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bluman 8:54am, 6 April 2006
Ok, let's organize our intros. All newbies are requested to please introduce themselves on this thread. Stray entries will be moved here. Thanks!
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bluman 9 years ago
Welcome to M everyone!
OpheliaChong PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by OpheliaChong (member) 9 years ago
my name is ophelia, my father loves shakespeare. and i love exacto knives, glue sticks and magazines with heavy stock. i have been working on my sketchbooks since 1988. i should own stock in glue sticks...:O))
i grew up in toronto canada, and now i live in los angeles (in los feliz)
somerfaction 9 years ago
Greetings all....I am new to flickr and new to this group. I discovered the mighty moleskin a few years ago and there's no going back. Pen and gouache are favorites to slap between the pages. I don't have a lot of pictures to share yet but I look forwrd to perusing the photos of what you have all done.
chicgeekuk 9 years ago
Didn't see this thread...

I'm a soprano and webdesigner living near Toronto, Ontario. Just got a few moleskines going on right now. Working full time while saving up for graduate studies in early music across the pond.
vasta 9 years ago
Moleskine junkie for years, Flickr junkie for years, and only now am I realizing I can merge my two passions. Thanks for the heads up to the group.

Oh, and I'm Vasta, I live in Toronto, Ontario, and I'm a freelance writer and a web user experience consultant. I also sleep a lot, and sing in public without realizing it.
chicgeekuk 9 years ago
So close I could probably poke you with a stick.

Well, a very long stick. I split my time between Toronto and London.
vasta 9 years ago
Well, not sure the stick would reach right now, I'm in San Francisco for business for the week.

That being said, you're a soprano, eh? I'm a second tenor myself, but my singing days are long over...
somebear PRO 9 years ago
I was searching to quick sketch questions and stumbled onto the Quick Sketch Tutorials thread. Since I've had a fetisch for nice notebooks, and moleskins in particular, for a while I thought it'd make sense to join this group.

My name is Jonas and I live in Denmark. I work as a programmer to scrounge up money for climbing trips around the world. When I am not working or climbing I run, draw, read, sleep, cook, and eat.
hrundski PRO 9 years ago
Just bought my first moleskine few weeks ago and absolutely love it. What was I thinking buying other stuff before ?????.
I´m from Iceland but live in London UK at the moment. I´m a graphic designer and have too many hobbies :)
creohn_de [deleted] 9 years ago
Guten Morgen,

I just uploaded the first page of my current Moleskine.

My name is - as you can see - DANA & I live in BERLiN, Germany. I'm a graphic designer & I love to sketch, draw, taking photographs & drink coffee.

I discovered this group while reading a post of fontblog.de.
lesliesrussell 9 years ago
Guten morgen. Freut mich. Ich Studiere Deutsch an der Uni. Ich sprache nicht gut, aber ich Liebe Deutsch.
jez_zimbo [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm a travel editor based in UK and I use a Moleskine notebook. I like the large one - doesn't cramp your sentences, the line spacing suits my handwriting, the paper feels nice and I haven't had a Moleskine fall apart on me yet.
Austruck 9 years ago
I bought my first two Moleskines about a month ago -- lined ones (I'm a writer). My daughter's a sketch artist (teenager), so I think she'll be seeing a few of the sketchbooks for Christmas this year.

