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Laserone ☆ Lauren 7:13am, 18 January 2007
I'm just curious, how (and when) did you all first discover the moleskine?

I discovered it because of Flickr, because of the "What's In Your Bag?" photo pool. I love surfing that photo pool and I kept seeing Moleskines repeated over and over in so many people's bags. I'm like "what's the big deal?" and read up on them. Next thing I know I'm "jumping on the bandwagon" and I may be a latecomer to the trend but I am SO glad I found Moleskines. Because of this handy little book I'm drawing and writing more than I ever have. :)

What about you guys? How/when did you discover it?

Lauren :)
(1 to 100 of 126 replies)
*Juliabe 10 years ago
I discovered them five years ago in a bookstore by chance. I had no idea of the Moleskine "legend" i just liked it, the size, the leather cover, the paper, the pocket and the elastic band, everything!
I had been looking for the perfect notebook for many years and i had finally found it...so i bought one! and i have been using them since then. It's a long-term relationship :)

I also remember that they were really hard to find then. I guess now it's easier to buy them and i don't have to spend a lot of time searching in stores, but the difficulties made my Moleskines more "precious" in some way :))
Greg Williamson 10 years ago
i had been aware of them for some time but it was seeing them on flickr that prompted me to finally buying one. i soon bought another and another and another...
kralefski PRO 10 years ago
I too found them in a bookstore by chance, some three years ago. I bought one and loved it inmediately.
I've bought them regularly since then and given them as birthday presents to each and everyone of my friends.
chadbrooks 10 years ago
I found one about 5 years ago in a paper shop. I really liked the small size (i was a pocket guy back then), and that they seemed pretty resistant to anything that you threw at them.....the pocket was a big thing for me too, and well as the band closure....cause i stuff them full of anything that I want to keep up with.
tonystl PRO 10 years ago
Another "stumbled upon them at a bookstore" Moleskine user here.

It was at a Barnes and Noble in 2001 that I discovered Moleskine. Like most it wasn't the "history" of the notebook but the size and feel of it that convinced me to buy it.

And now I can't stop.
cinemafia [deleted] 10 years ago
I had heard of them when I was in art school in the late 90's, but never bothered to get oen because they always seemed too expensive (or just plain too hard to find). I finally decided they might be worth the cost after the big web rush that started a couple years ago, and I've been quite happy with them ever since.
bluman 10 years ago
Like Minkoff, I saw a little pocket sketch book that was just right; paper, binding and all and thought this was it. I didn't find out about the "legend" bit until a few days later. For me, its "form follows function" first. Labels and myths come after. That was about three years ago.:)
nonstopflights [deleted] 10 years ago
I have been journaling on and off for a long time and never found something that was simple enough to be nonrestrictive, but then also elegant enough to want to carry it around. As with everything, I fell in love!
1541 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 1541 (member) 10 years ago
i'd never heard of them until i visited a friend in college in sweden back in 2003. she was studying architecture there and all of her class mates were using them. got my first one a few months later.
That's a good question..... Bought my first one 09/16/05 at a Dick Blick art supply store. Maybe I was seduced by the packaging. I'm just not sure. All I know is that purchasing that first Moleskine started a trend that later turned into a Milestone.
cherryblossom in japan 10 years ago
I saw moleskines set out in Waterstones the bookstore.
I was drawn to the display initially by the coloured bands around them.
Bought the ruled notebook, and then the squared.
Use the ruled as a daily diary of thoughts, and the squared as a daily planner and for writing down
other thoughts that choose to jump into my head.
I am now a moleskine junkie.
It's official.
Laserone ☆ Lauren 10 years ago
Hehehe, this is great, hearing all the stories! :)
Look In The Tunk PRO 10 years ago
I always noticed them at B&N through the years but like someone else said I always thought they were too expensive or that I couldn't customize the cover. I finally bought one in August of 2005 when I couldn't find a good journal at B&N. Who knew that something I "settled" on would be thing I've stuck with.
puzzlemepuzzle 10 years ago
I saw them on display in CitySuper, Hong Kong, 3 years ago. I've always liked notebook of all kinds, so, I had to try them out. I especially like the idea of a little black book containing secretes. So I grabbed a plain and a square pocket moleskine. Little did I know at the time of purchase that they are so addictive, I couldn't stop ever since. =)
halften 10 years ago
I first heard of them when Sigur Rós bought out a set of cahiers with their images on them. The two years previous I'd searched for a nice diary and failed, so I thought I'd get one and see how it went.
.comma h. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by .comma h. (member) 10 years ago
I first found them thanks to this Flickr group! My first throught was what the heck is a Moleskine? They instantly reminded me of the Indiana Jones film in which Sean Connery keeps a tattered 'grail diary', which I had always loved.

