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athena. 11:32pm, 19 March 2006
Just out of curiousity, what have you all put in the blank for the "As a Reward" line?
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tyler999 PRO 11 years ago
Standard $50
XO, Isabel PRO 11 years ago
$50 for me, too.
Princess Valium 11 years ago
turkeyhead [deleted] 11 years ago
£50 (that's English pounds :P)
Look In The Tunk PRO 11 years ago
A 12 pack of a soda of your choice (since I'm broke)
mollyfatale 11 years ago
i said homemade cookies and kissiesss
queenrobot 11 years ago
$20 and a beer/coffee.
Pose PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Pose (member) 11 years ago
A case of beer, and my undying loyalty.
Visual Impact 11 years ago
$20 and gratitude. (because I usually keep a twenty in the back pocket, I'll be grateful just to get the notebook back)
he who shall PRO 11 years ago
$20 + postage (written in indelible ink)
shandara [deleted] 11 years ago
A big kiss ;-)
Adam Machado PRO 11 years ago
$15 for pockets and $20 for the larger Moleskines. Then I usually add something funny: a "Good game," a warm hug, soda/beer, Su Doku, and so on.
Geoffrey Hancock 11 years ago
I usually specify an amount per pages written on. Full books are worth more than empty ones.
This Isnt Kraig 11 years ago
I put in $25 to begin with, but as I add to it I may raise that reward depending on how satisfied I am with the works within.
drewsaunders PRO 11 years ago
"A handshake and a beer" is my general offer.
cinemafia [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by cinemafia (member) 11 years ago
I either put 'All the money in the world' or simply an infinity symbol.
Darcassius 11 years ago
"As a reward: $Hugs and Kisses"
fiveyearwinter [deleted] 11 years ago
I leave mine blank. That isn't to say I wouldn't reward the person who returned it.
Digital Owl 11 years ago
I offer a portrait of the person that returns it to me, or some other sketch. I'll remember those nice suggestions about beer ;-)
The Stripe Designer 11 years ago
23 dimes and a verse just for you..
ahardmark 11 years ago
"good karma"
Lorretine 11 years ago
one bottle of delicious red wine
Lainey1 PRO 11 years ago
Free night of sex. KIDDING!
Charline Tetiyevsky 11 years ago
coldyakisoba089 11 years ago
mine says something like "currently starving but am not above bartering or sexual favors."
Constance Wiebrands PRO 11 years ago
Mine says Eternal gratitude. Am I cheap?
m for marvellous PRO 11 years ago
I usually write good karma :)
John MacDermid 11 years ago
people generally respond to cash: $50
TheRach [deleted] 11 years ago
$20 and a hug.
kelpenhagen 11 years ago
$50 cold hard cash
Otaku11 11 years ago
i wrote none, then it has an evil smile on it!!!!
avrilstylo 11 years ago
$40, my first was $25 or $30 but now its a lot more special to me. :)
girlfromthenorth 11 years ago
the eternal gratitude of the owner
sdede2 11 years ago
The good feeling of knowing you did the right thing.
Leon Jacobs 11 years ago
$250 (ZIM)
part and parcel [deleted] 11 years ago
hopefully they don't hold me to it.
minusbaby PRO 11 years ago
I always write "MAAD DOLLAZ".
Funkomaticphototron 11 years ago
Mine flucuates depending on how much cash I have on hand. I write down a numbe rthat corresponds to what I have in my pocket when I start the book. I have also included that I will write a poem for the person who returns it, or make them a custom picture frame. I want to try to grab their curiosity as well as their greed. (CoryQ)
baharnoyin 11 years ago
Rasmus Rasmussen 11 years ago
Up till now, I've put down $100, but I think, I'm going to start being more creative from now on - partly inspired by this thread.

Something with eternal gratitude for starters ... and beer.
jennemmer 11 years ago
"negotiable based on my meager student salary and the state of my thesis contained within"
Darkstream 11 years ago
I'm with This Isn't Kraig. I start out with $25 in pencil. I'll bump it up the more I invest in the book.
Liz AM 11 years ago
Has anyone lost a book (and have it returned)?
Just wondering if any of these offers has worked in the past.
bluman 11 years ago
From an earlier post: BJohnson offered $20.
.@_@ 11 years ago
One million. But I didn't say in what currency.
S.A. Young Posted 10 years ago. Edited by S.A. Young (member) 10 years ago
a necklace made by me.

