useful creator [deleted] 6:07pm, 2 October 2009
anyone wanna do an interview? any information would help whether you are an artist or just a spectator. :D
p...kin...e 9 years ago
an interview for what (paper, publication, amusement)? what angle and why? let me know...
Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! (member) 9 years ago
Not sure if this is what you're looking for but this report gives a pretty good perspective of the citiy's position on graffiti

also in 2006 "shock" had an interview on the front page of the star tribune. It is no longer online but maybe you could find it at the library or something.

and then there's this guy
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 9 years ago
A little more info before I decide to help, but, I tell ya, I'm usually glad to help.
H.R. Paperstacks 9 years ago
^ indeed.
useful creator [deleted] 9 years ago
If i did not send this to you in a message here are the questions:

The first two questions would be great if you can answer them. The area doesn’t need to be super specific, it would help a lot to get a general idea of where each person is coming from. Once again this is just for a class, nothing will be published. If there is anything you want to keep confidential mark with an *. Thanks once again! If I have any more questions I will message them to you.

What name do you go by?
What general area do you tag in?
What/who are your inspirations/influences? Why?
Why did you start doing graffiti? How long have you done graffiti?
What is your favorite piece? (this could be of your own or of another artist)
What style of graffiti do you prefer?
What is your favorite place to tag?
What message do you try to portray to your audience through this form of art?
Who do you want your graffiti to affect, and how so?
What is a benefit to doing graffiti?
What is a downfall to graffiti?
Why do you feel graffiti is important?
How can one person make a difference through this style of art?
Is there anything else you can tell me that would be beneficial to my project?
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