heart on my piece 11:38pm, 3 June 2009
so i tryed to post some photos of mine and it says i cant because of some rules ownt let me??

i dont get it. cause it was only on a few of them,...

so if u wanna see them just look at my profile...
p...kin...e 9 years ago
the only rule i know is 5 a day...maybe a flickr glitch?
S.E.D. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by S.E.D. (admin) 9 years ago
Probably a Flickr glitch....please let me know if you have anymore problems...

*follow up*
I checked out your photos and you don't have any available...just links to other people's...
that would be because he has them set to friends only, but if you post photos to a group they should show up in that group still regardless of the privacy.
S.E.D. 9 years ago
I have tried doing that, but, if the photos are marked 'private' then the only people in that group who can see them are the individuals 'friends'.

At least that is my experience...
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