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Anduze traveller MEMBER October 5, 2007
Remember - MiRea's Realm is a friendly place, where people take time to think about the comments they make, and are constructive in suggestions put forward on photos.....
It's a place where personal likes and dislikes only count for a small part of scoring, & aren't accepted as comments on their own ...

Read and respect the rules of the Realm! And read MiRea's advice on scoring & commenting:

Group Description


We are glad to see you joined Mirea's Realm today, and we hope you enjoy this group and become an active member.

The rules are here for you to read and if you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of the seven administrators, just post your question and we will do our utmost best to get back to you. We know we are asking something of our members, but we know you are getting something really valuable back in return! Constructive critisism does not come cheap, what you give to the group comes back to you.

Thank you for becoming part of the group!

This is an invitation only group, designed to bring together people all over the world who have a passion for photography.

Here people will be asked to comment and score on other people's posts.

The intent of this group is:
- fun (and learning), the scoring is a game and that is all, so play nice;
- support and advice, so feel free in either department. I am hoping that some of our more technical able people will be able to help out other members upon request, but that, of course is strictly voluntary;
- to bring together in a friendly and helpful forum people from all over the world who share a passion for photography and who like to share their captures.

The intent of this group will be guarded zealously by the group of seven.



Rules of the Realm

1. Be polite, civil, courteous and respectful.

2. No pornography. No obsenity. No blood or other body fluids. No nudity. Yes, the administrators have the final say, and it is subjective. Offensive pictures will be deleted and the members warned, once. Second warning will be a ban.

3. a) To become active in the group you have to go to the Scoring standard thread and score the only picture posted there. Your scoring and your comments there will be your standard and other members can get an idea of what to expect from you there.
b) Comment and score the seven posts immediately PRIOR to your post. You can post a pic and then comment/score on seven, but if you comment and post and then a pic sneaks in, it is your responsiblity to score that pic as well. WAIT till 7 pictures of others have been added to the pool before posting the next one
c) All pictures must be tagged with "Mirea's Realm".
d) Once a picture is posted in the Realm, it cannot be altered until either the seven scores have been posted, or special scoring has been applied.

4. No member can participate in this group while blocking another member of this group. All members agree to let their pictures be open to review by all other members. Any member in violation will be warned and if necessary kicked, possibly banned.


1. Scoring will be based from 1 to 7. Please limit yourself to .5 ratings to keep the math easy for the admins...

Copy and paste this link:

From the <b><a href="">MiRea's Realm</a></b> Group, you are given a _/7 ranking.

It should look like this:

From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a _/7 ranking.

2. You must have seven scores, if you have more, then the first seven count as to scoring, and the rest are just nice to have.

3. Toss out the high score and the low score, add the rest for your final score. If there are only 6 scores because of someone in the group not following the rules the admins can apply Special scoring. This means that only the lowest score is tossed out.

4. Based on your score, you will be invited to post in either of three invitation only groups connected with this group.
a) MiRea's Realm Dungeon - pictures scoring 14 points or less.
b) MiRea's Realm Upper Chamber - pictures scoring 24 to 29 points.
c) MiRea's Realm Sanctuary - pictures scoring 30 to less than 35 points.
d) MiRea's Realm Hall of Fame MiRea's Hall of Fame -pictures with a perfect score of 35

5. Just a note about scoring a perfect '7'. It doesn't mean the capture has to be perfect, it can of course, but for the purposes of this group, giving a seven means that you cannot see how the capture can be improved. It can also mean, that techno stuff aside, you just absolutely, without a doubt, simply really really really like the capture.
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Group Rules


Welcome to MiRea's Realm!
Before posting your picture please take the time to read our rules:

The most important rules MiRea’s Realm members live by:

1) become active by scoring and commenting on the picture in the Scoring standard thread, which can be found at:

2) score and comment on the SEVEN pictures that were posted immediately prior to yours
a) scoring is on scale of 7
b) your comment should be on the picture and should be constructive critique on how to improve the picture.... "this says nothing to me" or “nice pic” is not considered constructive...

3) it's all about fun (and learning), the scoring is a game and that is all, so play nice

4) wait till 7 other people added their pictures to the pool before you add another one

We look forward to your participation in this group
Best regards,

MiRea's Realm Admins

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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