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Erin leigh Jensen says:

I have recently taken some photography 101. I have just started shooting as much as I can. Everyone who sees the pictures I take say they are nice. BUT I NEED REAL FEEDBACK! ways to improve, and really get better.
If you feel like helping me i would be sooo greatful!
thank you in advance!! :)

6:46AM, 18 January 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Bruce M Walker says:

Hi Erin! I strolled through your photo stream and left some comments. You've got some very fine shots in there and it's clear that you have taken your 101 lessons to heart.

I hope that one of the lessons they taught you is "look at a lot of photos." View the work of many other photogs here on Flickr for a decent start. Don't rush it; look at the large view (type L), see what works for you and what doesn't. Ask yourself if the shot intrigues you and maybe makes you want to get a shot like it.

Leave comments on other folks' photos. The more comments you leave the more you'll get in return. That's how it tends to work around here. People love comments, even if short. Careful about leaving any critical comments if they didn't ask for them, though. That can put noses out of joint. I left some critical comments on your shots, but that's okay because you asked for them. :) And I hope you take them as constructive, positive criticisms.

Watch this group for organized photowalks and consider coming out. They can be a lot of fun and a good learning experience too.

Cheers, and keep on shooting!
77 months ago (permalink)

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