Visually Painted Characters 5:13pm, 16 March 2007
_golden_apple 11 years ago
it's sitting on my floor..oh new york.
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
This dude has really good art but alot of it's spooky and odd looking.
uh, thats the point....
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Yeah, Yeah.
The Curse Of Brian PRO 11 years ago
What do you want, pictures of puppies?
S.E.D. 11 years ago
ASK ONE - Where are you going with that?
noirkiss3 11 years ago
I am sure a lot of true kings in NY love that a guy with a few ups is declared king by a journalist. It takes a lot more than a few week spree to king that, or any town. Not to steal his thunder, it just seems accolades could be given without such a loaded title.
BLONK 11 years ago
the dude is innovative and a great artist. i think he has done a wonderful job in NY. in a way he represents minneapolis art but at the same time he doesnt because no one elses art looks like his.
pilbox87 11 years ago
i just saw a bulletin where he said minneapolis is lame and to shove it up iowas asshole... maybe i'll quit defendin him.
BLONK 11 years ago
where was this at???
pilbox87 11 years ago
BLONK 11 years ago
what myspace page?
pilbox87 11 years ago
i'm linked to him, so it came out in my bulletins. i hope hes just havin a bad day or something, as there are a lot of people who are really lovin on their city, and have been ultra supportive of him. like myself, even tho enuf graf heads don't think i should...

oh, well... i need to go think of something happy.... i feel like painting...
BLONK 11 years ago
do it up
p...kin...e 11 years ago
he's still pretty young, so maybe with more expierence in other cities he'll realize he's gotten a ton of support here that he wouldn't of gotten in a lot of places, including and especially the soovac show and all the posting and love he's gotten here on flickr...
sparkling judge [deleted] 11 years ago
27 hatin on minneapolis...

funny funny funny

maybe hes upset with all the writers upset with him...

-take it like a bitch, thats what happens when you snitch-
noirkiss3 11 years ago
BOO YA^^^^^
I wasn't sure if that was common knowledge.
he likes to delete my comments on here. i dont get it.
noirkiss3 11 years ago
who does?
noirkiss3 11 years ago
how does he do that?
you can delete any comment anyone leaves you if you want.
p...kin...e Posted 11 years ago. Edited by p...kin...e (member) 11 years ago
i saw this pic but i don't know the story and i try to be neutral...
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
S.E.D.- I'm just saying it's really amazing artwork it's just kind of creepy looking, that's all. But I have to say I do like it.
SurlyGrrrl 11 years ago
its creepiness is part of its charm.
tubes. PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by tubes. (member) 11 years ago
Woa, surlygrrl chimes in in the last quarter with a one-two punch! Yeah, the piece I have of his has this weird pointy-toothed mouth in it. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes I like it. I think that's a good thing.
noirkiss3 11 years ago
I learned a long time ago to seperate the art from the artist.
BLONK 11 years ago
i dont think it is that creepy. i like it though. and maybe the part of him that hates minneapolis stems from him not being happy with himself. i dont know him that well however. but i dont see any reason to hate a city. it reminds me of a high school kid who hates where he grew up and thinks every other city is better. just my opinion.
heart on my piece 11 years ago
the grass is always greener on the other side
ASK ONE! 11 years ago
Come to think of it, I was watching DVS Skate More and 27's style and art kinda reminds me of Alien Workshop's board art. Check out thier site. These actually are alot more recent then I had thought so these don't look as much like they used to, check this one out. or this sticker

I can't seem to find the older boards that looked alot like 27's stuff.
BLONK 11 years ago
his new goth girl stuff reminds of those HOT TOPIC kids. with a 27 twist.
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