I'm in western Pennsylvania, a writer and proofreader. Lover of comedy, Weird Al, "Lost" and "Deadwood," crocheting, portable writing gadgets, and making people laugh.
the wandering I 9 years ago
Been in love with Moleskine for a few years now...just discovered Flickr...I'm a Scuba Instructor, and love what I do...almost as much as I love my Moleskines and fountain pens!
rayraydel Posted 9 years ago. Edited by rayraydel (member) 9 years ago
Hello all. I'm new to Flickr and relatively new to Moleskine (I'm on my second.) My first was the first journal I kept for a whole year. I run hot & cold with my "photography" and my journal keeping. I seem to be in a warm spell with both right now. Looks like a great group here.
PMgD 9 years ago
I just bought my first Moleskine. One in a row of many to come, I'm sure of that. I've had many sketchbooks before but I forgot about them after a couple of pages or just lost the appetite to sketch. Now with my Moleskine, it's somehow different. Is asks me gently to sketch in it and if I ignore it it yells at me... SKETCH ME!
Many good ideas (or at least I think so) found their basics in my Moleskine... Great to find a group on this beloved Flickr site that shares that love for a simple piece of paper (of the highes quality ofcourse)
dirv_ani [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dirv_ani (member) 9 years ago
Hey Dudes- I'm Jonas, 19, from Würzburg in Germany (that's in Bavaria; Oktoberfest you know^^=). I'm still in school and supposed to do my A-Levels this year. When I've finished school i'd like to go to a academy of fine arts and study grafics-design! Last Week I bought my first Moleskine. As PMgD I had some other Sketchbooks, but now: I'm lovin' my little black one and i'll fill it with more and more collages. Thank God for giving us Paper! =)
陆逸 9 years ago
i'm peter 21 from kansas usa. currently studying in hong kong. trying to rekindle some creativity , so i bought a moleskine and joined this group to force me to venture into creative land, but i feel kinda pretentious
brinesalt [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm brine.
I usually live in PDX, but right now I live in NYC.
I like music and treble. and drawing. I like evolutionary biology an awful lot. too.

nice to be here.
Ms. Moll 9 years ago
Hi I'm Merrony's Moll
I love Moleskine but find it really difficult to *start* a new one - the pages are so lovely an clean!

Anyway, I'm off to Paris at Christmas (I like in Sheffield in the UK) and so have just got myself a Paris City Notebook and a couple of Ruled Notebooks for the trip.
the sentimentalist 9 years ago
clare b here, 19. i've had my first moleskine since july '06. i generally chronicle my day to day musings. i've had other journals in the past, ever since i was...hmm...10?
i enjoy writing, as you might've guessed and am currently doing a degree in english lit & creative writing in london.
i carry my moleskine everywhere. full stop. ;)
talk to me anytime. i am always free.
alicewinsin11moves 9 years ago
i'm alice. young and art history obsessed, floating about the general DC area. just a crafter (and, um, art-er) selling my wares hither and thither, beating my head against a wall, more of the usual.

a long time book obsessive, both blank and printed. a very recent moleskiner. whatever you see posted here will probably end up having tea spilled on it, ripped a bit, or damaged in some other way from being dragged about.
sketch3030 9 years ago
mooshi mooshi my name is ronald. i'm twinky five and i just started using a moleskin mini sketchbook to doodle in and take quick notes. i bought a large sketchbook looking forward to filling it up as soon as possible.

more about me...music obsessive, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer full time slacker. nice ta meet'cha's.

on another note... my other sketchbooks are too bulky with thin pages hopefully this Mo-ley can keep up wif me.
cherry.echo 9 years ago
i am lyndsie.
i have already filled up two moleskin minis as my diary/journal/sketchbook and i cant wait to buy another one.

probably a bigger one since now i carry around a backpack and it doesnt matter that it is small.
(which is still so handy)
twistrman 9 years ago
hi i'm josh

i'm a graphic design senior at WMU. interested in all forms of graphic design, typography, all kinds of music, and i love snow. hopefully soon it will start snowing here and stick around. makes it feel more like x-mas.

i'm an avid sketcher and always have ideas to write down but i never have a notebook handy because they're usually too cumbersome to carry around. being a guy, all i have usually is like a back pocket to carry something, no purses or bags to carry stuff. i think the moleskine may be the perfect size to carry so that i can start getting more ideas down on paper.

hopefully i can get my icon changed once i have time to fix photoshop on my ibook.
pye46 9 years ago
I'm Tina. I am a writer living in Newfoundland and Labrador on the east coast of Canada. I have lusted after a moleskine for a long time and bought one for the first time today. You know all those discussions about how intimidating the blank moleskine can be. I haven't even taken mine out of the bag yet. It is sitting there and I am waiting for the "right" time to take it out and open it. How silly is that?
behindthelens 9 years ago
Hi there! I'm Crystal and adore both my moleskine journals. One was a gift from a pal and is a blank paged one. The other the sketchbook type that I doodle craziness in.