No looking back.
Mattias Adolfsson PRO 10 years ago
I first heard of moleskine las summer, I got mentioned on the web page Drawn! and they mentioned my beautiful moleskine (meaning my sketchbooks), I used other brands before. But since then I've been using them, my other sketchbooks all had the problem with the centerfold..
vulvanist [deleted] 10 years ago
I discovered it here on flickr too.

Every day I carry a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone, iPod, and sundry gadgets but to make notes for work or for my diary, as well as sketching, Moleskine beats all the elctronic means.

Since a little over 6 months ago not a day has gone by that I haven't had my Moleskines right with me. It's become a part of me.
aluzano [deleted] 10 years ago
I saw some Moleskines in a bookstore too -- I'm pretty sure it was Borders. This was some time last year, and as soon as I saw it, I loved it. It was simple, good quality, and it even came with stickers and such. Only, it wasn't until a month or two ago that I decided to buy one; I wasn't sure if it was worth the money, actually. But after getting one, I realized it was. :)
sterlingink 10 years ago
i first discovered moleskines at a large bookstore. I was broke and i decided to steal myself a notebook. Out of their selection Moleskine was the only notebook small enough to fit in my wasteband without obvious detection. i know . . . shame on me. nonetheless i fell in love with the notebook's portabitlity and paper weight. i almost always have one nearby now (with it's purchase receipt tucked in the folding pocket :P ~ they deserve every cent they charge for them.)
mauberley PRO 10 years ago
I saw 'em at St. Marks Bookshop, NYC. This was back in '05; I didn't know if they were being carried by the chain stores or not at the time. Anyway, I was hooked by the inner pocket and elastic strap and the little history gimmick printed on the outside.

It probably wasn't until last year that I noticed Moleskines have such a following...
babystacey99 10 years ago
I first heard about them back in September 2005 after reading an article in the New York Times about a project called 1000 journals.
Morgaine Swann 10 years ago
I had read about them in art supply catalogs, but the first time I ever saw one in person was in a paper shop in Manhattan. I bought one then and I've been hooked ever since.
Laserone ☆ Lauren 10 years ago
LOL sterlingink ! :)
George Ruiz 10 years ago
I'd read about Moleskines at Lifehacker.com but didn't get my first one until I ran into a display case full of them at a store in Athens, Greece. It seemed the perfect medium to start recording my Greek vacation. Now I carry them everywhere I go. Always great to run into another Moleskine user. It's like when iPods where new and you were in an elite little group. Heh.
BikeTinker PRO 10 years ago
I first encountered them at momovelo, a now-defunct store/website for the cycling "flaneur".

An art art teacher I admire always had one in his pocket, too and sketched and notated in it with a little fountain pen.
lindarfis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by lindarfis (member) 10 years ago
I stumbled on them in an art store, I guess about 5 yrs ago. Love at first sight. Bought a bunch of them cause I thought I wouln't find them again. They are just about all I use these days. Always have about five going at the same time.
Just still keep an oatmeal book too. But the Moleskine's is my always with me sketchbooks. Wish they'd do a toned paper version then I wouldn't need anything else.
Look In The Tunk PRO 10 years ago
Oatmeal book?
lindarfis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by lindarfis (member) 10 years ago
franklines 10 years ago
I read an article in the New York Times about the popularity of the sketch books...gave it a try and now I am hooked.
jcdel 10 years ago
I discover my first Moleskine in France in March 19 2006, I was walking on the Champs Elysees and a store called my attention, I got in saw the first ruled pocket notebook and I tought it was too expensive 15 euros, but I really wanted it, the next day I went to Galeries Lafayette and bought 2, 12.50 each one and since that day I can't live without it.
littlescissor PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by littlescissor (member) 10 years ago
a handsome southern boy with a dimple in his chin told me about them, and showed me the pocket in the back.
lotoole3 10 years ago
I re-discovered the Moleskine through my business partner. I had seen them all thru art school and at bookstores and such... but I had always purchased the cheapo generic black hardcover sketchbooks for doodling and notetaking. Besides being cheap, the hard covers are excellent for plastering with stickers.

