S.E.D. 10:20pm, 15 December 2008
I'm posting this from an email I recieved today from Intermedia Arts. I thought their situation was important for members of this group know. Hopefully some of you will help and take some action by showing support for an organization that has given us all so much.

(...if anything help prevent another condo from going up in the Lynn/Lake area...)

Intermedia Arts' Community Townhall
5:30PM Friday, December 19, 2008
Free childcare available!

We are calling on all friends, fans, supporters, members, artists, participants—anyone and everyone who cares about the future of Intermedia Arts. This a call to action. Please make it a priority to be here, in person, for this Community Townhall. You will hear from
artists, community leaders, Intermedia Arts’ staff and board. You will have a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. You will find out what you can do to keep Intermedia Arts alive.

Intermedia Arts is in crisis. More importantly, small and mid-sized arts organizations all around us are in crisis. But crisis does not equal failure, and crisis does not mean collapse. It is our response to this crisis that will determine our future. You are our community; we need you to rally with us as we design our future together.

For over 35 years, Intermedia Arts has served as a resource for our community. The work that we do supports hundreds of artists, arts participants and arts organizations each year. Intermedia Arts is a vital part of our culture and our community: we cannot—we must not—allow this work to disappear.

Full details, updates, responses, community FAQs, and news each and every step of the way:
Xtra Terrestrial 10 years ago
Viva la Intermedia arts! !!! I love you!
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
anyone know the current status on intermedia?
some say budgets and employess have been cut,leaving very little for intermedia arts.
also heard that grants are no longer being given to I.A.
but rather to juxtoposition.....
any truth to theese rumors??
the infamous 1 9 years ago
just hit the streets, damn it boyz and girlz
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