I'm from Toronto, Ontario and just think sharing scans from my journals with my friends is alot of fun.

Writting something special in them is great and I find I use it more for stray thoughts than anything.
redbricktudor [deleted] 9 years ago
An educator by profession, I am a longtime keeper of journals. In the past decade I started carrying Molekine notebooks on long trips because I knew they would withstand the wear and tear of switching from pocket to bookbag to suitcase back to pocket and even airplane dinner tray. The ability to pull a Moleskine out of a jacket pocket and jot down reflections during a retreat or conference has given those moments a enduring record.
Andrew McCaughan 9 years ago
Hey! I'm rather new to this group. In fact, I've been a member for five minutes. I'm a Computer Science student in Belfast. I have two moleskines. One is a small notebook for personal notes and the other is a regular notebook, full of sketches of website designs, notes, lecture notes and lots of other randomness that i write when travelling in trains or planes.
Adam Case 9 years ago
Well, my name is Adam, I'm an Illustration major at the Hartford Art School. I've been doodling in moleskine sketchbooks since the beginning of high school, I have three right now, one for drawings, one for watercolor, and the other is a journal about my life as an art student. I hope you enjoy the randomness of my drawings. Oh, and look at my page to see some of my artwork and let me know what you think.
sarahxsea PRO 9 years ago
hiii! my name is sarah, i'm new to flickr (although lurk, hard!) and somewhat new to moleskines. i first heard of them around last christmas, when my boyfriend set out in our city to find a moleskine to buy for a friend of ours. lucky friend!

i don't own a moleskine but i can see the quality in them. therefore, there's about 5 different ones on my christmas list. ;) haha. i think they're very cute, and classy looking. i have a large dollar-store journal i use for a writing class but i don't really like it, it's very bulky and it looks very unprofessional. i look forward to receiving one of these from my parents in about a month's time and filling it up with hopes and dreams! hehe
Carlos Alonso Jiménez [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi! My name is Carlos. I'm from Galicia, northwest of Spain, and currently i'm living in Barcelona.

I have a blog/netlabel in astillero.malosusos.com in which i write (in spanish) about comic, art, music, zines, activism, copyleft, and such. I also release my music, drawings and zines through that site.

I just bought recently my first set of moleskines. I can't draw well, actually, but i intend to improve and this sketchbook sure will help.

I hope to get inspiration and encouragement in this community, as soon as i can start posting drawings.
bluman 9 years ago
Once again, welcome to Moleskinerie everyone! As always, your submissions to the website are always welcome.
ula kozminska PRO 9 years ago
hi my name is ula,i'm architecture student(final year now) and i just sketch all ideas in my moleskine.i bought a blank page one 4months ago.
RubberneckingPhotos 9 years ago
Longtime lurker but until tonight I haven't had any shots posted with a moleskine.
Monkicat 9 years ago
Hello all! I'm Heidi and I was made aware of these fine little books years ago when a friend gave me "The Songlines" to read. Bruce Chadwick mentioned picking up a bunch of these books to take on his next journey. A couple of years later I came across them in a beautiful old stationary store while looking for a pump for my fountain pen (yes I love fountain pens!) and since then have a stack of them in my room. Haven't done much with them lately, but love them just the same.......
perhaps you will inspire me!

the netherlands
unclerib PRO 9 years ago
Hi everybody! I just started using these radical notebooks in the analogification of my Getting Things Done workflow. The Palm PDA I used before is now relegated to keeping only my address book and calendar. All my lists--next actions, projects, goals, wishlists are now in a pocket-sized notebook that is always with me. I also keep a a sketch book in my satchel for doodles, and a notebook for other ruminations. My Moleskines will be the only things to survive the rabid depaperification of my life.

I'm a 20-something research scientist/grad student in New Orleans, LA, US.
Hazel Tsoi PRO 9 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Hazel, I'm in the management side of independent theatre in London and also a contributor / editor of www.londonist.com.