When we started our agency, I noticed that my bizpartner used the Moleskine. I began to like his better because of the small size, bookmark and pocket. At any rate, our firm became noted for our use of notebooks, so for our past holiday campaign, we thought sending customized Moleskines to our top clients would not only be a practical gift, but one that had relevance to our agency and the way we work. After sending all those nice books out, I was hooked.
the sentimentalist 10 years ago
i was lookng for a new, different journal to supplement the unreliable, cheap, plastic collection of A3's i've had over the years. my journal's and entries are very dear to me, and so are my diaries so i wanted something that would respect that. i had a browse on flickr, and came across it, then once i googled "moleskine" - information overload. i had a browse on a website dedicated to moleskines and discovered it's legacy. then i bought one for £8 july last year and fell in love with it. now that wil be my journal...and i'm nearly on my second!
Laserone ☆ Lauren 10 years ago
lotoole3, what a neat idea to send them out to clients!
Sharon Frost PRO 10 years ago
I've been using some kind of sketchbook/notebook since I was in my teens in the 50s. I first found Moleskines in an art supply store in the Lower East Side of New York. I browse the blank book section no matter where I am -- no matter what country. I love them.
The Cameras Voice 10 years ago
It was Feb of 2003. I've been using some kind of blank book since my days in Architecture School. I was looking for some consistency with a book I could buy over and over again. Those I liked were either discontinued or the store stopped carrying them. I can't remember what website it was but they were talking about the Moleskine. It's very interesting but my Moleskine photos get more views than any other pictures I post.
jtwilkins PRO 10 years ago
Chicago Museum of Modern Art... it was love at first sight. I picked up a set of small pocket notebooks that I used for a few years until I switched to the Hipster PDA. Now I keep several things organized in standard moleskines. I still have not be able to find a Japanese Album in any store other then the Museum. Have to break down and order one from amazon. I still kick my self for not buying it.
dubb24 10 years ago
I saw them on flickr also and looked into it thinking "what's the big deal with these notebooks??". After I searched a little while, I went to Barnes and picked two up, a large ruled journal and a 2007 daily planner. I love them!
Muis Muizenis 10 years ago
Discovery Moleskine: 3-4 yrs ago.
First Buy: this year.

I just love them so much.

Dharma Bum '75 10 years ago
Discovered them 5+ years ago when I was working at Barnes & Noble and waiting for my practice to be built out. I never knew they were "a thing" (obsession) until I came across this group on Flickr.
speedmaster70 10 years ago
Maybe 4+ years ago a fellow fountain pen user recommended them to me.
skro 10 years ago
A friend used her Moleskine as a dairy, she wrote in that little black book in every break and even through the lessons (at school). I just thought it looked cool, but forgot about it. A half year later I saw it again at my favourite bookstore and bought it. First because I wanted to give it to her, but then I decided to keep it. Thats now three years ago and I've totally fallen in love with them. The size, the colour - it's just perfect to write in at university and also to use it as a diary. And of course: it looks cool. I'm quite the only one who uses this books at university (Vienna,Austria), so I feel really special when I use it.
akanvrgvup [deleted] 10 years ago
I was vacationing in San Francisco about 3 years ago, when I first saw them. Lucky for me I decided to buy the cheaper Volants, which are no longer made. I didn't write in it until I got home, and now I have a drawer full of different styles of moleskines, for me and for gift giving.
RED Letter Days 10 years ago

I believe they are available at the Perl art supply store on Chicago Avenue under the brown line tracks. They used to carry pretty much every version of the Mole out there. Poster Plus across from The Art Institute sometimes carry a good selection.

