Heads Up!!!

kindhearted thunder [deleted] 12:38am, 14 November 2007
Dude.. a guy trying to single handedly rub out graffiti!! Maybe this is old news to some, but if Jim Fiala means nothing to you, check this:
misfitmagic PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by misfitmagic (member) 10 years ago
how has no one thrown rocks at this guys cameras yet, that would be the vandalism to commit!!!!!!!!!
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
I'm mostly surprised at Robin Robinson's comment in the video actually, given here interest and involvement in the art scene.
misfitmagic PRO 11 years ago
that's true about robin though, I even got to look at my shit once(even though she didn't give me a show), plus her gallery is part of art-a-whirl...that must hit some people close to home???
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
Her gallery shut down a few years back but she still promotes shows and is involved with other arts stuff. Who knows, I know artists around here who really hate graf and street art and some that like it.
acoustic friend [deleted] 10 years ago
Every time I ride my bike past his house, I throw him the finger. He's always watching. BIG UPS to the face man! He hit the tree in this guys front yard last week. For all of those who dont know, the house is on the NW corner of 25th and Lyndale........
kindhearted thunder [deleted] 10 years ago
I love three.em.
ASK ONE! 10 years ago
That's not all that smart that they give his name out.
SashaGrey22 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by SashaGrey22 (member) 9 years ago
the dude that hit the tree in front of his yard is Grizly aka dable. but thats not what we wrote on the tree. it says PEB his crew name. i know him personaly and he is a crazy dude i couldnt blieave that when i see that on the tree too. it vary ballsie. but i think he got caught right after if im correct. and everytime i drive by that fuckers house i honk the horn and yell FUCK YOUR COUCH NIGGA!!!
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