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DR. LIME GREEN 9:58pm, 17 May 2008
mpls intermedia arts introduces "the game" a monthy weekend collective of aspiring artists coming together to paint and combine ideas. put on by EROS,AKB. to put crews and individuals together in the same erena to raise higher ground and aspire to combine forces in the twin cities and build a greater local mindstate.

@ intermedia arts on lyn. lake hood.

come one come all
this weekend 12-6pm
law enforcement not allowed
im not sure if blowing this up is the best idea. i mean, spread the word to people you know. but to everyone and anyone?;jsessioni...

it was on the news, lame how it gets spun negatively from the get go.
exactly what im talkin bout
tertiarydreams Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tertiarydreams (member) 10 years ago
Didn't you know graffitti is terrorism?
It's a bigger police priority than armed robbery and rape in minneapolis now. No joke-- both those crimes are being committed almost daily in my neighborhood and the police aren't doing anyhing about it.
But if anyone tries to apply any medium to anything there are a dozen units with guns drawn; WTF?
p...kin...e 10 years ago
that's cuz it's safer for them to harass "vandals" then violent criminals
thats cause, unfortunately -according to police- they get more calls on the south side relating to graffiti than any other crime.

this is most likely due to wack news coverage like the type exhibited by FOX news the other day

AND wack quality/respect being exhibited by US out on the street.

maybe if some of yal stopped painting peoples fences and garages they wouldnt call the 5's the next time they see you rocking some wall down by the fuckin river.
p...kin...e 10 years ago
super true, whenever i see some weak shit on someone's garage i always think: "there's one less person on our side, thanks dude"...
S.E.D. 10 years ago
I just had a chance to view the Fox 9 News report...

First, I gotta say that Fox 9 investigative reporting reminds me of The National Enquirer: toilet paper.

Second, they run news coverage on how Intermedia Arts is propagating graffiti giving little attention as to how they (Fox9) are doing the exact same thing by broadcasting such a story only on a much larger / televised scale.

Lastly, that dude who was highlighted, y'know, the 'I get tagged every week and it costs more than 20g's a year bs' , well, he obviously has a problem with graffiti but has no problem accepting checks from the city to hire graffiti artists to paint his property; and for some reason that doesn't make sense to me. Especially when one of the murals on his building (the soccer shop) seems to have solved part of his problem. "Yo! Fox 9!!! Why don't you run THAT story bitches?"

Here's what I think: Someone wants to put up a condo on IA's lot so they are going out of their minds scrambling around trying to dig up as much dirt as they can on Intermedia in hopes of shutting'em down and the only beef they can find is the writing on their walls 'cuz all in all IA has more clout, recognition and sponsorship for them to find any negative story coming from the inside.
condoes are the fever indicator on this city's thermometer
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
i think spreading this is more positive then not, we need to get the word out that this legal wall is not for toys its for serious muralists to step up painting skills. ive been through the law i will not hide and i will not hide a great outlet like intermedia. i was asked to put this post up by its starters and leaders. its a shame it got so blown up but it will still go on.....
stay true to the game..
mind controlled investigations.
p.s. stop the stupid gossip people its highschool shit.....
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
intermedia also supports this on its web-site...
im just an enthusiast!
story_totell Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 10 years ago
That guys name is Tom Geurts. He's a piece of shit son of a rich man who was born into a little bit of money, and now is taking over as landlord of one of his fathers properties. Apartments above 2710 Lyndale Ave s. He took over as landlord while I lived there. Not only was he one of the worst people I have ever met, he's also full of shit. On his fathers properties they have 2 legal murals, or at least had two. Oh and on top of all this, hes a slumlord. There was a fire in the building next door while I lived there. A lot of my shit was ruined and the fire department left huge gaping holes in my ceiling. The entire year I lived there he never had them fixed. I'm done venting now.
DR. LIME GREEN Posted 10 years ago. Edited by DR. LIME GREEN (member) 10 years ago
that is some venting...staying clear of tommy boy!
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