Green Necklace
jcraveiro 10 years ago
"Lunch and coffee".
Tiago C 10 years ago
Good Karma.
Jan Allsopp 10 years ago
I put "Yes" and thought I'd decide how much when I need to.
Dharma Bum '75 10 years ago
"One thousand thanks, and a few bucks postage."
groundcloud 10 years ago
therealnani PRO 10 years ago
"My Love and Gratitude"
littylovebug PRO 10 years ago
100 grateful kisses
Chet_ PRO 10 years ago
Mine remains blank.
tree.hugger Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tree.hugger (member) 10 years ago
would probably put

2 X $500*

*Terms & Conditions apply.
(Terms & Conditions: MONOPOLY MONEY)
matthew.clifford 10 years ago
"Everlasting Gratitude"
GeorgeCurious 10 years ago
2 1/2 wishes
{a}ross [deleted] 10 years ago
gold (written in gold paint)
menwuur [deleted] 10 years ago
coffee and a pack of black n milds!
kimberly_ann 10 years ago
I leave mine blank, but I have been thinking of putting something in it.
Slack-a-gogo 10 years ago
I have a business card taped over the reward blank and wrote "reward for return" above it. As the book gets fuller the reward would probably go up. Twenty bucks and postage is what I think I'd offer.
verdammelt PRO 10 years ago
Each notebook i start at $20... and as time goes on, i will update it if i think the contents are worth more (they often are).
MaureenShaughnessy PRO 10 years ago
my eternal gratitude and the good feeling you made somebody (me) happy ...
Leon Jacobs 10 years ago
$250,000,000 (ZIM)
mcdett 10 years ago
I guess I am over priced! I have $100.00. Maybe I'll cross that out and put $20.... I bet I would have the same results.... and speaking of results, does anyone have a story of one going missing and then being returned?

PiperJon PRO 10 years ago
One (1) warm smile, and One (1) hearty handshake.
simoneladybug 10 years ago
God will let you in the gates,
And I will give you many thanx :-)
hellloitslate 10 years ago
good karma points!
Greg Williamson PRO 10 years ago
Falling Sky 10 years ago
Recent rewards:

Homemade flapjacks
A fish supper
Oooh, lots
A hearty handshake
Blimey, loads
A cow's ransom
Miss.Chris [deleted] 10 years ago
Good Karma too!
Cuthbert BDV [deleted] 10 years ago
$70 (singapore dollars), cos i like the number 7, yet $7 seems so stingy. and some stamps , enough for local postage back to my address :-)
B Duke 10 years ago
US $10
xrichx PRO 10 years ago
gblvr 10 years ago
a cup of coffee and a Moleskine of your own
Juan Kerr 10 years ago
I must confess, I've done little more than glance, and then ignore this section of the Notebooks. Maybe I have little faith in human nature and never expect a return if I did happen to lose it.

If, however, I did complete this part of the book, I would reward the returnee with ... Mmm, this is a difficult one. I'm not really in a financial position to go handing out money willy nilly, but I would be so grateful, that I would insist on something, although I have absolutley no idea what.
Zack Sheppard PRO 10 years ago
My brother gave me mine and simply put:
"my gratitude."

I actually lost it, the number was out of order and the person who found it sent a letter. When I picked it up I gave him a gift certificate to a restaurant in town to say thanks anyway.
(nb) 10 years ago
$2 per filled page
icequeenondefrost [deleted] 10 years ago
Juan, I'm with you on the lack of faith in humans to return it.
I didn't fill mine out.
If I did, however, I would put: "Good Karma and a beer".
ropadope PRO 10 years ago
"A couple dozen Tollhouse cookies and a fresh one of these."

It worked when I lost my fourth one.
equusignis [deleted] 10 years ago
i've never specified a reward amount. then again, i've never lost a journal in all my years. keeping my fingers crossed!
fatbabylarry 10 years ago
"good karma"
Ben Syverson PRO 10 years ago
I write "Yes."

I figure if they want to know how much of a reward, they should contact me.
Carla216 10 years ago
Something different each time:

In case of loss...
Stevie~Dee 10 years ago
 Teresa 10 years ago
Some good Karma and a cup of coffee.
supeep 10 years ago
Gratitude; paid forwards.
Ape Lad PRO 10 years ago
Am I the first to answer "cheese"?
Dexter Colt 10 years ago
I wouldn't care if I lost mine. It is just a notebook...not my life. If someone else wants to keep my lost moleskine...then so be it. I can buy more.
Brandi_Hamilton 10 years ago
My undying gratitude +shipping
.comma h. 10 years ago
"Case of Beer"

It would be quickly returned if it was ever lost here in Australia. :P
luis_colan PRO 10 years ago
"A blessing from God", since I'm always broke!
atelier subterra PRO 10 years ago
in a few recent ones:

"the warmest embrace i can muster"
"a big, sloppy kiss"
"my firstborn. also a pretty cute smile"
I'm always flat broke so couldn't afford rewards :(
So instead I scratch the reward bit and fill in my email address on that line.
Danh TX 10 years ago
I put "call" and if they do I will meet them and pay for their lunch or coffee.
Stevie~Dee 10 years ago
I've always wanted to find a Moleskine just so I could make someone, anyone, happy by returning it.
countessian [deleted] 10 years ago
I put $50 in my day planner because last year I lost my day planner and was so lost without it that I'd gladly have paid $50 (and that's a lot to me, because I'm a journalist and therefore broke). That one wasn't even a Moleskine!
Eudaemonian 10 years ago
"Good karma"
SoccerGK88 10 years ago
a trip around the world :)
globalgrl PRO 10 years ago
'good karma - otherwise negotiable'
got to live in hope, but recognise reality....
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