I've been aware of Moleskines for a long time, but never actually used one myself until I got married this summer. My husband is crazy about Moleskines and I thought it was time to stop using the back of envelopes for all my notes (weddings require a lot of notes...) so we asked for Moleskines on our wedding list and got several each.

Then the City Notebooks were released and my conversion to proper ink pens and Moleskine notebooks was complete. And that's how I ended up here, completely and utterly hooked on Moleskines.
Hi, I'm Hilde and not very good at intro posts and such. I'm a fashion and costume designer, and I've just discovered just how useful moleskines are as work and sketchbooks :D
And I love the City Notebooks too.
I admit, I'm addicted :)
corvinod 9 years ago
Hello everyone. I am Dino. I work in the politics of New Media. I came to Moleskine less than a year ago. It has been amazing, the slight change in perspective was amazing.

I write in mine. I use a parker jotter.

Daily I have my journal, a traditional lined notebook...and I have a full size reporter for generalized first draft and interview notes, tonight I bought a packet reporter to use as a data dump.

Media should be free. Support local media, and publish yourself.
Danh TX 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Danh (pronounce "yon" like you're "yawning"). I'm like everybody else here.... LOVING the Moleskine and photography. Seems like Flickr and Moleskine were made to be together.

I enjoy journaling more than my doodles but every once and a while I surprise myself. I want everybody to know every drawings, artwork or writings I see on this group is pure amazement! Can't wait to see more!
MikeOliveri PRO 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Mike. I work in IT full time and I'm part-time writer. I always carry a notebook with me for jotting down stray ideas, notes, dialog, etc. When a friend -- also a writer -- showed me his moleskine cahiers I got interested. I looked them up online, bought a pocket-sized sketchbook, and I have been hooked ever since. That was earlier this year and now I'm on my second, this time a standard lined notebook. Their durability is a huge plus for me. I'm looking forward to buying a Chicago city notebook soon.
Rejean Pellerin PRO 9 years ago
I am Réjean Pellerin from Montréal. Normally, I use recycled memo books Blueline 7.5 X 4.75 inches. 192 pages. 27 lines each page. I am no longer able to buy them in my city. But everywhere I go, I see Moleskine books of all size. I will probably use them eventually. They are so beautiful and handy!
I have a very active group of books where you can post your photos of anything related to books. I think that Moleskine is a perfect exemple of something related to them.
The name of my group: "Your books".
Good_Egg 9 years ago
Hi I'm Good_Egg, a prelaw student in Indiana, but originally from Portland, OR. I have a large collection of Moleskine, including a 2007 weekly planner, a mini-moleskine (unlined) and a personal lined diary currently in use).
babystacey99 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Stacey, a full-time student. I'm the owner of one moleskine which I rarely use. I need some motivation.
ib48366 9 years ago
I use Moleskines (Daily Diary and a lot of Cahiers) to organize my job as photographer and to catch creative ideas on paper.

regards from northern Germany,

Smetana Yiu 9 years ago
Hi, I am Alex Yiu, a form 6 student in Hong Kong. I have owned two moleskines (A big ruler book and music score) to write my music and my thought.

Nice to meet you all :-)
flakyredhead PRO 9 years ago
Hello all. I go by Elsi. After journaling for several years in Watson-Guptill sketchbooks, I bought my first Moleskine the first of December. I'm joining the Embodiment paper journal group and will use the Moleskine for that. I've enjoyed looking through all the posted pages; this is indeed a talented group.
88echoes 9 years ago
Hi everyone. i just joined this group!!

i discovered moleskine not so long ago, by an accident
i was surfing out of boredom and i just saw this slick
looking notebook from some random person's blog, and it
displayed the letter MOLESKINE... so i searched around, and
the next thing i know i have found my favourite notebook

now i currently own a pocket sized music book, it's quite
i am a music student, and i do all my study of harmony,
melody writing, analysis on this thing!

anyway, nice meeting you all and happy new years ;)
J.T.R. PRO 9 years ago

I am pleased to join this group dedicated to the most excellent writing tool ever invented (except for the linguistic mind upgrade about 40k years ago and the invention of the printing press).

