F. Swift 12:50pm, 28 January 2009
My Brother Lance Robotson hepped me to this YouTube:

So it's this guy talking about how Pirate Radio is analogous to Graffiti, he even calls it "Sound Graffiti"
Anyway since Minneapolis knows What's Good on both these fronts, I figured I'd post it, and Maybe some of y'all pirate radio aficionados would appreciate it.
S.E.D. 9 years ago
Yeah dude! "Pump Up The Volume!"
H.R. Paperstacks 9 years ago
Yeah thats a cool little video.
Very cool video. I ran into the idea of QR codes a few months ago, and had thought a bit about how they might be incorporated into graffiti. It could be a cool way to point people who are looking at a piece on a wall or a rail car over to a myspace, blog, or even flickr stream. It could also work by printing a QR code directly onto a postal sticker.

Info for the knowledge hungry:

More info on QR codes here.

Kaywa QR Code Generator

Kaywa also has a QR Code Reader, mostly for Nokia & SonyEricsson phones

BeeTagg QR Code Reader (I have this on my phone)

Some tips for QR stenciling
F. Swift 9 years ago
Thanks for the links Mundane
the QR code thing is Dope Ima be looking a lot more into it
Hear45 9 years ago
that's pretty bad ass... time to figure out a cool way for me to use QR coding
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