I'm trying to find the city guides in Chicago, have yet to come across any and it would make a good gift for a friend who will be travelling to Italy soon.
jtwilkins PRO 10 years ago
RED Letter Days,
Thanks for the tip but I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and don't get to Chicago about once a year at most. What I meaning to say is they had the Japanese Album at the MMA and I always hate myself for not picking it up then.
Sionaland [deleted] 10 years ago
descubri moleskine por la televisión, un reportaje que pusieron en las noticias y había una persona con esta agenda, investigué sobre ella y ¡listo! ya tenia mi primera moleskine ... no sabia que habia pasion por estas agendas en todo el mundo ... estoy encantada
un saludo desde madrid, españa
lowfatsourcreme 10 years ago
Well, I was leaving my piano teacher's house, and I saw this snazzy little black book on her table. There was a band around it identifying it as a Moleskine. . . I became intrigued, finally got one at Borders, and the rest is history.
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 10 years ago
My friend pulled one out one day at my girlfriend's house. His aunt had bought it for him. I was amazing by the size (a pocket ruled, my favorite), by the accordion pocket, by the elegant design. I carefully wrote down the brand, description, etc. and tucked it into my pocket.

and promptly forgot about it.

A few months later I walked into my college bookstore and saw a display. I bought one on the spot and I've been addicted ever since.
Catalina du Payrat PRO 10 years ago
I discovered my first one in Vancouver, Canada. I used it just for travelling sketches t the beginning....and I still do, but now I have 4 more.....one agenda, an accordion one, a watercolour one and one with compartments
Michita 10 years ago
I went to Monterrey, México in 2005, and i saw the 2005 agenda and I bought it, now I still use it, i have the red moleskine, sketchbook, ruled book and the storyboard notebook, now I can find it in Puebla, México.
Facing Fury Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Facing Fury (member) 9 years ago
I was first intrigued by the idea of a rugged pocket notebook when I bought "On Foot: A Journal for Walkers, Hikers, and Trekkers" at the local Barnes & Noble about six years ago. I loved the whole "pocketablility" of the little notebook, and the interior artwork was great, but I also wanted something that would look equally at home at a metropolitan bistro and not just in the Outback. Last year, one of the chaps in my band pulled out a pocket-sized Miquelrius "leather look" pads, which he used to jot down musical ideas. I promptly relieved him of one of those notebooks, but later I came across the Moleskine Ruled Pocket Notebook at a clearance table at B&N. I ended up picking two up for $2 (USD) each, a real bargain considering the only thing wrong with them was that the wrapping and colored labels had been torn partially off. So I bought the ruled one and a Music Notebook, also pocket sized, and have been hooked ever since. Now I don't ever leave home without at least one. They are the perfect combination of style, portability, and ruggedness. The feeling of the buttery smooth cream pages and the crisp snap of the black oilcloth covers feel perfect in my hands, and I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit that I get a certain pleasure from cracking a new Moleskine open, burying my nose in it, and inhaling deeply for a few minutes. I fell in love with them before I knew about all the hype. I read the insert, of course, but didn't bother to research it online until much later. By then, I was completely neck deep in Moleskine obsession, and was glad there are others who are just as infatuated.

I've always liked the idea of a small notebook which can be carried around everywhere, much like I've seen a lot of musicians and poets walking around with in different places. I once saw a man at an upscale party be asked to participate in an impromptu recitation of prose and poetry. While most tried to recall their choice from memory or improvise it on the spot, I thought it was the coolest thing when he whipped out a little black notebook and read from it. Since then, I love to have little anecdotes and tidbits available for whatever occasion may present itself. And just like the great Oscar Wilde once said, "I never travel without my notebook. One should always have something sensational to read in the train." The Moleskine is perfectly suited to such uses. After that, my obsession with notebooks began, but not until that day I mentioned earlier did I find what I consider to be the "perfect" notebook, journal, and ever-interested open ear.

I now keep about four running notebooks, my primary one for on the go (the ruled pocket), a music notebook, a pocket squared (as a backup, my ruled is getting close to full), and a Large Ruled for my "daily pages." I even bought a messenger bag specifically designed to carry my writing materials and various other gadgets, which is smaller than a normal bag. (Check them out, they're actually very cool. I bought the Old Navy canvas messenger bag, but I really am looking forward to getting the Triple 5 Soul Revolution Tiny Messenger, which would be cooler for smaller items like Moleskines, iPods, PDAs, cell phone, etc.)

