TheAgeOfAnalog 4:31pm, 24 July 2012
$29 shipped from eBay. Apart from a tiny ding in the top cover, it's in remarkable condition. Included original box, packing, manuals, brochure, and even the battery card. 1966 Time Machine!

Plus, finally, I have a 9 with a working meter.

New seals, a light cleaning, and I should be shooting soon.
TheAgeOfAnalog 6 years ago
Posted this on a camera repair forum today...

Ok, so I got another Hi-matic 9 on eBay recently. $29 shipped, great condition and even included the original box, packing, manuals, brochure, and warranty card. My hopes, were to get one with a working meter for once, which is always a crap shoot. Amazingly, when I put a battery in it it actually worked, and from what I can tell so far, is quite accurate. A little cleaning plus a door seal replacement and it was ready to go, or so I thought.

I had tested every aperture setting, as well as every shutter speed, several times, and everything seemed accurate. I took it out this morning, loaded with a 36 exp roll of Portra 160 (set to 125asa) and used apertures between f5.6-f16, as well as shutter speeds between 1/30-1/250. I just developed the film and half of the frames are blank, completely. So, I just got the camera out of the bag, and after giving it a good scolding (it ignored me) I once again checked every aperture and every speed, and it performed perfectly EVERY time. What the hell?

It was fairly warm outside this morning, but not too bad, around 86 degrees, and I never left it laying in the sun. Also, there is no way I left the lens cap on, as not only was I using the internal meter, but the cap was in my truck the whole time.

Is it possible for the shutter mechanism to trip, allowing for the camera to be wound to the next frame, without actually opening the blades? The blades look great, and like I said, EVERY time I've tested it it has worked, perfectly.
TheAgeOfAnalog 6 years ago
So, I sat that one aside and dug out my first HiMatic 9, cleaned the battery contacts, again, put in a fresh 1.4v zinc air battery, and..........shazam! The meter works! As do all of the shutter speeds and apertures. I tested the meter versus my Nikon SLR, as well as a handheld and it's dead accurate. The first roll from it is hanging now, so hopefully I can get scans up tomorrow. I'm so happy.
gary99099 PRO 4 years ago
Greetings! Purchased mine about a month or so ago from a Goodwill listing on eBay for about $22.00 shipping included. Everything works perfect. The only issue is a screw missing on the back and the door light seals should be replaced. I leave it in the leather case when I shoot with it and a piece of black tape goes across the length of the top of the film door after loading. No more light leaks! I was out shooting with it last week and a guy stopped me and asked, "Is that a Leica?" I'm thinking about putting a red dot sticker on it just to mess with people.
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