Wheat Paste

ASK ONE! 2:50pm, 18 October 2007
How do you make glue for wheat paste? I heard it was half wallpaper paste and water but I don't have any wallpaper paste and shit like that so I don't know what the hell to do. I could try super glue but that drys way too fast.

you can order it off the internet, or google should bring up the recipe.
S.E.D. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by S.E.D. (admin) 11 years ago
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Thanks man. I'll try that recipe.
pilbox87 11 years ago
if you rack, spray adhesive is pretty good, fast, and not so messy. but it costs a lot. there are a lot of other stuff you can use too, but then you're not really wheatpasting... i never liked the mess and stuff to bring with.
misfitmagic PRO 11 years ago
spray adhesive that's sick advice! I used to use that and super glue to make sure my stickers never came down but i never thought of using it in a wheatpaste sense and i hear ya on the mess.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
I made that recipe and I tested it out with lined paper from a notebook and it worked out ok.
S.E.D. 11 years ago
Yeah...the shit is kinda tricky to cook up but after a few tries you'll get what works...also, if you add more wood glue it'll work better or even try a poly if you like...careful when you 'taste test' though...

Most art supply stores sell a condensed version of the paste and I hear it works best overall...Just add some water and bam!...
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
b bunny eats wheatpaste pancakes for her bunny breakfast...
caring rainstorm [deleted] 10 years ago
nothing beats wheat flour with cold water, add it to a bit of boiling water, boil that for a bit. take it off, pour in anything sticky or sealing like sugar, any kind of glue, driveway sealant whatevAR! for the cold you could make it thick and add some heavy duty anti freze and it will keep longer and dry before it freezes.
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