Getting bags to fit my Moleskines? Yeah, I'm that obsessed.
seleneris 9 years ago
They caught my eye as I passed a display in my local mega-chain bookstore. Some time later, when I needed a small notebook, I bought a pocket sized ruled one. I can write with a fountain pen, for the ink does not soak through the paper. Last weekend I bought a three pack of the small, thin ones to use at work. They fit in pockets. I have to take notes. I have yet to tear out a page to hand off a note, though.

I have used the first one to document the planning for and progress through a particularly arduous accounting analysis for a consulting assignment. Has anyone ever before thought accounting could be literary?
Laserone ☆ Lauren Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Laserone ☆ Lauren (member) 9 years ago
che moleman, I'm totally bag obsessed. :) I tend to buy bags that'll fit my teeny laptop + other stuff. My favorites are messenger bags or small travellers like this. I keep buying more bags, I love finding stuff that'll fit the tiny laptop plus wallet, ipod, camera, etc. My latest find is a 1960's bag [edited to remove link; i saw it via moleskinerie, I can give u a link via message if you want] ... the store got a cache of unused 1960's Czech army bags. I got one and loved it so much I got a second as a spare. Don't even get me started talking about bags or I'll never stop! :)

BTW, I was excited today to realize I've almost filled up my first moleskine! I have a ton of journals of different styles full of diary stuff, but this is the first sketchbook I ever had, and it's fun. I write in it, too, but not private stuff. It's amazing how finding the moleskine has really opened up my creativity.
Roshnii 9 years ago
I first came acroos the m'skine in Alida Saxon's Photostream. Little did I know that there was a world of moleskine obsessed flickrites out there!
joerico [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by joerico (member) 9 years ago
I had to meet a business partner at Barnes and Noble. I was coming from my day job and didn't realize I had forgotten my Franklin Planner at work. When I got there I was looking around and saw a Moleskine Large Ruled. I've been hooked since.
pondlife's fotos 9 years ago
I saw photos of writers and photographers, using them when they were still being made in Tours, and a then a few visits to museums such as the Musée Picasso in Paris, had displays of originals complete with doodles and rough outlines of designs, and thereafter I was hooked. I now have several... and my family have been receiving them from me as pressies, so another generation gets to use 'em
Blanca:) 9 years ago
My first M was purchased at Barne & Noble I bought it because it was on sale... months later I realized that The little thing was famous everywhere. I in love with my...
劉穎捷 9 years ago
1st time: somebody FW the offical website of Moleskine to me
2nd time: I saw so many Moleskine in some bookstores in my city

after that...I didn't buy any Moleskine for a long time, because the SHAPE is TOO NARROW for me...although I saw so many nice artworks on filcker(<--let me want to try Moleskine)

finally... last week I bought my first Moleskine....
heavdog PRO 9 years ago
I too am obsessed...I'd seen them here and there for a bit, bought my first set of pocket cahiers and a Japanese album (at Barnes and Noble) before a bike tour in '05. I used one of the cahiers on my tour...then sort of forgot about them for awhile.
I was looking at ways to create a planner/organizer for myself, cruising sites like DIYPlanner and 43Folders, when I started seeing the name "Moleskine" over and over again...realized I still had a couple of the cahiers and that folding album...hit Barnes and Noble again, and the rest is history! Now I own too many sizes and styles to count, from sketch to grid, from pocket to xl (i use the super-size cahiers for my morning pages - nicer to write in than a cheap spiral), and I'm wondering if I need to find some sort of support group or 12 step program...
rathofbuns 9 years ago
At Powell's in Portland, Oregon. I picked one up a short time later in Utah.
simoneladybug 9 years ago
My boyfriend gave me one more than 5 yrs ago (can't exactly remember when) I collect journals and that was an obvious choice for a gift. I've been hooked since then :-)
robot_infame 9 years ago
Bueno... yo solo hablo, escribo y respiro en español.
podría escribir en inglés, pero todo seria una farsa. Soy un 0 para el inglés.

a pesar de ello, me gustó este grupo por las fotos y algunos textos que hay (si leo en inglés para ello, no tengo tanto problema).
la tematica es interesante y libre...

y aummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

eso es lo que me más me gusta la libertad
y sobre todo de expresión.

