grannykass 5:14am, 31 October 2006
I purchased a red covered 2007 planner for myself when they came out and have decided not to use it, but to stay with my tried and true At-A-Glance.

The best answer to: What specific events this (2007) year you need the book to plan for and why you want a freebie?

The best answer will get the Planner. A second best answer will get a single Volant notebook.

Submissions Closed on: 11/10/2006.

Mailing will take place in time to start using it 1/1/2007 (except for out of USA. No guarantee on arrival time.) As long as the winner provides mailing info in a timely manner.


Be creative, but tell the truth!
the long silence 10 years ago
i'm going to london for a week in may. i'm definitely going to get a city book, but what about the days leading up to it? ;)
d3m14n 10 years ago
i'm curently the photo editor for the UMass daily collegian.

my cousin jeff is graduating this spring from USC dental and i from UMass undergrad. he'll be getting married in Dallas in October and I am planning on covering the wedding once I fly down there from Boston. it'll be my first gig post graduation so I am very much looking forward to it.

i missed my first opportunity to photograph my cousin nina's wedding this oct so i'm trying to make sure that i plan everything out for my trip this coming oct.

nina's wedding:
my cousin jeff and his fiance caroline:
evilstrawberry [deleted] 10 years ago
i am moving to belgium with my husband where we will start a new life together and for the first time i will be applying to jobs related to my education: paingint/illustration&art history. i have been kinda scared to come out of my shell since my graduation :P and the conditions of the place we were living in was making it double hard on artists to survive. i worked several jobs here completely unrelated to arts just to pay our bills but i hope that will change now.we will see i suppose. :)
Sally Bear Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sally Bear (member) 10 years ago
specific events in 2007 I NEEED this planner for:

Degree course related:-
* Berlin trip for inspiration
* Paris trip to meet publishers
* London trip to meet AOI speakers
* Notes for my dissertation

Family related
* Daughters first concert in Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
* Birthday parties for 7 members of family at different times
* Summer working with my dad and my daughter in Greece

This is just a snippet of how busy 2007 is going to be for me, now I could just keep referring back to this message to keep myself in order, but a red planner will make things sooooooo much easier for me.

Not forgetting the real reason I want it is just because I DO!!

(ps...Im sure the red cover will have me using red colours to tint all the little doodles inside, and will keep me feeling warm and red all year round)
Swiv 10 years ago
Planners are vital because:
I need to schedule research, teaching, sports clubs and friends into a too-short week. Plus I need to plan my California and France and Belgium roadtrips!
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
[get out the violins, start playing VERY sentimental music]

I'm a social worker in a burn center in a children's hospital. In fact, we are the only burn center in our entire state, so I get to provide comfort and support to both adults and children. I help hundreds of people each and every year who have been maimed and emotionally ravaged by fires, auto explosions, kitchen accidents, etc. My work involves a great deal of reaching out to people to help them deal with grief, pain, suffering, disfigurement, and even in helping families cope with death of loved ones. I have the absolute best job in the world, I can think of nothing else I'd rather do.

However, keeping track of who I see, when I see them, along with the myriad of deadlines, special projects, and conferences (like the World Burn Conference, 2007) is daunting at best. I think perhaps having a small, stylish, and well built planner can only help me to provide services to those I see as being so very needy.

Won't you help me help them?

[[insert big puppy dog eyes here]]

[end sappy sentimental music]

Oh yeah, and it's just COOL to have a Moleskine planner! HA!

How's that?

Sally Bear 10 years ago
Jon, I am actually getting my fiddle out right now and playing a little tune for you, serisouly!! It's no lie!! I will take a photo to prove it ;-) hehe
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
Hey, that may help my cause! Tell ya what, if I win, I'll share, eh?

Sally Bear 10 years ago
magic!! Ill take January to June, you can have the rest of the year, but if you win the volant, we can cut it in half across the front and have 2 mini volants :-)
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
SCHWEET! I'm there, Sista Fiddle Girl! And you know, I also play the guitar (a little) and the Appalacian dulcimer (somewhat more), so even if we don't win, we can still sit down and have an international moleskine hoot'nanny! - Pj
grannykass Posted 10 years ago. Edited by grannykass (member) 10 years ago
I went through a 1/2 package of traveling tissues and was about ready to ask where I should send my donations to - I want a picture of you in your ward full of children! You get my vote if it be truth! Flickr proof.

