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dakegra says:

I got my first moleskine this week. After spending a while admiring it, I opened it. But what to write?

Does anyone else find this? The sheer newness of the thing?

Anyhoo, the moment inspired this:


I open your cover
marvel at the space
an acre of white, gleams

I dip my pen towards you
then pull back, unsure
to write, or not to

Should I start with a poem?
A thought, a dream?
A sketch, or something...

A pencil then, softer somehow
easier to change
ones thoughts and dreams

Still you lie open, untouched
acres of white, virgin
I close you again

Once more I delve in
pen held firm now
resolve stiffened again

Words fall from my fingers
black shapes on white
thoughts become symbols
1:59AM, 20 April 2005 PST (permalink)

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bluman says:

How true.
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dakegra says:

glad you liked it. I find our little notebook friend rather prompts such things.

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MattL says:

Very nice...

(Wondered what my pic was going to end up with, and I'm pleased it was this)
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ofey says:

That was bloody brilliant... . I'm writing that on the inner cover of my research note book... .
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cygnoir says:


I am always intimidated by new Moleskines, in which I keep my diaries, and so I usually start a new one with a recap of the old one: where I am in life, what the last diary focused on, etc.
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dakegra says:

ah, that's a good idea, cygnoir.
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phool 4 XC says:

I'm returning to analog for recording thoughts (etc) for the first time in ten years. I bought a Moleskine, and was faced with the same dilemma - what to put on that very first page? My answer was far less creative than yours.

"I am a sick man...
I am a wicked man.
An unattractive man.
I think my liver hurts."

(The opening lines from Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground)
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Abizern says:

Moleskine Reporter

I start with Heinlein's rules:

You must write.
You must finish what you start.
You must refrain from re-writing except to editorial order.
You must place what you write on the market.
You must keep it on the market until it has sold.
You must work on something else.
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PiperJon says:

To pick up this topic from the newest one posted and blocked, I have the same kind of problem. I have a huge collection of blank books, which my friends find amusing, but I just smile and remark how a blank book can be any book ever written or yet to be written. But the truth is that this fear of the unadorned page has kept me from writing in MANY new books. I mean,

Its the first kiss of a denied love.
Tenuous, frightened,
kinda clumsy,
yet breathtaking
in its simplicity
and power.

The untouched page of a new book...
It's a smoooooth, creamy, soft, clean, open, virgin space.
It's precious.
It's untrod snow in the light of the morning.

It's what was there before Van Gogh's Starry Night
It's where Melville started, before "Call me Ishmael."
Every great work of art, whether it be poetry, drama, fiction
ALL began with this very same crisp clean Empty.

Staring at exactly that which Nietche did
And Jung
And Aristotle
And Whitman
And Hemingway

before they became immortal.

What can *I* possibly have to contribute
to this sacred place
that would place me even in the same breathing space
as Those Greats.

What gives me the right?
From where will my inspiration come?

And with my fingers white, crushing the pen
as it were a monstrous kind of evil, I wrote

"Its the first kiss of a denied love."

And this is how I began my first blank-page journal, and overcame my fear of it. Yes, I went and found it, and copied it here. It was kinda therapeutic, actually. - Pj
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PiperJon says:

p.s. yes, the grammatical error was intentional. :-)
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Cuthbert BDV [deleted] says:

Wow PJ - that was wonderful!

All I have to say is - be brave! :-)
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menwuur [deleted] says:

When i first got a moleskine i had the same problem. I didnt want to ruin it, or do something that makes me dislike it- My first moleskine was a "failed" attempt at keeping these notebooks.

What i do now is always keep a few extra blank ones around so as to put in my mind that if i mess up a new one i can start over with the extras. This in turns relaxes me to do anything i want and has produced many many filled moleskines. I've yet to toss one since my very first and always keep extras on hand.
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jen.k.r. says:

Since I write in mine almost on a daily basis as a diary I just continue writing as if I hadn't been interupted by an end binding. At first I got a little writers block when starting a new one, but then realized I am writing for myself. I've no one to impress, no audience but my own for when I might read it again down the road. I want to be as honest with myself as possible. For those reasons I found it best to only write as if I hadn't stopped just because I ran out of pages in one book and had to start another.
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simoneladybug says:

I like to put on the first page a quote. The ones that I can remember So far are:
-Vera wang "It's a labor of Love"
-Picasso's "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

and a few other i can't remember
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Juan Kerr says:

You have to break 'em in! Once that ink has touched paper, the little devils just can't get enough.
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MaureenShaughnessy says:

i skip the first page, telling myself I will come back and add something deserving of the first page in my moleskine. it's a psychological trick i play on myself and it works everytime. sometimes I never go back to that virgin first page .... other times it becomes a drawing/poem/collage after the book is filled.

Louveciennes, I like the way you just continue writing as if interupted by an end binding. That's cool. Maybe I'll try that on my next new moleskine.
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Chet_ says:


You mean the Reward page?
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~patrick says:

I'm addicted to DVD commentary....long story short, Robert Rodriguez mentioned Art & Fear. anybody with creative mind should read it.
but don't take my word for it.
damn; were is LeVar Burton when you need him.

writing is easy:
all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper
until the drops of blood form on your forehead.

-Gene Fowler.
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E_Journeys says:

First thing I do is put my contact info on the first page. Then I'm like Louveciennes -- except that I almost always start the book with a new day's entry. Once in a great while I'll break an entry across notebooks.

I also use the back page for miscellaneous non-entry notes, like store hours or phone numbers.
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