chadbrooks 11:34pm, 26 October 2006
one of the detectives at the jail when sawyer made payment arrangements was using a pocket sized reporter
segreen 9 years ago
Yes, I noticed that and was excited.
bluman 9 years ago
I received "multiple reports" on this last night, just moments after it was shown. Makes me wonder if Mole Spotting has officially become a hobby. Fun!

As always, your sighting reports, preferably with a screengrab are always welcome at Moleskinerie. .

Thank you.
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 9 years ago
:D I saw that, and I was all: "EEEEE!"
Laserone ☆ Lauren 9 years ago
Ah, I wondered if it was just me. :)
Swiv 9 years ago
There was also a Moleskine on the BBC3's Spooks last week (next week on BBC1), which made me bounce.
speedmaster70 9 years ago
I'd missed that, great catch!
groc PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by groc (member) 9 years ago
In the UK In an tv commercial for -I think it's Virgin trains - the one with wild west style Indians - someone sat on the train is writing in a large moleskine
K. A. Lewis 9 years ago
Tonight on Numb3rs the victim that died in the beginning was using a mole for his notes.
pye46 9 years ago
Yes, I saw it, hopped up, pointed at the screen and said "pocket reporter". Hubby thinks I have a problem.
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