Besides, there are still many more days to go and someone else could have a better reason than yours you old trickster. It is Hallowwen isn't it!
k_tl PRO 10 years ago
i'd like to plan for just one event in 2007 - winning this planner so that i can make a gift of it to someone who needs it more. the volant would however, be less constrictive and therefore more practical for creative expression.

either way it doesn't matter. winning is not all there is to life, taking part in it is!

thanks for your generosity.
Virtual Eric 10 years ago
Wow! All the things that are coming up in 2007? Too many to list (which is kinda why I'll be needing a new planner, right?)I'm sure that there are more needy planner people than myself, but since you asked...

Between working in the ad world, starting to write my new cookbook for beginners, taking two night courses for my chef training (with all the attendant assignments, quizzes, exams and required reading), recording my partner's schedule for the month as he works for an airline and I never really know where or when he will be home unless I plan it all out...

If all that weren't enough - we're planning on buying our first home together AND we're getting married in September (and have about 3 other weddings to attend). Phew! I needs me a planner whether or not I win this one!

Anyway, good luck to everyone in their endeavours for 2007!!! And thanks so much GrannyKass for making this happen!
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
@grannykass: Well, I'd be glad to give FlickrProof, but for two problems. First off, we have both children and adults, since we're the only burn unit in the state of Arkansas. The other thing is HIPAA regulations which don't allow us to release information or photos of patients without written consent; I doubt I'd be able to pull that off.


Here's a weirded up shot of me in my "Burn Center" shirt

Here's a shot of our helicopter taking off, also with the logo (blow it up big to see it better)

I can send you the website link for the Burn Center off forum, to stay in compliance with the link policy.

I guess the only other thing I could do is send you a scan of my ID? :-)

@SallyBear: I'm tryin hard as I can, girl! :-)

James Cole (UK) 10 years ago
I'm spending the first half of the year saving and planning because I'm making a major lifestyle change.

My girlfriend and I are getting married in August. After that we're going travelling for, well, however long the money lasts, but hopefully four months. I'll be starting in India and traveling all over south east asia.

After that we're pitching we'll be working in Australia for a year and then onto somewhere else, anywhere that's not England.

I'm saving every pound and will have to buy something like this anyway. Saving the cost of a decent planner would mean living the dream just a little bit longer.
OpheliaChong PRO 10 years ago
The Visual Journey:
would do the same to the 2007 Daily Journal as I am doing to my 2006 Daily Planner. I forgot I had one last month and decided to create art in it instead of writing or planning. As it turns out it has become a Visual Journal of my days. Instead of words, I leave Art as my daily entry. :O)
PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
@OpheliaChong: Wow, that's a really COOL idea! You do that every day? Neat! - Pj
thallingram PRO 10 years ago
Oh, let's see:
1) I am a full time grad student with lots of homework to keep track off, plus remember graduation deadlines.
2)I sub teach 3 days a week and need to track where, when and for who, plus hours.
3) I also work part time at my university for the graphic designers and must track projects so well that they hire me post grad.
4) I have two kids to keep track of. And two stepdaughters to track as well.
5) I volunteer coach and have to rememeber all the previous things so I can schedule practice.
6) Some me time-haircuts.
7) my husband and family members need me to.
8) I need to schedule a breakdown at the end of next year to commemorate living through all this.