I am a scientist, writer and photographer living and working in Toronto Canada. I own the pocket sized classic, and the large soft day planner.

Once, in 2004, my moleskine, together with my briefcase, Palm pilot and Leica was stolen. The rest were replaceable. The moleskine was not. I felt as if thoughts had been plucked from my head without my asking.

I suppose that I could use any old notebook, and cheaper ones at that. But there is an inefffable quality about the Moleskine that makes one feel that all thoughts recorded there in somehow deserve better treatment than just any old scribblings....

I can't see a reson to have a Palm pilot or similar device when one has a Molie!

robin kibby 9 years ago
howdy do. last year, after seeing a post of velvetina's stack of moleskines from dick blick, i broke down and got a watercolor-paper moleskine (the bigger size). use it for sketchies on-the-go, but my recent happiness is to make web nav icons and mini-reproductions of my larger paintings for my website.
23rd spiral 9 years ago
Hello! I'm kate, from the UK. I discovered Moleskines last March/April and got my first (large Sketch) as an Easter gift. I found moleskinerie.com (and Notebooksim) around the middle of last year and loved it.

My interest, and pedant nature, led Armand to ask me to help moderate the 2006 Holiday Giveaway. So, i overcame procrastination, did as i was asked, helped out and completed something i'm proud of.

Although my pages quiver in embarrasment compared to the creativity displayed here, i decided it was about time i joined in.
Sancho Papa 9 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm from the Philippines. Flickr member for over a year now but I just got my Moleskine about a week ago. I use a Meisterstück fountain pen with a fine nib for writing.

I'm a musician, record producer, record label executive, videogame addict and Mac worshipper.
PuyoDead 9 years ago
Hello all. I just joined up a bit ago, and sent over one picture. It's really all I plan for a while. But, if my little project goes well, I might be putting up some scans.

As for me, I'm an electronics engineer (desperately seeking a good position, no less), and I'm pretty much your typical geek kid. Well, I'm not so much a kid at 27, but I might as well be. My room is filled with video games, toy figures, books ranging from manga to string theory, and tons of odd things picked up from being a packrat.
countessian 9 years ago
I kept giving Moleskine's to people as gifts and it's only recently that I realised I could request them for myself. I now have two and am very excited.

PS I'm Rachel. Hello.
angela.leese [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm Angela, from LA area. Mechanical engineering student, married, love writing and being crafty (quilting, cross stitch). Use my large ruled for a journal (mostly text) and an extra-large cahier as a letter writing notebook with a good friend.
Laird! [deleted] 9 years ago
hi I'm laird from Carrboro, North Carolina, and am a high school student. I use a pocket ruled moleskine for notes, musings, and poetry. I am happy to see so many other people who love those little black notebooks.
ukiahblue 9 years ago
Hey, I'm Ian from Ukiah in Northern California. I go to college and I love my moleskine notebooks! I just got a reporter notebook and a set of cashiers for christmas, I love them.
paullu [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Paul from Kirkland, Wa, and I'm VERY brand new to Moleskine, to the point that I've bought like three different versions so I can figure out which one is for me.

I think there needs to be a Moleskine Anonymous support group :)
bluman 9 years ago
Welcome to Moleskinerie.

MA? Related readings here and here.
I only discovered Moleskine this Christmas and yes, its official, I am now a junkie.
I was delighted to find that I am not the only one!
Started with the ruled notebook and have just bought the squared.
Love this group.
I totally agree with Paul from Kirkland.
What we newbies need is a tutorial on Moleskine.
How to decide which one is best for you, best pen to use, what others use theirs for, etc, etc :)
Rymann 9 years ago
Hi. Long time lurker, first time contributor. I drew a lot as a child and just started again a few years ago. I felt it a necessity to have a moleskine to contain my sketchs...I don't know why. I use the pocket sketchbook as it does not overwhelm me with empty space.
heir2glory 9 years ago
I've been using moleskines since early 2002 but my desire for such a notebook can be traced back to 1980 watching Harrison Ford scribble in something similar in 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'.

