holistic machine [deleted] 6:47pm, 20 March 2010
Basically just looking for some good train layups that are fun to hit up during daytime.. getting tired of the night time cold
p...kin...e 8 years ago
i hope no one was even thinking of answering this question here in a public forum...please message ^^^ if you want to share a spot...
H.R. Paperstacks 8 years ago
theres a sweet one at 367 Grove Street in St. Paul, bring your paint.
Youra Dick Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Youra Dick (member) 8 years ago
Yeah, as soon as you get to that location and start painting the homies there will probably give you a free ride over to 425 Grove Street
p...kin...e 8 years ago
haha, good call h.r.
holistic machine [deleted] 8 years ago
haters man
DR. LIME GREEN 8 years ago
thats nice... we all know you live on grove street and thats just so much smarter than telling people publicly where you paint freights.
great logic.
holistic machine [deleted] 8 years ago
grove street like san andreas me and cj kick it
◯◯◯ 8 years ago
ahahahaha, the homies down at the department will dish spots.
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