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F. Swift 4:35pm, 4 March 2010
Eros and I had recently mentioned TRUST JESUS as a prolific early "tagger" in Mpls/St.Paul. Does any1 else have memories of the Tag, and/or Pics of any hits?

Drop Knowledge!
H.R. Paperstacks 8 years ago
Yup yup. I was actually just down in mississipi and alabama for a little while and on the way back up 55, I saw TRUST JESUS tags on almost every overpass going north on 55. Not sure if it's the same person, could easily just be another fan of Jesus. When I saw those tags it did jog my memory, I'm almost positive I had a few flicks of the hits from back in like 99ish era maybe (back when I was new to this and didn't know what to flick and what not to). Unfortunatly almost all my hard copies of photos have been lost or lent out and never returned. I wonder if they TRUST JESUS down south was the same one.
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 8 years ago
Pretty sure I have a Wasp with a "Trust Jesus" over it.. I'll scan it here one of these days..
DR. LIME GREEN 8 years ago
i always thought "siera" wrote trust jesus or trust in god...
i remember that ish ,in st.paul all over carmichael school.
back in the day,way way back..practicaly the dinosaur age!
Xtra Terrestrial Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Xtra Terrestrial (member) 8 years ago
yup pretty sure it's sierra. if anyone has ever gone on that one angelfire website that had all sorts of old piece sand old crews on it, theres a few sierra pieces where he throws up "trust jesus" next to his pieces, strikingly similar to the ones seen across town.
F. Swift 8 years ago
Nope. I'm talking 80s when most of you kids wasn't even babies!!!
Anyways Def not Siera(Much love G), I'd say closer to what Papes is speaking on, but lemme drop thot like this:

Trust Jesus was a "Tag" only in the sense that someone was writing this all over the place; I believe it to be a moniker and written by a trainhopper. Anyways it was always close to yards, I seem to remember Trust Jesus up and down Hiawatha and over around Lake St Target.
It was written in white >Paint< maybe Streakers at points, but it would be a rectangle, where the word Trust was just wide enough to align with the edges of Jesus. Always in basic, clear legible letters-and let me make it clear-This was not a "Writer", or tagger, but more like a Vigilante for Christ, because the hits were obviously illegal, and large enough to be seen by many. And like I said, I believe it to be closer to moniker than traditional Tag, and yet it wasn't a moniker in the sense that it was only written on freights or places for other Hoppers to see. This was a Message, intended to be seen by all, and not just to be appreciated by Graff enthusiasts.

I'm gonna peep a couple different sources to ask about this, and report back so hopefully some light can be shed on this subject for us all. I am really interested in this.
And to give credit where due-Yes Sierra would drop Trust in God, and Trust Jesus I think too.
AF12: I think that's the one. I would like to see the pic...

Papes: I haven't seen the actual Hit in a LONG time, so idk if it would be the same... It maybe a emulator of the orig, maybe the same.
Either way I would be chill to find a pic of one of those Hits.

Thanks for the response, I didn't even think to specify the 80s and the fact I haven't seen it since back then, but just to be clear-this wasn't a Graff Writer. I am not talking about what a writer wrote beside his piece, or a tag somewhere that says it.
The eMail here is about the Trust Jesus I am talkn bout
H.R. Paperstacks 8 years ago
I think i found a flick of what you are talking about at it is copywritten by the author so i cant link the image directly here. It says it was taken in Minneapolis, MN. This is exactly what the ones looked like that i was talking about though, cheap fading spray paint with trust stacked on top of jesus, looked liek the same hand writting too, so maybe this guy is going all nation.
F. Swift 8 years ago
Been All Nation. Since the 80's this guy has been up, and just peepin the internets I sees that he is all over the country. idk the troof of it but I sawed that it was a group of people writing it, but personally I wouldn't doubt it being one person. Since the 80's? Hoppin trains, writing it erywhere. Yeah thazwusup.
saw a piece of cardboard with this stenciled on it in the middle of Nebraska a few days ago.
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 8 years ago
Here's one..

benchomatic 8 years ago
still rolling on tall cnw hoppers kinda often
DR. LIME GREEN 8 years ago
oooooooh over wasp...
im feeling the hurt.
artfinder just gave me insta memory back to every wasp piece engraved in my head..wondering when i'd get those images back.!
DR. LIME GREEN 8 years ago
I just met a kat from cali at my crib that writes "NAKA'
with Ensue in oakland..
hes coming back to stay with me,and sent me hella trains from him and Ensue on my e-mail.
you seen theese cats in cali?
i know ive seen hella Ensue rollers and trains 2 years ago.steady.just seeing if you know theese kats.
tuesdaynights 8 years ago
I saw two trust jesus tags just like that one on 94W headed up to the cities two days ago
F. Swift 8 years ago
dope dope dopedopeall of this!

Doc Green: Like a steamy pile'a poop, Naka and Ensue got that hawt Shit Kinda got a "QuickStyle" that I am down for
Inever met Them though.
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