tubes. PRO 4:14pm, 23 April 2007
130 members strong. Happy birthday to all of us!
p...kin...e 11 years ago
cool...definitely my fav group i belong to, thanks tubes!
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
Hey, don't thank me, I just statrted it, that was easy. Everyone else contributing has been awesome. A few arguments along the way but that's what makes it interesting.
Can't wait for some cool stuff to appear now that the warm weather is here.
Molly Katherine 11 years ago

yay! celebration time :)
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
I totally tagged and stickered your cupcake.

Molly Katherine 11 years ago
BLONK 11 years ago
thats the spirit!!
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
happpppy ONER yall... that cupcake looks damn good right about now.... i mean i didnt get any of those during hibernation must have been looking at the wrong menu
youve been a swell sport TUBES even if you had to have some kids get beat at the 27 show....
i even heard you may have put out the hits on those crazy graffiti kids but i could be wrong they could have liked wheatpastes and street art the whole time...just didnt want their buddies to find out i guess.
I still eat wheatpaste
in fact im eating it now......
DR. LIME GREEN 11 years ago
p.s. im not in jail
but do send money.
tubes. PRO 11 years ago
Yeah, damn delinquents. But we won't talk about that shit here.
did tubes get in a fight? haha
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
yup, I broke my hip and dropped my falsies down the sewer. Aimes tried to help me find em but he lost his bifocals so he was totally no help.
i woulda beat down someone with my walker.
F. Swift Posted 11 years ago. Edited by F. Swift (member) 11 years ago
Dang 1shot, u calln that shit out here? Dleet that shit Holmes,,, Man... OHHH that's an inside joke right? my bad I'm bug


Well, Merry Belated; You.All.Kick.Ass!

Hoodies: U can borrow the W/C, back over dem neckz, pause on the jugular
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