I use them mainly for taking bible notes and so far have only written in pencil. I'm finally ready to start writing in ink and am currently researching the most suitable pen. I've just bought a Pilot Lettering Pen for Calligraphy which looks promising despite being cheap.
JOHANNA | ANNAHOJ 9 years ago
Helas! :o)
I'm Johanna - a 17-year-old student living in Würzburg, Germany. Well, I joined the group a little time before but just right now I had time to write a few lines... I think it was in autumn when I ordered my first moleskine on amazon.de. 3 days later I began to fill it with "life" ;o)!
I'm really lovin it <3...
chaztoo 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Charlie. After years of frustration and jumping from sketch pad to sketch pad, I finally bought a Moleskine and have never looked back. I'll be buying them for the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to this forum.
AP... 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Aaron, user of moleskine sketchbooks since Summer 2002. I graduated from architecture school (at the University of Florida) in May 2005 and have been working in the field since then....
Patricia Zapata PRO 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Patricia, a graphic designer and a moleskine newbie. I just got my first one a few days ago and I'm loving it. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work.
outchy 9 years ago
hey all, my name is nik. i've had moleskine notebooks here and there over the years but i've never really utilized them until just recently when i started making my own sudoku books. the squared notebooks are just perfect for it. but anyways, i'm glad to finally be a part of the community and i love you all :)
kkkataish 9 years ago
I'm Kata, 24 from London, Ontario, Canada. I'm attempting to recreate my life after dealing with a lot of drama and crap, and learning to be more independant. My moleskines have helped, I'm in Canada, and its hard to find them, but Chapters recently started stocking them. Only some stores have some books... the ones nearest to me have only the lined ones, I prefer the sketch and blank ones (which I can get in Toronto).

So yeah, just saying hi.
globalgrl PRO 9 years ago
Hello all,

I'm Bex and have only recently discovered this flickr world. I'm in the process of working through my back catalogue of travel shots and am being distracted by all these fabulous groups and interesting people...

Have been a Moleskine fan for several years, currently scrapbooking with one and totally reliant on my diary. Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas and the hard-copy results! There's inspiration here for sure.
Morgaine Swann 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Morgaine, pronounced 'morgan'

I'm disabled and trying to teach myself drawing and painting, so I've joined several groups on Flickr. I've already gleaned a lot from looking at other people's work. I hope to connect with some people who are learning, too, as well as some more experienced artists who can provide feedback.

haagenjerrys 9 years ago
hello, I am Acy. I live on Horror Island. I just purchased a pretty new moleskine; his name is Moley.

Really, though, this is a rather simplified version of me and my relationship with Moley.

So...how is everyone today? It is quite pleasant to be amongst fellow moleskine lovers :)
oliverkramer_ 9 years ago
Hi everyone!
I'm not very good in introduce myself. So succinctly:
Media designer and Moleskine junkie living in Würzburg, Germany.
I watched the group for a while - now I joined up.

nice to be here.
southernlivin 9 years ago
Hi! I've always been a bit of a journal person, recently discovered Moleskins and I've fallen madly in love! Haven't gotten any picks up yet, but they're in the works! Something about it's pages just beckons me to them, they inspire my creativity! I was just lurking about, saw the group and just had to join!
CalEvans PRO 9 years ago
Greetings everyone,

I'm the editor of devzone.zend.com. I'm also an amateur photographer and in my spare time, I'm a programmer.

My Moleskine travels with me to programmer conferences and when I go out shooting. Mostly it's full of scribbled notes, ideas and doodles of the letter K. (Wife 1.23's first initial)

I live in Nashville TN.
ooikenji 9 years ago
Hello everyone.

I'm a student for something like a contemporary art in Japan. So I'm not good in speak English you know.
I always taking Moleskine to do some projects, works, just drawing, and just make note.
This is really great notebook especially take a lot of time in travels or something.

