DR. LIME GREEN 5:31pm, 28 April 2009
a place for us to talk about donations and such.....
i can/will donate a painting or two
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
where will this be at ?
and when,how far out?
when i know, i will post, i have messaged people about gallery usage, but nothing is for sure as of yet to my knowledge.
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
if you want SHYE and i can be curaters for art that will be shown and tributes..what not.
has anyone gottten a hold of his wife?he was supposed to have his first solo show...?
how tragic.
maybe they(his family) will still use the same template for a show?
F. Swift 9 years ago
I have some Merch that i will donate, and possibly some Artwork and some Ched.

This needs to be organized tho, and One should be able to see what their donation has done. IF this does happen, it HAS to involve his Wife. If this Doesn't happen, I would still like to send her something. fLIckr message me and let me know something, and if someone can direct me to his wife(I'm so sorry, but IDK her name), then I will be much more comfortable sending something out.

God Bless to All of His Relations, and Love to his Wife and Son.
p...kin...e 9 years ago
didn't ebenezer b. kong say he could probably host a show? hoodies maybe you should talk to him directly. i got some canvases i'd donate and can probably get some prints made...
we are currently figuring stuff out.
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
keep me posted hoodies....
is there communacation going on with his family?
cuz there should be..
what about the friend who he was with?
Ebenezer B. Kong 9 years ago
i have a feeling she has other things to think about now, as does the friend
{ tcb } 9 years ago
I will see how it goes tomorrow at the service. I am looking forward to meeting her, 'Nicole', in person, and depending on everyones emotions, i can talk with her about everything then.
tertiarydreams Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tertiarydreams (member) 9 years ago
I have stuff to donate...
tubes. PRO 9 years ago
Anything ever become of this?
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
if hoodies and ebenezer are in charge of this thing maybe they would be the source to go to.
i have boat loads of time and am waiting for some one to lead this thing..
after that i will volunteer my time where needed..
might have collections we can use and was a close friend..
hope everyone comes to an awarness of the safety even taking flicks let alone putting up art in dangerous spots..
keep safe kids..
and always wair protection.....
protect ya neck god.
Hear45 9 years ago
any info??? keep us posted... i got some stuff to kick in for sure
p...kin...e 9 years ago
hey y'all, looks like ian's stuff is going to be up @ spotart in october, 1828 marshall st. ne, mpls. looks like the opening will be october 2nd. i'll keep you updated...

i'd still like to see a benefit/tribute show. anyone want to help organize that?
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