yo mpls

DR. LIME GREEN 9:49pm, 2 January 2008
is it me or is it insanely quiet in the art world lately,the streets are frozen, im finaly getting off my lazy ass
my girlfriend doesnt want to put up posters with me cuz of the cold..
hibernation sucks. im bored of playing with my new laptop,bestfriend is in S.F. living it up smoking mad DANK....and working on cool art projects.
is my motivation to point the old man finger at ?or is the fact that i cant get my lady friend to co-sign some destruction to property.?
either way in the coming days im going to go solo(unless you call the bottle of vodka my acompless)
and hopefully some of you with the same thoughts in your head will decide to put down the eggnog and tip toe amognst the night with your paint and markers because some of yall have been away for a while!!
this is aimed at you too MR. C.E.D.
get off your ass and call me...


id love to see more art shows listed
S.E.D. 10 years ago
Oi! Limey!!! Here's a show for you to check out...

Opening Reception Friday, January 4, 7-10PM
@ The Beat Coffee in Uptown (1414 W 28th St)

Featuring B&W photography by Ericka Bailie-Byrne & black, white & red tapestries by S.E.D.
DR. LIME GREEN Posted 10 years ago. Edited by DR. LIME GREEN (member) 10 years ago
im already there dunny!n
we'll be the two kids dressed to kill with sparkling brand new Addidas..
killin em soften.
the bunny sends her regards!
anything else good coming up?
tubes. PRO 10 years ago
I got some new Adis too. We'll have to compare.

I hope yours say adidas and not addidas or you got scammed with knockoffs my friend! ; )
e is for ericka 10 years ago
Can we do Friday night over & over again please? OH what a happy girl I was.
Shye Bunnysuit 10 years ago
to the mr: your girlfriend doesn't want to put up posters cuz she hasn't finalized any designs yet FOO. quit with ya misrepresentin' azzz. i love you.

to the rest: friday night was awesome... i think we should make an annual holiday out of it! black, white and red can be the colors... like easter+pastels or christmas+red/green!!! who's with me? thanks to all the loyal peeps for whom i am inspired to make art for. just you wait minneapolis, midwest, and the world beyond!
tubes. PRO 10 years ago
I find it really amusing that you two have domestic squabbles through flickr!
ash966 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ash966 (member) 10 years ago
There was a Hoodies show at the Beat just before EB-B and S.E.D. I didn't hear about it, just wandered in by accident. Maybe it'll become the streetart coffeeshop.
tertiarydreams 10 years ago
It's above 10 degrees now, time to get rockin.
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
i have some stuff in store for the streets soon. word.
e is for ericka 10 years ago
Shye, HELLZ YEAH! Actually, I think it should be monthly, but that's just 'cos I'm an alcoholic. ;)
DR. LIME GREEN 10 years ago
new art at Dunn Bros. on nic. and 10th downtown
by S.E.D.
check it it yo..
sorry no opening show because we are really busy with new projects..
none the less please grab a cup of joe to warm you up and support local art.
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