Anyway, Hello to everyone again.
Eyra_ 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Eyra. When I found this group I couldn't belive that my favorite notebook had a space in flickr. I love Moleskine like all the members in here. I love photography, and my moleskine is the subject of many pictures that I had taken.
I'm glad to be here.
muming15 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Steve from Taipei, sorry if my English isn't perfect. I've recently "switched" to moleskines last November, and I find myself buying way more than just a simple notebook. I now carry it around everyday, and scribble down anything that just comes into my mind or anything worth putting down, and I love it so much that I even wrote a song for it called "little black book", which very luckily got noticed by moleskinerie the blog and featured it on the front page. Later on, the retail company in Hong Kong heard it, and awarded me a free mole for a new years present. I have to say that these were the best new years gift for me ever. I want to say thank you to Moleskinerie again, and to those who heard the song. Btw, I'm sort of a 22 yr old English teacher, but I'm greatly interested in all sorts of art. I've done indie filmaking, song writing, graphic design, graffiti street art and all sorts of related stuff. It's a long story, but in short I come from a environment lack of creativity, so I often find myself lonely in the design and art area. Whatever, it has been a great pleasure to see all of your work here on flickr. It has given me a reason to buy a decent notebook and tons of inspiration. Happy to find this place, Moles rock!
Muis Muizenis 9 years ago

My name is Muis (Mouse). Moles bumped in to my life a few years ago, as they started staring at me on my visits to bookstores... After a few years of staring and not buying any, something strange happened last December.

Choosing between 2 fantastic job opportunities, one of the companies sent me a Christmas present. It was a Moleskine blanc notebook. It was a small thing, but it was THIS particular thing that made me go for this smaller company. I still feel great about my choice! This was the perfect sign (normally, I don't believe in signs :-)

sarah hyndman 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Sarah from London and usually have a sketchbook of some sort (whether it's a Moleskine notebook, a handfull of bits of paper or a beermat) tucked in a pocket. This was something that began when I gave up smoking and needed a substitute and it turned out to be a much healthier addiction. I'm enjoying seeing everybody else's sketches and it's great to see that I'm not the only one that does this...
RED Letter Days 9 years ago
Hi All,

I fell for the Molie several years ago. I have had one in my pocket or bag ever since. I'm not artistic at all, so I use mine to take notes, jot down thoughts, and occasionally glue in pictures, etc. When travelling I always make sure I have three items: my passport, my pocket size lined notebook and the memo pockets (perfect for storing receipts, tickets, cards, etc.).

I love to see what the rest of you are doing with your notebooks. And while I lack the talent some of you display, I certainly appreciate all the inspiration I have found in this group.

mucus*plug 9 years ago
hi everyone - i appreciate all of you sharing your moleskins. i'm fascinated by how my very utilitarian book (pages used to communicate with deaf brother-in-law, ancestry info, sketches of brain-farts, sketches of windows, doors, pieces of papers, and the coupon or three...) compares to yours : ) I use the small ones. Feel neked without it!
morbillina Posted 9 years ago. Edited by morbillina (member) 9 years ago
Hello everyone. Sorry but I didn't see this discuss before.. I'm from Italy and I'm quite new to this group, but not new to Moleskine. I always use the pocket weekly notebook and for this 2007 I bought the RED one... (never seen before). Am I the only one? Do you think I offend its black dress?
savenije Posted 9 years ago. Edited by savenije (member) 9 years ago
Hi all,

Martijn : Amsterdam
Male : 26

Started Moleskine'ing 5 yrs ago.
Started Flickr'ing 4 months ago.
Eudaemonian 9 years ago
Oh, I added this group when I independently bought 3 large notebooks for school in summer 2006 and posted my notes up for fun (I was taking some interesting classes). Then I discovered slowly that people really dig these particular notebooks, and also that they love to see my notes in biology on weird stuff like fungus. The notebooks held up nicely last semester, so this semester I bought a ton of moleskine stuff & so far I like that they're lighter in weight than the normal school notebooks. My Italian 101 notebook is this teeny grid one, it's so handy! I'm using the plain reporter style ones for lab classes.

But I don't draw or sketch a lot, nor do I need to write a whole bunch (I figure stuff out in my head). So I don't have a real journal that I'm obligated to. I just finished a large travel trip & fell in love while on it, so I'm writing lots about that, but beyond that... most journal stuff = photos + notes + receipts + random thoughts.