(lo descubrí buscando....buscando..)
saintlukas 9 years ago
i was in Alpharetta, GA at a songwriting conference with Matt Redman. I think it was Jan 2004. They gave us Volants in our welcome/schwagbag. Man I miss Volants.
corvinod 9 years ago
43 folders
tchatchke PRO 9 years ago
A dear friend in Austin, TX gave one to me before one of my visits to Paris, France.
Asier3d 9 years ago
I agree with Minkoff

"I discovered them five years ago in a bookstore by chance. I had no idea of the Moleskine "legend" i just liked it, the size, the leather cover, the paper, the pocket and the elastic band, everything!"
Christopher Holden Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Christopher Holden (member) 9 years ago
I'm just like laserone. I love the "What's In Your Bag" pool. After seeing them there all through last year and seeing them in the NanoWriMo flickr group, I finally read up on them and got my first three-pack of cahiers on the 18th of March 2007 and my first 240 page plain journal the next day.

I use them for my photography notes, song lyrics and cool thoughts I think of or quotes I hear. I love 'em.
Sophie_vf PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sophie_vf (member) 9 years ago
I've come over to the dark side :). I've resisted moleskine for years - well, maybe just a few years - I think it was actually SharonNYC who explained to me what they were.

I've had notebooks/diaries/journals all my life since my early teens, often concurrently for different purposes, and have tried a great variety of them. I resisted Moleskines because of the legend, actually, less than the prices because I've spent comparable amounts on other journals. Who really wants to be in the same boat as Hemingway? Not me ;)

I succumbed to the lure when they showed up at my local Chapters. Now I find my little pocket journal indispensible - the size and feel and binding are perfect, and because it's easy to stuff in my bag, always available.

My only issue with them is the paper bleed through, especially with fountain pen ink. If they had the same weight/feel of paper as Clairefontaine, they'd be *completely* perfect.
deadmuse 9 years ago
I was using Border's brand journals for my writing projects. They were cloth-bound 9"x12" and I decided I would buy a long-term supply, but discovered the quality had dropped. So I was decided to look for a new journal which I could get in large quantities that would offer quality and consistency.

I saw the Moleskine display at Barnes and Nobles. At first I thought even the large jounral was too small, but I liked the design, so I bought it thinking it would just be a novelty among my real journals.

Once I opened it and started using it, I was amazed by the perfection of design. I started writing more than ever before because I loved the book itself. Before long, my novelty Moleskine had completely taken over and all my other journals were packed into the closet. I transferred all my writing into the Moleskines.

In fact, I was so in love with the Moleskine that I felt like a fanatic. I searched online for more information and I found I was not the lone member of this cult. I discovered Moleskinerie.com and eventually even Flickr.com through my interest in the Moleskine.
E_Journeys 9 years ago
I forget where and when I learned of the legend, but I "rediscovered" Moleskine here on Flickr and finally ordered my first ones through Utrecht Art Supplies.
diiaann 9 years ago
i'm always on the lookout for cool accesories..especially journals...and i saw these at borders and then i read the legend about them..and i felt so inspired..its now my go to gift for anyone
thetonyclifton 9 years ago
I dont actually remember, I started buying them years and years ago, just happened upon them in a bookstore had no idea what they were or any story or trend behind them, think it was probably before the latter as it was sometime in the mid to late 90s

I only really started using them producively a few years after that, previously just bought them because I like books and stationary rather than for an actual purpose....weird. So for the first years I bought them and didnt use them or part used them and then bought another. Now they are part of a stable diet :)
lise.charmel PRO 9 years ago
my first moleskine dates back to 1999. I was going on holyday alone and I thought I would need a journal to carry with me (at that time I kept my diary on a floppy disk), so I went to a bookstore, found a moleskine and fell in love with the story. Now I do not use anything else. And I am thinking of getting the 2008 diary (the 18 months planner)
Refracted Moments™ 9 years ago
I found them because of Caterina, co-founder of this here Flickr.com service. She has had a blog since the beginning of the Internet (it seems, but the really old entries were apparently lost to an upgrade). One of her ancient entries mentioned using of a moleskine notebook, and I was intrigued by the idea of Chatwin's journal/notebook. I sought them out whenever I went to a paper store or bookstore, and finally found one at a small bookstore.

