DR. LIME GREEN 3:51am, 13 October 2008
im prob the most bias person that could touch on this matter but what the hell sometimes you gotta grab your balls and sound off.
this group states "street art" although much of what i see is graffitti, pieces and murals, more complex stuff since "tags" have been banned,as i were to understand it. contradiction? confusing, too.
i really feel the two should really branch off. there is no topics of convo from the street cats, and inturn the graf. stuff has nothing to do with the other.
while i tag do pieces and also make stickers my number one game, i've been wheatpasting for a straight week.
i feel a mpls graffiti-only group is in order.
just my thoughts.....
Who that is?? 10 years ago
i think you've got a point kind sir... I do mostly stickers and things of that nature. So when i see a ton of graf flicks i usually pass over them and look for the "street-art": ie. stickers, pastes, doodles, fuck anything that shows art on the street... I like graff....but i REALLY like stickers~n~such displayed on the street!! Do it up, i would join...
tubes. PRO 10 years ago
That's what this group was about in the beginning but people started ranting about it not being separate or graff being the father of street art and that keeping is separate was unacceptable, ignorant, whatever. As if separating the two was some kind of insult to graffiti. Oh well, that's why I stopped fighting it.
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 10 years ago
How about, since this is obviously more graf than sticker, why not just start a Twin Cities Sticker and Stencil group? I would, but it's obvious I'm more into the aerosol ascpect of it all...
mplsvandlez 10 years ago

any kind of art can be put in this group from mpls
Name calling 10 years ago
i think its funny how touchy a subject this is.

especially considering half of the people with opinions on it dont even paint
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 10 years ago
Graffiti has art critics too. Weird.
→Transcend↑ PRO 10 years ago
This is all nonsense. Making distinction where there's no difference.

"Street art" is art on the street! Duh!

From unauthorized "graffiti" on abandoned bank walls (fortunately for art and the people there'll be many more of them soon) to pansy public art sanctioned by the mayor on some park benches.

Let's forget the meaningless distinctions and just make more and more of all of it.
tubes. PRO 10 years ago
""Street art" is art on the street! Duh!"

Yup, that's pretty much the idea here and it's probably the best way to go. "Street art" here is a loose definition. That's why things like legal murals, street performers, etc. are allowed in the group. No, you're not going to find those things in the countless "street art" books you see in urban outfitters or whatever, but who the hell cares? When did the definition of street art become so narrow?

My original idea to have it be only street art like stencils, stickers and all that stuff was wrong because where do you draw the line? What if it's a hybrid piece? Does a legal mural count? Just keeping it open to "art found on the streets" cuts down on arguments and hurt feelings.

I've admitted that I don't like tags. Some people don't like stencils or stickers. People have strong ideas about what art is and where the line should be drawn between street art and graf, tags and graf, and all that. It's just personal preference and doesn't indicate disrespect or a lack of knowledge of the history of graffiti, necessarily. It's just what you might like and what you don't.

There's mostly graffiti in the group because that's what people are submitting. If you guys want to see more stencils or stickers or whatever, put them up or photograph them. Trying to force something out because it's in the majority just isn't going to work.
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
mostly we were speaking on just the group. i guess its inevitable for this age-old "argument" to ensue...
ensue hehe
-->b-bunny shye
tubes. PRO 10 years ago
Yup! Oh well.
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
its cool to put a slide show on all the twin cities stuff, makes for some great local viewing,esp. hella blunted!
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 10 years ago
So just start a sticker stencil group? If you won't I will even though I don't have any pics of them.. well, not too many any way.. C'mon yo!! Just Do!!
The Joy Of The Mundane 10 years ago
The Minneapolis Sticker, Stencil, and Poster Art Group

I put up everything I had, so feel free to add your shots. (I invited a bunch of people, but flickr is being weird and I can't send one to some of you even though you're in my contact list)
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