That's me, so hi everyone!
cwessd Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cwessd (member) 9 years ago
Hey all - I am a big fan of the skine as well. I got my first one (I am ashamed to admit it) at the Crystal Cathedral in LA. We were just visiting it as a touristy stop, but I saw a pocket sketchbook Moleskine and my friend who I was with bought it for me. That was 9.15.03 and I've been using them ever since.

I also love flickr and have been here pretty much since it started I think.

I keep a blog at gathering in light and have found both flickr and my Moleskine to be a big asset to the blogosphere.

I am now a PhD student in theology and live in LA.
justyn hegreberg 9 years ago
i have just recently discovered moleskines. i had seen this group before and knew what they were but didn't have much interest until i held one. i work at a cafe inside of a bookstore and am tempted by a rather large quantity of them on a daily basis. i have four and am currently using three of them for a very large project that i hope to one day post here. for now i am merely posting photos of them because they are quite good looking!
climberslacker 9 years ago
I just got mine like a week ago and I am already obbsesed. I have read every page on every site about them, twice.
movinghands 9 years ago
Hi! I have been using my moleskine for only a few weeks, but have been looking at them through moleskinerie for much, much longer. I use the large squared notebook to record ideas I have for quilt blocks and layouts for crafty/sewing things, notes during my quilting classes, etc. I live in Tokyo.
.Nielsen// [deleted] 9 years ago

I've been a bit of a regular looking at Moleskinerie, and I love the moleskine, hopefully like you guys! I started using them for some time, and I write, sketch, diary keep and all that sort of thing.

Roshnii 9 years ago
I am Roshnii. I was given a set of molskine journals last christmas and they were my favourite present. I am a bit of notebook fiend and came across moleskines on flickr a couple of months ago.
So far I have only written a few little trinkets in the first journal but I feel very inspired after seeing what all the rest of you have been creating in your books.
I hope to post something here soon.

Ciao for now. x
SoccerGK88 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Kristen, I have been a fan of Moleskine's for just about 2 years now. I originally bought it to use as a travel journal only, but I've recently converted to using it in my most recent attempt to keep a daily journal. I also have a day planner and a small pocket lined journal.
tlkativ PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tlkativ (member) 9 years ago

I'm Leandra. I got my first moleskine journal back in June 2006, did one drawing, then put it away due to life's little disruptions. I've only come back to it again last week. I love this little journal and plan on drawing and journaling a few days a week from now on... I hope to contribute regularly to this Pool. :)

I'm Martin, I thought I had joined this group a while ago but apparently it was not the case. Whoops. I haven't posted any photographs to the group yet, but I will.

I like notebooks, and this particular variety seems to be doing me pretty nicely at the moment. I use them for everything, mostly lists, drawings of things I'm going to make or for stuffing things in to so they become twice the size they start off as.

I don't tend to fill my 'skines with very consistant content and my handwriting is illegible so I don't know how much my pages will add to the group but hey.

Hey, everybody!

My name is Shaun. I'm new to this group and to Flickr, in general. Its a great pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope make a few friends along the way!

Take it Easy,
Shigeo Sato PRO 9 years ago
I'm Japanese artist and graphic designer.
I haven't used Moleskin yet but I am making a lot of collage.
I'll use Moleskin soon.
flickrmao 9 years ago
hello all moleskiners,
I'm a writer who has loved moleskines for many years, always travel with one in my pocket. couple of years ago started binding moleskine-style leather-bound sketchbooks for myself, with some personal trappings. I'll post some pics of bookies and contents soon...
loved to see all your drawings and thoughts.
papazoo 9 years ago
Hi there!
I`ve tried a plenty of sketchbooks, but moleskine is the best!
I absolutely love its yellow pages!
Aviator Garden [deleted] 9 years ago
I always doodled in random notebooks until I went to Arizona over winter break to visit some friends (I'm from Rhode Island). While I was out there a companion of mine, Brock, introduced me to Moleskines and when I got home he sent me the invite for this group.
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