chadbrooks 11:34pm, 26 October 2006
one of the detectives at the jail when sawyer made payment arrangements was using a pocket sized reporter
segreen 11 years ago
Yes, I noticed that and was excited.
bluman 11 years ago
I received "multiple reports" on this last night, just moments after it was shown. Makes me wonder if Mole Spotting has officially become a hobby. Fun!

As always, your sighting reports, preferably with a screengrab are always welcome at Moleskinerie. .

Thank you.
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 11 years ago
:D I saw that, and I was all: "EEEEE!"
Laserone ☆ Lauren 11 years ago
Ah, I wondered if it was just me. :)
Swiv 11 years ago
There was also a Moleskine on the BBC3's Spooks last week (next week on BBC1), which made me bounce.
speedmaster70 11 years ago
I'd missed that, great catch!
groc PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by groc (member) 11 years ago
In the UK In an tv commercial for -I think it's Virgin trains - the one with wild west style Indians - someone sat on the train is writing in a large moleskine
K. A. Lewis 11 years ago
Tonight on Numb3rs the victim that died in the beginning was using a mole for his notes.
pye46 11 years ago
Yes, I saw it, hopped up, pointed at the screen and said "pocket reporter". Hubby thinks I have a problem.
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