Pok / Pocer

F. Swift 4:39am, 12 May 2009
So Who Knows What's Up with the Man?
AnyfLIcks? Is he writing a different name now?
I haven't seen or heard of him since I saw him last....We were@the Lyn-Lake Art Fest, and it must have been 98/99

Pok was and could still easily be my Favorite writer. Ever.
nEwaiz if he's Not writing any more-Let Me Know
any news will be great
and I hope he is Well and in a Positive way for hisself

POCER IF YOU ARE READING THIS: Hit Me Up Man, drop me a message
and if anyone has any word on the Homie, message me up.
Peace Y'all
God Bless,
Big Upz POK!
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 9 years ago
Man, I haven't seen any Pocer stuff in years. I think in all my flicks I only got like 2 or 3.. There was a great period from 97-98 where i didn't have a camera.
dthrr 9 years ago
true mpls. king
el stranger 9 years ago
I think an old friend gave me a flick of one of his pieces, it'd be on my parents computer though, i'd have to find it.. it's an oldie for sure. hard to find anything by him anymore
F. Swift 9 years ago
thanks Homies I didn't know if I'd get ANY response to this so I appreciate and I'm hoping someone will be able to relate some mad knowledge about the man.
AF1*2-1*2 Yooo it's be awesome to see a couple pics...hit me off like a golfball bro

ElStrizzy- Ya holmes you know Id appreciate seeing that pic...
if you got the time to find it. Word UpS
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
in our old crew book we got some flicks of pocer...
same cat ? dont know?
its in the interlock,twisted linguistics fam. extended....
i will inquire for only a true mpls historian as yourself..
keep on with the collectoin bro.
my crew voiced how many flicks i had lost in the past so my hands dont touch such important things..
i think i just lost my wallet too..
F. Swift 9 years ago
Thanks Doc! I'll bet it is the same Pocer, I've never heard of anyone else using that name....(which is the mark or a truly GREAT word to write. Merk,,,, Not so much!

Peace Y'alls
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