I've since lost interest in the elastic band version (doesn't accommodate a pencil very well), and use the soft cover large ones and tiny ones.
briandoll PRO 9 years ago
My great grandfather always showed me photos and notes he took on his travels across the country between 1922 and 1924. It wasn't until college that I realized you could still buy those cool notebooks! They were Moleskine, and now I'm hooked too.
Betsy Dy-Liacco [deleted] 9 years ago
I first discovered the moleskine when i was reading a discussion in a Philippine Mac forums. They were talking about the moleskine and got curious. One of the members was an authorized dealer in the Philippines, so i ordered from him. And voila - 2 years already and still hooked on it.
jjtelecaster 9 years ago
I heard about the name moleskine in a fountain pen group 5 or 6 years ago. I saw them 2 years ago and bought my first one.

lordofcondo 9 years ago
I love notebooks and am always on the lookout for new ones, especially more durable ones that don't get creased or bent out of shape. I found the Moleskine assortment by accident two years ago when browsing aimlessly through bookstore here in Gothenburg.

I immediately fell in love with the music notebook, which is the first one of its kind, at least so far as I know. Previously, I had been forced to make do with loose leaves, which obviously doesn't cut it.

I love my ruled Moleskines and I even spilled a glass of water on one once without any ill effect (simply let it dry whilst putting a couple of heavy books on top of it). The quality is well worth the extra money.
Juan Kerr Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Juan Kerr (member) 9 years ago
D'you know, I don't actually know the answer to this. I remember many years ago, shopping in Manchester (UK) at a place call Paperchase, and being like a kid in a sweet shop with all these different notebooks. Paperchase had stopped stocking the molie at this point, so it wasn't there that I bought mine, but I ended up with one from somewhere and haven't stopped buying since.
macdude1 9 years ago
I discovered them back in late 2005 when I heard them discussed and raved about on a podcast This Week in Tech. Since then, I have filled a few and have started journals to each of my 3 children.

I discovered this community just recently.
westing 9 years ago
My first time visiting New York. In 2002, I was still in high school. I found it in a stationary store that my mom desperately wanted to stop in. We both found a Moleskine. I didn't know anything about them at that point. I just thought it really nicely made, and I enjoyed it's weight in my hand.
Kenji JJ1BDX / N6BDX [deleted] 9 years ago
One of my friends suggested me to try Moleskine this year in 2007. I got and found some at (so-called-authorized) bookstores in Osaka. The size of 9x14cm looked great and it works very well for my journaling.
MM_Andamon PRO 9 years ago
I've always loved notebooks and I bought my first Moleskine from the bookshop at the Art Gallery of South Australia when I first arrived in Adelaide in 2001. I didn't realise I was on to something big. I just wanted a journal for my research. Since then, I've also been using the planner and cahier.
rpscott123 9 years ago
For me, I bought my first Moleskine about three years ago. I have always love collecting pens and notebooks. When I first saw a Moleskine, I had to immediately buy one. Now I have nine different ones that I use. I cannot seem to get enough of them.
parksb 9 years ago
2 years ago, a friend fumbled 3 of them trying to find a phone number. They were full of sketches and words and beauty. I was hooked for life.
papersandtschai 9 years ago
i was obsessed with journals for the past...____years (!) making them, to say the least. so i started "researching" for leather journals on the net, or journals in general. Moleskine, being so popular, found its way to the search engines... got me curious. for years i wanted one, but its NOT available here in the Cebu, Philippines (yet)... so i thought wats the hype about??? i couldnt get myself to buy a $15 journal... lucky for me, i got one as a gift from my highschool classmate.. and guess what? I JUST GOT IT TODAY! less than 12 hours ago.... i love the paper (although i havent written on them...) ill post pics or scans when i get enough courage to write on them...
I found our about it through the LJ group Organizers, which lead me to Moleskinerie. From there it was only a matter of time before I had to go buy my own (two days ago and I love it!)

