Sticker Sharing

tristanpollock 4:42pm, 2 July 2010
Have some stickers you want to share/trade? Let the group know.
I do, that is for sure.
S.E.D. 9 years ago
Stickers here....
H.R. Paperstacks 9 years ago
tristanpollock 9 years ago
Do you print stickers yourself, or use a service? Any recommendations?
hand made is the way to go.
◯◯◯ 9 years ago
i'm down.
MontyB Photography 9 years ago
I'm Down 4sure!!
tristanpollock 8 years ago
I'm working on some for trade, but I'll accept any for promo.
DR. LIME GREEN 8 years ago
I have tons of stickers laying around if anyone is interested...
tons of Shye three collabs with Mecro,robots will kill and others..
hit my box.
still in town doing my music thing..album and show out soon!
hope to see yall there.
hit my box for some slaps..
been working on some new stuff and just got a new camara!
who wants some slaps?
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