DR. LIME GREEN 7:46pm, 25 January 2010
ive noticed a severe impact this group has had on the influence of streetartists and "others" in this group of artists that sincerely started this group as a way for people to reach out to each other.
im gonna lay straight and not sugar coat this whole topic,cuz i would sit here all day.
there is no connection with anyone in this group since its re-birth of graf. artists emerged to "mpls "streetart' group.
-it is labeled this much right?
why did cats not just get a "graf. mpls group" and let the streetartists (which many of you talk mad shit about anyway)just be.
-there is no fellowship in these chats,no topics,no discussion!
which is one of the core reasons of its conception.
-its a group of kats looking at flicks that are all on "puregrafitti.com"
-why have 2 sites that ALL of you go back and forth from anyway?
last puff...........

im not starting this as a beef with graf. writters or for there to be friction between artists.i'll be the first to admit,i havent put in work in my art or on flickr for quite some time..but thus one of the reasons i left flickr.
however...,if i didnt feel that this group was so SICK before the division came to this group. im aware of new moderators and such which i cant comment on if that had the influence,however someone obviously got sick of maintaning this group and its many prob.s and arguments insued when graf. became a huge isssue to this group!
there were alot of photographers and people who just walked around enjoying the cities many sights,not just grafitti.
theese kats are long gone and all that remains is a shell of a title"mpls street art"(in which many of its flicks are graf.)
and train after train and tag after tag.
there is a bigger world out there other than graf.
i hope this has at least started a disscusion or a thought to pop up in someone who will facilitate change to this group.
who knows? maybe you are all happy in a boxed in world of only trains and tags and burners.
but in every other city artists are moving much faster in a world much more ,much much more open to EVERY kind of art out there that can be merged into what you are already doing.
when it was once very talked about in the visual art and music arts realm.

p.s. yes i know you wanna call me a toy or a this or that but for once maybe once we could have a civilized adult-like conversation in here,if not,well good luck to the rest of you out there actually evolving with the rest of an intelligent species.
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p...kin...e 9 years ago
uh oh...well, i myself am one of the biggest guilty parties. i put up a lot of street art pics at first but now mostly add graffiti. i guess this is just what's been catching my eye lately. but i see what your sayin. and i believe that's what led to this group getting started: www.flickr.com/groups/963148@N21/
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
What a ghost town that link is..
Thanks.Gotta start it back up myself i guess.
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