I wish I could say that was all a joke, but I am apparently nuts and need to be spot on with time management!
the wandering I Posted 10 years ago. Edited by the wandering I (member) 10 years ago
Here it goes:

After years of Alcoholic drinking and just dragging through life with no purpose I finally sobered up over a year ago and began to actually build a new life and become a responsible adult. Since getting sober my life has become huge, and things are happening that go beyond my wildest dreams, and I need something to keep track of my schedule. I got back into teaching SCUBA diving, and finally took the step this year to start my own business; and it is growing. Also, I've asked my girlfriend of ten years, who is now sober as well, and stuck by me all these years, to marry me in 2007, and we're talking about having a family! I'm doing the Dive training, will be starting an outdoor guiding business, as well as working behind the scenes in the film and photography industry! These things are happening day by day, and I am happy with my decisions, but keeping trck of everything is a bit daunting, and I think the planner would help. Alright, thats the story.
OpheliaChong PRO 10 years ago
dearest PiperJon,
yes i do. sometimes more than once a day. :O) in between moments of frantic work and hot cups of tea, i work on my moleskine.
grannykass Posted 10 years ago. Edited by grannykass (member) 10 years ago
I'm really enjoying the reasons why YOU need to receive my planner. Keep them coming.

If you don't hear from me, don't worry. I'm participating in

I'll be back to check on you.
chicgeekuk 10 years ago
2007 holds much in store for me!

I'm (hopefully) moving thousands of miles from Southern Ontario to England for grad school. I am applying to a few schools to study early music performance, so there are applications, essays, and (most importantly) auditions to keep track of!

Exciting. :D (And scary.)
Tragic Corvid 10 years ago
1- every day in 2007 will matter, each one new, and each specific
2- things happen every day... i take notes
3- meet new people every week and record their contact info.
4- working out every day ... i record progress
5- what is entered i don't need to commit to memory
6- negotiating and bartering are interesting, cash less so
7- cash-less or free is good, i volunteer weekly four different ways
Allmightymo 10 years ago
Reasons that I will need a Planner in 2007:
1) I have joined a mixed martial arts team that practices four nights a week. I need to stay on top of what nights we meet where (it's sorta fight-clubish in that we don't have a gym...we meet in garages)
2) My husband and I share a car, so scheduling is a little tricky. Generally I get up with him at 4 am and don't get home until after 8 pm.
3) I work full time.
4) I want to go back to school to get my second degree, next year would be the time to do it
5) Aforementioned husband is in the Navy, and next year he will be going on his second deployment in as many years. In my experience the only way to get through the time apart is to keep my days as busy as humanly possible to keep from thinking about the fact that I haven't seen the love of my life in X number of months, and that my family and best friends live 3,000 miles away.
6) On the off chance that he doesn't deploy, it's because we are being re-stationed in Japan.
7) I can not remember birthdays to save my life.
grannykass 10 years ago
Just a note to remind everyone that this giveaway contest ends on Friday. If you haven't entered, please do so.

Winner will be announced Saturday. The winner will be requested to send mailing information via Flickr Mail.

Good Luck.
Juan Kerr 10 years ago
I've recently taken up wild camping, ie not campsites. I plan to document my adventures and this planner would be ideal for my new year expeditions.
grannykass Posted 10 years ago. Edited by grannykass (member) 10 years ago
Winners Day!
Some of these responses have made me want to run out and buy you all a planner. Given that isn't feasible, I have chosen

ALLMIGHTYMO to receive the planner. (I have a weak spot for our military.)

SASSYPANTS to receive the volant.

To The Wandering I - I offer and honorable mention. Congratulations on your year of sobriety. It is a tough road to travel and it seems as if you are making great strides.

Piper Jon - keep up the good works with your burn patients. It is a tough job and I admire you for doing it.

Thanks for all the great stories you all posted. Nice to know what the coming year will hold for you.

Congratulations to the winners. Don't forget to PM me your address and I'll get these in the mail to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
and NaNo moves forward. I'm behind my word count at 9237. Should be over 15000.
thallingram PRO 10 years ago

Thanks so much! I will most certainly use the volant as well. Your generosity is appreciated!

Juan Kerr 10 years ago
Well done, winners!
Allmightymo 10 years ago
Thank you so much!! I've never won anything!
grannykass 10 years ago
The packages have been mailed via USPS first class mail to the two winning 'contestants.' You should receive them within a few days or so.

Thanks to all for the fun you gave me in this thread. I enjoyed everyone's posts and the PM's that came in.

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