S.E.D. 10:41pm, 26 April 2009
I'm pretty worried but I believe that a friend of ours drowned this morning.


Ian Talty, also known as "The Joy of the Mundane"???
Mark Vancleave 9 years ago
Thats really to bad.

Words of wisdom

When it rains, no drains.
would anyone be interested in putting on some sort of show that would benefit his family/honor him.
Hear45 9 years ago
^ absolutely... lemme know when & where
AboveTheNorm 9 years ago
I also favor this, very good idea
{ tcb } 9 years ago
i agree, very good idea. Start thinking about ideas, Mine is to use his photos, he would have wanted his work seen, not forgotten.
we could do something with his photos, have people donate art and or photos that could be auctioned off to help his family. if anyone would have a hook up for a gallery, that would rule.
Mark Vancleave 9 years ago
Does anyone know if Ian was a member on any of the local UE boards and what his handle was?
krstl_blu PRO 9 years ago
I still can't believe it was him, I heard it on the news and read it online 5 times.
SurlyGrrrl 9 years ago
So sad.
p...kin...e 9 years ago
F. Swift 9 years ago
God Bless..JoyMundane brought a lot to this photo game. This is extremely disturbing, we all Love his work.

If there are any fund raising efforts happening, let me know. I can't be there, and I never met him but if I can in any way I'd like to contribute.

Besides that I have some merch like TShirts and DVDs that I can donate in his honor, if there is a show or anything where they can be sold.

It's real out there people, we need to watch our backs. JoyMundane and Wonder XYZ within the last month? daaamn
Ebenezer B. Kong 9 years ago
i can probably host a show in my gallery.
Hear45 9 years ago
now that's what i'm talking about... now we just gotta figure out exactly what were going to do
tertiarydreams Posted 9 years ago. Edited by tertiarydreams (member) 9 years ago
I have some canvases I'd donate.
p...kin...e 9 years ago
i got some new canvases too and could make some appropriate digital prints...
p...kin...e 9 years ago
i agree, it would also be cool to hang a bunch of ian's stuff too
we could do a simple zine like book with some of his stuff in it and have them for sale with proceeds going to his family.

some of us should get together and figure out the logistics of putting this together, I never met him, but he was someone who gave a lot to graffiti and street art culture, and I want to help give back.
Who that is?? Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Who that is?? (member) 9 years ago
i can get kegs of Rush River on the cheap, maybe even free.. I'm down for whatever just keep me in the loop.
H.R. Paperstacks Posted 9 years ago. Edited by H.R. Paperstacks (member) 9 years ago
"we could do a simple zine like book with some of his stuff in it and have them for sale with proceeds going to his family."

i really like this idea, a good way to raise funds and remember his work. let me know if theres any way i can help with any of these things.
e.duce 9 years ago
I'd like to help in any way I can as well. I work at a sign shop in the northern metro. Message me if there is something I can help with or provide.

May he rest in peace.
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
i am at a loss for words....
i looked on this site yesterday but it was so loud in my place that i couldnt even imagine this was IAN.
not a close friend..but someone i could always ask questions to and always supported my girlfriend and i to the fullest..i am so deeply hurt by this.....
in a community where sometimes i think we take each other for granted...
this man shot alot of us..and made us look like our true artist forms,in saying that i also feel his great work should be put on really hits home to me that a community can come together an attempt to strenghthen our number and not be judged!!, I know for a fact he and some of us felt that there was alot of anomosity within a dense population of so many artists trying to do the same artform....
i hope now that things may come closer between artists in this community cuz its fucking bullshit how many stupid clicks refer to the photographers as "wannabe's"
or graf. toys...
one thing to day we will all be judged,untill that day lets see the aesthetics in this world and keep documenting our great culture!!!
your flicks will always be with us as forever................

lets keep finding joy...
DR. LIME GREEN 9 years ago
shye and myself have paintings we would like to donate or will help set up a show,as ive been promoting for 8 years id love to make some flyers or even help with the show or any $$$ donations..
p.s. who's leading this?
i have been trying to get stuff together, i don't know if i am leading, but i def have ideas and would for sure like to get together with some folks and make sure this gets done.
H.R. Paperstacks 9 years ago
let me know hoodies, im between jobs right now so i got alot of free time to help.
p...kin...e 9 years ago
i also have plenty of free time at the moment...
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