N Bates 9 years ago
I was introduced to them by a guy named Stuart. His photos are here.
asr-cascadian PRO 9 years ago
I came to them late, I guess, noticing a display of Moleskines at a business bookstore in London when I was there on vacation last year. I figured they were a European thing, and was surprised when I got home and looked them up online to discover they were available here in the US as well.

I bought a small lined notebook and, although I'd been a devoted Franklin user up to that point, switched to the Moleskine and never looked back.
christyio 9 years ago
Do you all frequently share the 'love' with families?
Sophie_vf PRO 9 years ago
I was recently at my parent's home for a visit, and for the first time it dawned on me that my notebook obsession came from them. Both keep copious notes, sketches, addresses, recipes, tech info etc, and in their vast piles of notebooks there is nary a moleskine. My mom would not care for them - she loves spiral bound flowery things. I think my Dad would like one though - I should send him one of mine.
owlandtheoctopus 9 years ago
I have always carried some sort of backpack with me that had sketchbooks, notebooks, and scraps of paper in it. I hated carrying around too much because it becomes cumbersome and I end up not writing or drawing. Hardbound sketchbooks are heavy and not as durable as one may think. A professor of mine in college suggested a Moleskine and I've been hooked ever since.
disastodrome 9 years ago
I actually got my moleskine by force. I was in my Arch. studio class when my professor told us that we had to by this type of book for sketches, thoughts, and notes with this notebook. Since being and Arch. Eng. Major (more engineer that arch.), I thought this was overpriced, pretentious, bs. After using one for a semester, I am now an addict to these notebooks for my drawings. I now have notebooks now, one large filled studio, one large ready for the next semester (in one week), one large for my personal drawings, a large for when I fill up my personal one, and a pocket one for anything I want to use it for.
lomokiwi 9 years ago

I first discovered Moleskine through the lomographic website wich was used to sell some. But the real first time was by chance. I needed a notebook and went to buy one and it happened to be a Sketchbook, didn't know the diversity. So my sketchbook became a notebook for my thesis arount October 2007. Then I went on but better: Citynotebook for Madrid that I'm looking forward to using soon, a plain notebook which is my best friend for now one month and finally, a Red Weekly Planner my mother gave me for Christmas... Then, it seems that October was the beginning of a new time of my life :-)
Bru Porto 9 years ago
I discovered moleskine through GTD sites. I saw one, relating how a moleskine notebook was converted into a planner. Then I bought a moleskine planner myself. :)
AnneliesW Posted 9 years ago. Edited by AnneliesW (member) 9 years ago
I discovered it here in this group a few days ago..I was admiring all the beautiful pictures!!! They're very inspiring!
I must still buy my first Moleskine! ;-)
gryjl1 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by gryjl1 (member) 9 years ago
I first found them while looking for something to use as a personal journal. I had been using a daily planner filled with blank paper but it just wasn’t what I was wanting. Checked on line and seen Moleskines. Bought the first one and have been hooked ever since. Though I have bought other journals I always have a Moleskines close by. Here’s some pic’s of some of my collection and also added one of my other obsessions, pens! I also have two leather wallet/folders that I have the soft cover mole’s in them. That way I almost always have one with me. Seems that I can’t go to a book store without going straight to the journal section and looking, drooling, dreaming of more. I have even picked out the one that I think I liked and just walk around the store looking before I put it back till another day when I finally come back and rescue the book from the uncaring, unconcerned, unsympathetic people who run these places. I mean really, keeping these poor neglected little books from good loving homes. Really!!
I think I need HELP!!!! Oh well, could be worse.
So that’s how I found them.



kidsbooks 9 years ago
Right here, with all of you. Flickr made my love grow. Like so many of you I love the way it's made and how it feels when I'm sketching in it. I recently bought a bunch from a web clearance sale. Now i've got too many. Or maybe no one can ever have too many, eh?
I'm not sure.
I think my Moleskine therapist may have the answer.
What was the question?
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