 9 years ago
Did you win, guccigirl?
girlwithapearl 9 years ago
getting to class can be a miraculous event (I know because I'm a teacher). I won't know if I won until tomorrow.
Mike Skalnik [deleted] 9 years ago
Helped me get higher grades in school. This whole organization thing is working.
haagenjerrys 9 years ago
my moley has helped me focus on the new year and all of its prospective rewards.

it's also helped me immensely to express and map my feelings regarding a rather destructive relationship that ended right before the new year.

so, really, my moley is working on my focus on the future & overcoming the past.
dubb24 9 years ago
It has helped me to be a better person by reviewing my day when I write. Also, I've been happier because writing just makes me happy.
Morgaine Swann 9 years ago
It got me back to painting again and I just sold my first little painting!
Ruin T Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ruin T (member) 9 years ago
My molekine is like a boomerang. I keep sending it to a friend and it always come back with new stuff in it! You could say it's a kind of sport then.
angela.leese [deleted] 9 years ago
kept my inspired to write daily..which has lead to fewer panic attacks and depressive moments :0D
.comma h. 9 years ago
It put a smile on my face when I gave it away as a gift and I could tell the recipient loved it.
jennemmer 9 years ago
My "London" molskine kept me from getting lost without having to unfold a big map and look like a lost tourist.

And it provided a place to me to keep a record of my trip. The trips where I've journalled regularly are always the trips I remember best.
emd111 PRO 9 years ago
Last year a friend of mine was killed suddenly and without warning. I had to deal with that loss and get through it as best as I could. My Moleskine was there for me to process this and write and vent and work my way through the grief.
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