listorama 7:19am, 17 April 2008
Moab could get better coverage of its delights if the monthly uploading limit for this pool were raised. Ten images per month is one image every three days---ouch! How about raising the limit to something like ten images per person per day, or eliminating the limit entirely? I so often bump into the ten per month limit that I've almost given up on adding images. (I don't even live In Moab but sometimes I wish I did.)
joeauer 9 years ago
Sorry it took me so long to see this. You can now upload 25 photos per month but if anyone thinks this number should be higher let me know.

Any other suggestions regarding group rules or guidelines are appreciated.


joeauer 9 years ago
um, strike that last post.

you can now upload 25 photos per day

Jeff McGrath 9 years ago
Cool! Thanks!
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