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minnesnowda 4:49am, 13 April 2007
i finally figured out how to make stencils in photoshop.

but i need help with how to actually make it a stencil, cuz i want it to be big and i dont have a 5 foot printer.

so some help would be sweet.
you cut them out of cardboard.
minnesnowda 11 years ago
yeah, but would how do i project it on there?

should do it on those old projection things they used to use in school for notes and stuff?

just wondering if theres an easier way or something.
no clue, never have done anything that big. might want to start a bit smaller and work your way up when you get stuff figured out.
print portions of it.

one page is top right, top left, bottom right & bottom left (or more if you want it bigger).

tape the prints together and cut it out on like oak tag paper or cardboard.
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
Yup, if you are going to do it yourself, that's a lot of tiling and taping if you want it five feet wide. You'll pretty much be there all day lining up, printing, cutting and taping 60 or more sheets of paper together. And photoshop doesn't have an auto tile command (illustrator does though but it's tricky) so its all going to be manual.

Kinko's has an oversized printer that prints 36-inches wide, by any length. (Roll paper) They charge $6 per square foot and the output is really nice. You just have to decide what your time is worth.
pilbox87 11 years ago
look up brokencrow on here, he's the shit at stencils. i think he uses one of those old school projector thingers...
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
I think the University re-use center had some overhead projectors the last time I was there. And if not, it's still and awesome place to check out.
broken crow makes me want to do art and quit art because i will never be that good at the same time.
sparkling judge [deleted] 11 years ago
you could try drawing it...

pilbox87 11 years ago
thats always my first thought too, but people don't seem to do that as much anymore... drawing is still by far my favorite thing about doing art.
i second that.
minnesnowda 11 years ago
my art is strictly media. id probably have trouble staying in the lines in a coloring book.
BLONK 11 years ago
of course with an attitiude like that. back in my day we had to make our own pencils and paper. try it . draw it. suck at it at first and get better. feel the frustration and the grow as an artist. am i being nonsensical by saying this??? practice.
- GOZZ - 11 years ago
i've done a lot of large stencils like that, i print the design small on a transparency, project it with an old school projector (you can find them on ebay cheap sometimes), trace the projected image, then cut it...
minnesnowda 11 years ago
sweet man thanks.

does any one know any good photo shop tutorial sites?

or photo archives? ive been using google.
search around on flickr for stencil groups.

i just spent like an hour at least cutting out a stencil, they are fun to use, but i hate cutting them.
tubes. PRO 11 years ago has some good tutorials. Except their site seems to be down a lot lately.
Coffeh 11 years ago
I make plenty of large stencils. I always start out in photoshop work out my stencil with color range, filters, or threshold. Then I fine tune them with white and then the black eraser tool. After you've got your stencil all finished and looking fancy change it to the image size that you would like at a smaller resolution like 72 or 100, so it doesn't take forever for the print to print it, save it as a jpeg. Open up paint in windows, goto page or printer setup whichever I can't remember which one it is now and then set "fit to" option and it automatically sets it to 4 x 5 sheets or whatever your current size is, also set the margins to .1 so you cut less. Print, tape, cut, camouflage, paint.
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